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  1. Hello y’all I have after months of deliberation zeroed in on the C8N with a computerized Cg -5 mount for use with the reflector and my 80mm app refractor… I will probably add a side by side bar to put the two side by side at some point just need an opinion from the trusted forum on this please can you leave any feedback on the choice price point is 1000$ +- 200 thx prasad
  2. Hi I can pick one up here. I just need the mount and the goto. I can pick up the tripod and the weights here. I have an telscope already. May be, we can work a price out? Many thanks Prasadka
  3. Chris will you ship to the US if I picked up the tab beyond what you're willing to pay? PS - I am the bloke whom you set the scope up at upland road.. i now live in Dallas, TX
  4. Hello all I live in the US and am looking for a CG4/ equivalent used mount. Please, can anyone that may be looking at selling a mount and possibly GT equipment, reach out to me? Many Thanks.. Prasadka
  5. He used to go by the pseudonym Peonic.. he has not been around for a few years on SGL. His last post was in 2012..
  6. Thank you- I managed to find "myself" and some old posts from the forum. I would like to recover the password- may be a PM to the admins is due
  7. Well lit and orangish, usually.. There are a few dark spots where I can drive to, though, about an hour away.
  8. Hello everybody, I am not exactly new to the forum, but am a very old member. I used to be called prasadka, and used to live in Ipswich, England until 2010, after which personal commitments forced me to give up my hobby temporarily. To cut a long story short, sixy years, 3 kids, two countries and several homes later, I find myself in Frisco, TX (part of DFW). I still have a APO refractor intact, and my enthusiasm unchanged. This is where it all began for me as an amateur astronomer, and a few friendly folks from the forum helped me get set up with my initial astro gear (most of which I so
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