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Hi all, from an old newbie, or new oldby !


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Hello everyone, from N.Somerset.

Have been reading the forum for a little while ( what a wealth of knowledge herein! Lots to read and catch up on whilst it is cloudy out there :) ) and thought it time to introduce myself.

My first comet was Arend-Roland, way back when the universe was young and S@N was ,, well that would be giving the game away :)

I built a 6inch newt, bought the mirror and flat from David Hind, aquired a fibreglass tube, built a focuser from copper water pipe, the spider from aluminium block, brass screws, hacksaw blades etc.

Then wife, house, family, job all over europe and south america, etcetc (cue violin you know) ,,, :(

Now have been playing with binos (10x50) cheap from Lidl but amazingly good.

Thoughts are turning to a new telescope. (old 6" still in attic but aly coat is in sorry state needs re-doing **)

but the range and nomenclature of all the various manufacturers is mind blowing. I will have lots of questions for you all soon :D

** cost of re-aluminising will prob outweigh cost of new scope perhaps. D. Hind seems to nolonger do that sort of thing ? Looked for Beacon Hill, nolonger about ??

Gosh, I am getting verbose, that will do for now.


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Hi Malcom and welcome to SGL, yes David Hinds brings back memories from years back, you could have your Hinds mirror re coated, the service is now covered by Orion Optics, I think when I last looked a standard re coating, including removing the old surface was in the region of £40 for a 150mm :)


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Thanks everyone for the nice warm welcome, much appreciated

"verbose" now there's a word you dont hear often

:( Verily :)
Beacon Hill Telescopes are alive and kicking and can be found Here
Thanks James, yes you are right, so they are, I have googled for them some time ago and failed, I must be going blind in my old age as well as daft !

I have a reasonably dark site, nearest streetlight is about 1 mile away and nearest small town about 2-3 miles (but it is growing and getting closer :D ) All shielded by my hedges and trees. Nearest nasty-neighbour-light is a couple hundred yards away and behind my house from where I observe. Bristol is a long way to the north-east and behind my hill, which is good news except when trying to find M101 and things !


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