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  1. It would have to be atleast sigma5 to warrant such publicity and a Nobel, but why were there no earlier 'indications' at sigma3 from the previous equipment,,,, maybe there was, they just didnt say to anyone,,, except to the fundraisers for the upgrade !
  2. Waves of excitement rippling through the scientific community, even APOD is speechless till the press conference ! This comes AFTER the recent LIGO upgrade, does this mean that the gravity waves are much 'weaker' than previously estimated and where will that leave Einstein's theory ?
  3. APOD getting all excited about it, just a placeholder until the LIGO press conference has begun at 11 Eastern time (what's that in real units ! ? an astro site that doesnt use UTC, shocking )
  4. Oh ! any links ? How does one keep tabs on all of this social media stuff ? ! I got the usual alerts (Aurora watch, amateur radio, WingKp etc) and went out in N.Somerset, a little south of John and saw only a thin haze of blue-white tending greenish white at times 8- 8.30 ish and again 9 - 9-40ish ) very low on the north horizon. Thought it was all a usual damp squib ( no pics here ! ) Thought it was the usual "might have been" as Kp was at 7 predicted 9 Wow Bz is still high and south but no aurora and AuroraWatch not hopeful, oh , , / crashed again ! correction : back but still only amber bl
  5. Why ever not, think of the flavour ! Think of giving the mother-in-law a saw and ,, father-in-law could fetch it Anyhow, TonyRobinson et.al. says that's what the previous folk did with pigs from all over at near Stonehenge, dont deny your ancestry
  6. I was going on to an edit but got timed out to say Well perhaps not in exactly those forms, but exigencies of the times ( SuperMac and the bomb, and it was a learning curve) ; had we not been prevented (by you know who) from continuing an inhouse industry we would now be leaders in a much safer Uranium interim base, and more importantly leaders in the Thorium process which suffers not from the meltdownChinaChernoble3mile syndrome ! we sadly acknowleged our errors, the French, Chinese, and others did not need to do so and now look ,,,
  7. The news reports that I saw/read said " for the first time they excersized their new 'powers' to require the heavy industrial users to reduce their demand " AND paid them to do so ! Due to several techinical failures --- In a mild autumn evening ?? does not bode well if we get a hard winter day and some more 'technical' failures at the same time. They did not say what the margin of spare 'on demand' capacity and 'reduced industrials' was ?? Yep I remember the 70's, which is why I have coal, logs and gas (in extremis candles also but not lets get carried away ! ) the irony is that thata
  8. True ! and it used to be such a good alt. to the Gimp (for which we have waited so long for the 16bit version ! ) I dont know if I should suggest ImageJ, I think I am losing the will to live lol! http://imagej.nih.gov/ij/index.html It used to be a wizzard software but a dreadful user interface, dunno about recent versions,, ymmv, good luck
  9. Oh, that's a shame, I'm still on Vista as well so maybe I cant upgrade to his ver5 then ver3 is fine on Vista, wonder if 3 is still lurking on his site, else give 5 a try - it may be that he just didnt bother to include elderly OSs in the list of needs ? EDIT There is an archive for older paidfor Plus but cant see an archive of the free version to try. Yes, the way it is written he does sound +ve about win7 and win8 Ah well, so sorry, I was trying onnest Edit 2 FORGET IT !! the Free version no longer supports 16bit/ch Grrrr
  10. Try ArtweaverFree, it handles 16 bit and quite similar user interface as Gimp. http://www.artweaver.de/en Does very similar things to Gimp and can be run "portable" Does Lua scripts for fancy stuff ! Author Boris is very helpful on the forum Oh, I see it is now up to ver5, mine is ver 3 !! must update soon.
  11. That is 'just' a problem with our brains mahatmacoat.
  12. I am curious, why the Geminids ? Why not the Leonids in about 5wks, I was lucky to catch a storm of them a few years back but I dont know (not yet looked) what the omens are for this year's Leonids. Are the Geminids up for something good ?? Sorry OP for the deviation
  13. Morning all ! Kp went up to 7 later but by then there was too much cloud I had expected that the forum and interwebby would be full of glorious reports especially from Scotland and usual places, of a megga display when I got home, but seems like it was just a brief flash in the pan. Zodiacal Light due north, that would be a first ! Yes, as Peter says, seen lots of auroras (aurorae ?) over the past (well never you mind how many ! ) decades but never the ZL.
  14. Thanks John, I think I was lookin over your head on the left with Brizzle on the right ! didnt think to look in imigin ! I've since found http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/254395-keep-an-eye-to-the-north-if-youre-clear-tonight/?view=getnewpost Tyntesfield star party ?? wot ?? !
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