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  1. Many thanks to all of you who have contributed to this thread and especially to AndrewRrrrrr who checked out my cable and ss2k unit. The great news is the unit is still working well! The cable had been wrongly repaired and as Andrew rightly pointed out to me; "The diagram is misleading because people think that little bit sticking out in the middle underneath is the tab for the locator block, but it's not!! The diagram is looking at the pins on the ss2k unit itself, not the connector block and it's "right way up". I'll post again when the cable is fixed ..... which should be some time bef
  2. That would be brilliant Andrew, thank you! my email for your address is: *************
  3. Hi all, I replaced the battery and now the unit retains location data but still not working motors and no solution from Vixen or Bresser unless I can try the repaired cable with a known working unit although what you have said about potential damage being caused by the cable to someone elses unit that seems unlikely! The original damage was several wires were pulled out of the cable end connected to the unit. See pic. As I do not have the electronic knowledge to test any further than original post info. I think I will have to call it a day which is a pity as it was a great syste
  4. Hi all, first post so I trust I'm in the right place. I have tried other forums and everyone has been extremely helpful, unfortunately there may be no solution but here goes! I've been using this set up for many years successfully but recently tripped over power cable that connects to a 1998 SS2KPC (running v 2.04) resulting in cable damage. This has now been repaired but now I can no longer power the motors on the mount when 'GOTO' is pressed and the 4 yellow direction keys will not move telescope despite red motor light showing on (pic2) These 4 buttons work perfectly with all ot
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