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  1. Hi, Hope you can help - perhaps I have missed something but I used to be able to manage adverts in "my classifieds" - I can't seem to find the option anywhere? Also have current advertisements been migrated to the new system or do I need to re-post. Many thanks
  2. I now have repetitive strain injury to my scrolling finger!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!! Gives great impression of the scale of things astronomical!!!
  3. And a big vote from me!!! Very helpful in locating objects and finding others of interest in the area - I also tend to annotate it with dates/times/scope etc.
  4. You will need to talk to Phil about the remote control version - I bought one - very good set up instructions! Good luck with the VA !
  5. I, too, have The Illustrated Guide to Astronomical Wonders - a really helpful book with 1 degree black and white images of most of the greatest objects in the heavens. I use it most observing sessions to verify that I have found the correct target, read up on it and find other objects in the vicinity. It is also often annotated with observation dates and scope used!! - an earlier version of TLAO is also on my shelf and was instrumental in building my interst in astronomy. Both are great books and along with "The Pocket Sky Atlas" should be on every astronomer's shelf!!
  6. +1 for a tense read!!! - very pleased the issue was sorted and a great outcome thanks to SGL members!! - A great forum!!
  7. + 3 for ISS?? Have a look at this FLO weather forecast site - it shows ISS appearances it was certainley spotted by my wife and myself on Monday 16th around 11.00pm - ish - so perhaps it was observable from your position last night. http://clearoutside.com/forecast/50.7/-3.52
  8. A very interesting project - as a "balcony" observer I shall look forward to following your progress!!
  9. Dave, Thanks for this link as well. Interesting reading!! I will wait a little longer before taking the plunge to see if anyone who has an Ioptron Minitower currently working with Stellarium chips in . Robin
  10. Dave, Many thanks for the link - it could be part of the solution. Does anyone know how Stellarium interacts with ASCOM drivers?? Cheers Robin
  11. Hi!! Hope someone can help..... I have just purchased a preloved Ioptron Minitower V2 - two years old and running V110331W software on its 8401 handset - it has a usb computer output on the handset and should be capable of GOTO control by planetarium software. I am familiar with Stellarium which I use with my S/W AZ GOTO but I am not sure if the Ioptron can be run by Stellarium. I am a little reluctant to just plug the mount into the computer (PC) and "hope for the best" - has anyone any experience of Ioptron and Stellarium ? If so please could they point me in the right direction. Many thanks
  12. My 2p worth.......... What about using a smart phone with an app like skyeye:- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lavadip.skeye and rigging up a telescope mount for it using something like this (a bit of DIY required):- http://www.amazon.co.uk/Original-Electronics-Universal-Anywhere-Windscreen/dp/B007QTURZG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1399554780&sr=8-1&keywords=mobile+phone+car+mount Skeye has a "find an object facility " and once the phone is aligned to the scope then you could find objects by using a "push to" technique. HTH
  13. Maurice, Very impressive indeed!! - the Whirlpool is a real treat!!
  14. The resourcefulness of astronomers never ceases to amaze me!!!
  15. I have just had my sodium light changed for an LED:- see photos for a comparison:- Sodium LED I saw this as an improvement until I realised that the lamp post was now about 4 ft taller and the canvas screen I had created was not high enough and that the bright downward glow reflected up from my balcony's floor!! No alternative but to have more canvas added!! - I now have to look at objects at slightly higher altitudes but I think that the light pollution appears to be less. See photo below of the screening on the south facing balcony:- I take on board the need to drive to dark sites but I so enjoy the cup of hot chocolate my wife brings out to me at 10.00pm!!
  16. An interesting thread - I am thinking of a short break in the Canaries myself - some good suggestions!! Have a good holiday Jason!!
  17. Ken, Many apologies for the misunderstanding!! Keep up the good work - you have a great site!! Robin
  18. Well - what a beauty!! More about it from the Daily mail:- http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2548017/Forget-smartwatches-wear-150-000-PLANETARIUM-wrist.html If you can't quite afford it then perhaps a luminous watch from the following might be worth a look:- http://www.nitewatches.com/store/gb/watch-search/ Go to the store, and try the illumination features on the different models!!
  19. Ken - Thank you for sharing Jim's site - a great resource for both beginners and the more experienced!!
  20. I had the same problem with my 10" OO reflector on my equatorial mount. The local charity shop had a Reebock step aerobics kit for £10 - the "steps" were just the right height - lightweight and weatherproof too. HTH
  21. Welcome to the forum!! Paul has summed up an introduction to video astronomy very well. - I have the PD 1 camera and would recommend it. Do bear in mind that Phil does a remote control version kit (not on his website) - it means that after setting up the kit you can view images in the warm indoors and adjust the camera settings to suit . My own ED80 refractor (with 0.5 focal reducer) set up is linked to Stellarium and utilises a Skywatcher AZ GOTO mount to locate objects. I view on my computer monitor and can capture images should I choose to. HTH
  22. Just returned from my local Lidl - they have on offer "Cable Tidy Sets" for £1.99 each. They could come in very handy for tidying up your set up - or your computer and HiFi systems!!
  23. Many thanks for the info - I really must get my 10" reflector set up with my video cam and have a go myself!! It must be very satisfying to get such good results from a relatively modest camera. Out of interest have you considered listing your equipment in your signature??
  24. Emad, This is the same chair that I use - I wouldn't be without it!! Adjusting simply involves loosening and removing the "nut" on one side, sliding out the bolt - resetting the height and sliding the bolt back in again - and, of course, replacing the first "nut". After a while it can be done by touch alone. It may be made easier if one of the nuts was replaced with a wing nut - and possibly a few spares would be handly - just in case!! Fiddley rating 7/10 where 10 is "not at all fiddley"!! Folds away neatly and if required you can use it when ironing!!
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