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  1. For Sale:- Phil Dyer Remote Colour Astro Video Camera For a happy three years I had a very keen interest in astronomy but sadly the muse has left me and other interests now have my attention. I have gradually been selling off my astronomy kit and it is now the turn of my video astronomy system to go. My aim was to have a complete remote system enabling me to operate my 80mm refractor from the warmth of the “office” with the scope outside on the balcony. I eventually achieved this objective with a Celestron Goto mount, Stellarium software and the remote control Phil Dyer Astro vi
  2. Surprising !! - Little interest!! So I am currently withdrawing the advertisement. I will need to give the sale further consideration but may split and offer the electronic focusser and other Orion ED80 accessories separately Thanks for looking.
  3. Price reduction to £35 plus postage - or open to offers!!
  4. UPDATE!!!! I have just run a daylight test using my Skywatcher Equinox 66 Refractor - the camera works fine and shows a good image of views across the valley BUT I think that the monitor screen may be on the way out as it does show several smallish darkish circular blemishes (max approx 1/8")The camera could, of course be connected to a TV or perhaps laptop computer monitor. I am now open to offers for the Kit.
  5. For sale – an interesting beginning to video astronomy!! Video Astronomy Kit Collectors Item?? This is a neat, self contained kit for looking at the night sky on a small 5” black and white monitor using your telescope. Place the camera into the eyepiece holder, connect the camera to the monitor and plug the monitor into the mains adapter or car cigarette lighter socket. Adjust the focus on the telescope and the brightness / contrast controls on the monitor and you should be able to observe celestial objects on the monitor. It isn't Hubble Telescope quality but I had some fun
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