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  1. Seben doesn't sell via their website anymore, but Amazon and eBay. Their brand is "Orbinar". Most stuff is crap, but some of their eyepieces, like the zoom, is OK. (Edit: They have different ones, the cheap €20 one is not good, I have that one too). I have the Teleskop Express Zoom (similar, but 7-21mm). Beware: - A turning zoom eyepiece in the rotating/helical focuser can be pretty awkward - These zooms have 40-60° apparent field of view. The lower magnification only 40°, making them poor overview eyepieces. 60° is still not as large as you were looking for ? I rar
  2. As happy-kat wrote, practice "nudging" the telescope to track the objects. It's a bit finicky at first, but you should get the hang of it quickly. Also, with a well aligned finder, you should be able to point&scan even at medium-high magnifications. And then... teach them! ? I had a 9-10 year old at an outreach event, which quickly became self-declared telescope operator, to show others Jupiter at up to 400x... We had exceptional seeing that night. And of course I did not bring my tracking platform, as I had not expected this. I am not sure if it would help much if you'd
  3. Yes, but what type of eyepieces? E:g. I've bought a 4mm Plössl when I started out, and it's nearly useless due to the horrible eye-relief. Even if the conditions allow, it's difficult to observe. The HR Planetary of similar focal-length is usable almost every night for planets and double stars. Only above 200x I find seeing really becomes a major issue (But with >200x with the larger telescopes of course).
  4. What 4mm eyepiece do you have? I use the shorter eyepiece a lot for planets. I find seeing conditions work at 150-180x most of the time. Unless I'm observing directly over a roof-top or the mirror hasn't cooled down. A (budget) barlow will always reduce the contrast a little.
  5. All zooms suck in that regard, as they have a narrower apparent field of view on one side of the setting. There's the Astrozoom, but it's not as wide-range, and only for 2" focusers. I tried using it in the Heritage, but it's not worth it. At higher magnifications, things will get out of the view faster. With a 3-4mm for example, it's quite fast, but you get used to it. With the 66° gold-line, setting the planet into the left corner, and letting it travel across, works quite well. There are some 82° eyepieces, but I do not have any of these, and can't tell you how well they fa
  6. Hi ? When you say "a broader view" than the original 10mm, do you want to replace that focal-length/magnification in particularly, or want a wider field of view in general? Do you have any eyepieces other than the 10mm (65x magnification) and 25mm (26x magnification)? What is your budget? The Morpheus eyepeices are rather expensive. IMHO you could get a bunch of decent eyepieces for the Heritage. A 32mm Plössl for an overview; http://blog.pixelgiraffe.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/fieldcompare.jpg And a ~4mm with long eye-relief for Planets. http://
  7. Hi, unless someone has bought it very recently, you are probably better off just asking FLO :-) I would asume it's still the case.
  8. Budget overview eyepiece 30/32mm Plössl (Seben 14£ but doesn't have a eyecup, can be built out of pipe isolation foam) and/or 20mm erfle eyepiece (19-20£, smaller exit pupil ideal if you are close to the city.) 40mm 1.25" Plössl doesn't make much sense, small field of view, too large exit pupil, and same field as a 32mm. If on a tight budget, stick with the 25mm kit ep. 'Deepsky eyepiece' (2-3mm exit pupil) 12 22€ erfle or 12-15mm "goldline" 66degree apparent field of view "Planet eyepiece" Modified 6mm gold line 66degree, you can modify it to around 3-4mm. HR Planetary from 35£ or so works b
  9. I have a CLS filter, basically not as narrow banded as UHC. It's only useful with some nebulae, not galaxies. I would suggest getting an eyepiece with 2-3x the aperture ratio, I use a 12mm Seben Erfle. Does not get as dark as the 8mm HR-Planetary, though it's the shortest of their Erfle series I would recommend. I like the HR Planetary that are a bit similar to the BST, though the larger field of view is nice. If I had to choose three eyepieces, 24mm ~68 degree 12-15mm TS ED / BST or 15mm 66deg uwa Astrozoom in the range ~4-6mm as those zoom's apparent field of view does not get smaller (ast
  10. For the heritage, these cheaper solution work well Overview a 30-32mm plössl under good conditions and a limited budget = or a 20-24mm wide angle eyepiece under some light pollution (smaller exit pupil) See http://blog.pixelgiraffe.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/fieldcompare.jpg Seben 30mm (no eyecup, pipe isolation is one way to fix that, available via ebay or amazon as well) http://shop.seben.com/sms/shop/index.php?p=b3JnYT1zZWJlbiZncm91cD0xJmxhbmc9MSZjdXJyPTE=&action=products&mode=view&id=161 http://shop.seben.com/sms/shop/index.php?p=b3JnYT1zZWJlbiZncm91cD0xJmxhbmc9MSZjdXJ
  11. Hi, also check the used market here or in a US forum. Again, plössl under 10mm have very short eye relief; http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vixen-Optics-NPL-6mm-Plossl-Eyepiece-1-25-Super-Sharp-39202-/351143299518?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item51c1c589be http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-6mm-Celestron-Plossl-telescope-eyepiece-/291219338810?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item43ce06763a or as mentioned http://www.ebay.com/itm/Achromatische-Barlow-Linse-BA2-2x-fuer-Teleskope-31-7mm-/200607942106 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Skys-the-Limit-1-25-2x-Achromatic-Barlow-Lens-Metal-Bodied-/380569583507?pt=UK_Tele
  12. Hi there, I started with a similar telescope (different brand).:-) I don't know how sturdy the celestron mount is, this was always the limiting factor for my set, and especially when using higher magnification. Sadly, this is for many starter sets and many beginners give up frustrated - not because the optics are bad, but due to cheap accessoires and the lack of literature on how to localte galaxies and such. Higher magnification is not everything, with 700 mm focal length a 10mm eyepiece will give you 70x (700/10=70) and the other eyepiece 35x. I also reccomend getting "turn left at orion" as
  13. At f/8, the 66 degree eyepiece offered by skywatcher, TS and others do an excelent job. They are modified Plössl and come in the flavors 6, 9, 15 and 20mm, a UK store sells them for 27£ or so at ebay.
  14. http://www.celestron.com/support/manuals-software?article=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.celestron.com%2Fc3%2Fsupport3%2Findex.php%3F_m%3Ddownloads%26_a%3Dviewdownload%26downloaditemid%3D865%26nav%3D0%26group%3Diframe ?
  15. Very nice :-) you'll find a Mars globe and the footprints on the moon at thingiverse :-)
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