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  1. Now in it's 5th year This event is a non profit event and in previous years all profits went towards us working with young people disengaged from education. This year all profits will go towards astronomy outreach in the North West of England and the profits will be divided up between all clubs and societies who participate at the festival by way of a stall/outreach.
  2. St Germain de Confolens. One of the locations I take all our guests to take a nice image of the Milky Way. This image is single 30 second shot with Canon 600D ISO3200 15mm sigma fisheye. castle lit up for 2 seconds.
  3. St Germain de Confolens. Image is single 30 second shot with Canon 600D ISO3200 15mm sigma fisheye. castle lit up for 2 seconds.
  4. Thanks very much all for comments and advice, my original post should have read 400mm x 300mm or 40 cm x 30 cm...sorry but very useful comments thanks.
  5. Not sure if this has been asked before, if so I do apologize. I am looking to get some 4000x3000 mm prints done of some of my astro-images for the Hub wall. Can anyone recommend a good online print service. I have used Vistaprint in the past but was not happy with results. Cheers Andrew
  6. Took several OIII frames last night to add to my Ha. Looking at the results I seem to have a large ring and a dust trail across my OIII images (arrows). They are not visible at all on the Ha (small image) Am I right in assuming that this is light from Alnitak? Am I also correct in thinking that I need to reduce image time but create more files to get rid? This is a single 600 second light frame taken with Atik 16IC on a ED80.
  7. Thanks Paul, I used a Canon 600D (unmodded) Altair ED80, IOptron CEM60 mount, Altair 70mm guide scope, PhD, DSS and BYE for capture. I am planning on getting a motor focus for the scope as it does move slightly when you tighten the screw to lock focus. I think that is not helping.. I also need a focal reducer and field flattener for it. hence the crop, I get terrible vignetting on the corners and can't seem to get rid even using flats.
  8. Thanks Rodd, to answer your questions ;-) yes they are a bit grainy, yes it is a crop, I used a, Bahtinov, so not sure, maybe slipped but will check again, thanks.
  9. Not sure where to go with this now....Is there enough data! when is enough enough? Thoughts?
  10. This is actually my second attempt, as the first was not enough data (two nights ago), so I have now added to it (Last night) This is a total of 2 hours in 10 frames with 5 darks, 5 flats and 20 bias frames. Canon 600D (unmodded) Altair-astro ED80, ISO 800, IOptron CEM60, guided. I used BYE for the capture and DSS for stacking with some final tweaks in PS2 (Astrotools) Image taken at Astrofarm, South West France.
  11. adavies660


    Images taken in South of France.
  12. This is work in progress but looking good just from the Ha images I have collected last few nights. Atik 16IC, Altair ED80, IOptron CEM60.
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