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  1. As above, purchased these and then changed my dovetail, no longer required. £25 posted to Uk
  2. A good friend at Sheffield Astronomical Society, took my stack that I used above and processed it in Pixinsight. Wow what a difference. I have a lot to learn.
  3. Hi Russell, I didn’t get to the bottom of the rings to be honest, I did wonder if it was condensation on the glass in front of the sensor. When there’s a heavy dew I wrap a small heater band around the spacers between the camera and Flattener.
  4. Thanks to everybody who commented, I had more or less given up with the QHY8L. I spent so many of my limited imaging nights getting no images it destroyed my confidence and almost made me give up altogether. I defaulted to using 600D to rebuild confidence. After everyone's help and calculating the gain and offset for the camera, I just needed a night to grab some data. I hope to practice more at processing and maybe tone down the Ha a bit. My excitement at finally grabbing an image may be the reason the Ha was extreme. Thanks everyone.
  5. I think I am finally making small amounts of progress with the QHY8L. This image is 7x600s stacked. I used darks, flats and bias. Still trying to get to grips with processing but finally seem to be making progress. North American Nebula from a light polluted Sheffield.
  6. So I finally found some spare time to have a go at setting up the gain and offset of my QHY8L following the guide above. Everything appeared to be going well until the final step "Complete a photon response plot of CCD". With the camera capped and an exposure of 0.001secs my mean pixel value is 637 which is above 400 so uncapped the camera and began exposures with 0.025secs, my mean pixel value was 64996. increasing exposure to 0.050 secs and the mean value hits max 65535. I calculated my gain to be 11 and offset 108. The guide suggests the mean pixel value should gradually rise?. Whats going
  7. Hi , could one of the admin please close and remove this thread thank you, Andy
  8. Yes it is sorry for the late reply, haven't had chance to log in for a while.
  9. Thanks Steve I will have a read now I have a working laptop charger
  10. I will go 600 secs next time out and get a full suite of calibration frames, although now my laptop charger has decided to give up charging, it will have to wait until I get another charger. Just my luck at the moment.
  11. 300 secs and only 4 in stack. As soon as I can I am going to setup my camera gain etc again and capture a decent amount of subs and a full suite of calibration frames. My interest in the QHY8L has been resurrected. A Massive thanks for everyones input.
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