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  1. I assumed it was just a case of the baader film blocked certain wavelengths and thus reduced the damage/brightness (wrong word) of the sun which can still be seen through it. I couldnt find the wavelengths the baader film blocked and thought that 450nm (blue laser) might still get through but with any harmful rays (wrong word) being blocked. I'm obviously wrong.
  2. The laser spot will be far brighter than Vega. The laser comes with safety Googles which are od3+ I believe but you can still see the laser spot and the item being etched/carved. Ideally I want to be able to see the laser spot (so it can be focused etc) but at the same time avoid the potential dangers to viewers of the process. This is available in the US but the shipping is silly money... https://jtechphotonics.com/?product=445nm-laser-shielding the images however show a good idea of the laser brightness however.
  3. Hi. It's been a long time since I have been on this form but I always remember it being a helpful and friendly place so thought I might ask this somewhat unusual question here. I have a CNC machine which I am going to mount laser module on so that I can cut various accessories for my scope (acrylic eyepiece holders etc). I want to add an extra layer of protection from the laser and thought baader solar film may be of use if I were to stick it to a clear acrylic sheet. The lasers wavelength is 450nm. Would the baader sheet shield this wavelength but still allow the lase
  4. I use my heq5 mount head in my imagine rig so I have the tripod section going spare. Can it be used with an az4 or will I need to mess about with it. I know the heq5 tripod has the little notch which the altitude adjusters push against... Does this stop an az4 being attached etc?
  5. I am in need of an EQ3 or EQ5 mount as I want to get a long refractor for visual only (Evostar 120 or Bresser 90L for example). I have the tripod from my HEQ5 which I do not use (mount is on a pier in obsy) so just the head maybe sufficient - albeit I am open to comment on that. I live just outside York if that makes any difference. Thank you
  6. beamer3.6m


  7. Yes they can. But its very very simple. You click the setting which is called something like 'mark this connection as metered'. If using a cable to connect to the internet the easiest way is to buy a USB dongle and connect through WiFi with it, as you can then mark the connection as metered. Basically the metered setting is there to stop huge downloads happening for people who pay per mb of data. Its not cheating and does not involve any major computing knowledge.
  8. Its a myth that windows 10 stops working. They cannot force you to take the updates. In windows 10 just mark you internet connection as metered )only works with WiFi) and they are not downloaded. Simple.
  9. Could you not use a normal mirror as I'm not sure what the telescope is doing?
  10. I think the astro programme you use is crucial. Stellarium is a hog on the PC I find. Try SkytechX and see if that improves things.
  11. I use a very old laptop for my imaging rig. I think the power needs to in the processing but for the capture most of the time the laptop is doing very little. I connect he mount, start BYEOS, and skytech x (which is a much less power intensive star chart software) and then plate solve. I don't start guiding until I have plate solved and that's it. I find the important thing was to have the guide camera in its own port and the imaging camera. All else (focuser, mount) runs through a hub. Hope that helps.
  12. Good result. They replaced the orange glow near me (2 lamps) with the led and I think things have improved. I'm in a village anyway so limited light pollution but the light is far less hazy and much easier to block out. Imagine that of you hold out one finger to cover the light (kinda like you can to cover the moon) then it will be gone as opposed to the orange ones which still gave a massive orange halo even if you held out your entire hand to cover it.
  13. I took no issue with the light keeping your son awake. This is indeed unreasonable. Also wanting the light shielded etc so you can enjoy your hobby is also reasonable. I queried why you thought it "surprising" that interfering with a very niche hobby which is undertaken by the minority is not considered a nuisance.
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