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  1. QHY8L One Shot Colour Cooled CCD Camera

    Yes it is sorry for the late reply, haven't had chance to log in for a while.
  2. Please help with QHY8L

    Thanks Steve I will have a read now I have a working laptop charger
  3. Please help with QHY8L

    I will go 600 secs next time out and get a full suite of calibration frames, although now my laptop charger has decided to give up charging, it will have to wait until I get another charger. Just my luck at the moment.
  4. Please help with QHY8L

    300 secs and only 4 in stack. As soon as I can I am going to setup my camera gain etc again and capture a decent amount of subs and a full suite of calibration frames. My interest in the QHY8L has been resurrected. A Massive thanks for everyones input.
  5. Please help with QHY8L

    Hi Thankyou for all your help, I set the cooling at -20C. The fact that you managed to get anything is a great help. I can try and achieve an image knowing there is data there. Should I be worried about the level of noise?.
  6. Please help with QHY8L

    OH MY GOD!!!! Thankyou for your help, I cannot believe that is my data. Correct me if I am wrong, my spacing is reasonable? and if I take Darks and Flats I should see a marked improvement?.
  7. Please help with QHY8L

    Link for autosave file from DSS. No calibration frames were used unfortunately, But to be honest any image would be a huge leap forward for me. Thankyou for your help. Autosave.tif
  8. Please help with QHY8L

    Really, That's interesting on my laptop I see a very green image with rings of varying brightness. I have learnt more in this post than I have in the last year. I have a friend at my local astro society who tried to process the last light frames of M45 I took with the QHY8L. He failed to produce anything and suggested my camera may be faulty.
  9. Please help with QHY8L

    Hopefully this Tif image may illustrate the issue better. rosette qhy8L.tif
  10. Please help with QHY8L

    Really, that's encouraging. Its difficult for me at the moment because I am not sure if its my limited processing skills or an error with setup/camera operation or both which is letting me down.
  11. Please help with QHY8L

    The images posted are Jpeg saved from Photoshop. When I look at the Tiff image I have what I can only describe as circles of varying brightness from the centre of the image working outwards.
  12. Please help with QHY8L

    I have just noticed when uploading the images that the Varying brightness is not as obvious now?.
  13. Hello, I have not posted very often but visit the site a lot. I have owned a QHY8L CCD for just over a year and used it very rarely. After initially using it and completely failing to produce any images, I gave up and returned to my modified Eos 600D. Over Christmas I have began reading 2 books by Steve Richards, "Making every Photon Count" and "Dark Art or Magic Bullet". Revisiting some of my Eos data I am making a small amount of progress improving the processing. I really want to master using the QHY8L and have looked at some of the previous data I have gathered. Previously I had no discernible image and now the image I have is awful but there is something there which is a step forward for me. The main thing I have noticed is the "Rings" of varying brightness. My question is could this be caused by the spacing of my QHY8L to my Reducer/Flattener. All feedback is genuinely appreciated I would love to produce an image from my QHY8L this year. Thanks Andy
  14. For sale is one QHY8L Cooled CCD Colour Camera. I purchased this camera brand new a little over 12 months ago and due to work commitments and the weather it has only been used for around 10 hours. The camera is stored in a small sealed plastic container with Dessicant bags inside. All accessories and the plastic container are stored in a Geoptik hermetic case with dessicant bags to ensure everything is moisture free. I purchased this camera to use instead of my modified Eos camera, to spend more of my limited time out imaging and not taking calibration frames. Due to my very limited knowledge of processing, and what seems to be a dark art, processing images from a CCD camera I have returned to my Eos camera and this fabulous CCD camera is not being used, and so I have decided to offer it for sale. All The standard accessories are included along with a cigarette plug power cable and various T2 adapters for spacing. Any inspection/Questions welcome just drop me an email or call. Any reasonable offer will be considered. Thanks for looking and hopefully clear skies! Looking for £700 ono