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  1. There is a nice used 80 equinox FPL53 on ABS right now for £350 that a good start and you won’t loose any money if it’s not for you
  2. I’ve only looked through the ethos and Myriad but from other reviews I think your comments are correct I was using the 20mm on m42 last night stunning and sharp
  3. I was lucky my local vendor split the rings and dovetail so I only purchased the rings as I already had a nice dovetail the Delos are nice the Ethos in my opinion not worth there price now even second hand there nearly £500 a piece that more than some Sellars paid for them I’ve got the 13mm nice it is but not a massive jump from the 14mm Delos it upgraded I have the Myriad 100° 20-9-5-3.5mm and I think there almost as good as the ethos
  4. Nice report Mark I think you would notice a big difference in a darker site it’s much like all large optic scopes even refractors suffer from poor seeing having owned quite a few large 6 inch APOs including the TOA 150 the optics on my 150 are not to far behind and I would say better than the two 120equinox I owned and they were very good I was surprised by the blackness of the field of view and the sparkle of the stars very Tack like the other night it had no problem resolving the trapeze in M42 and the double clusters looked jewel like I agree the focuser is a bit of a let down
  5. Mine is the latest which I was told by Simon from wide screen that had been slightly modified from original and its adequate really just not what I’m used to on the premium scopes I may upgrade to a Moonlite
  6. Looking for a tripod for my portable set up so something like AZEQ5GT Fold up or Berlebach with 10mm or 3/8 fit or quality photo tripod PM what you have with price please
  7. Due to work weather and health issues I have finally made it out with my Skywatcher 150ED which i purchased before Xmas and a re ent acquisition my Takahashi sky90 II the 150 ED is a reasonable OTA to handle just it’s length that makes it a bit awkward so plenty of turn around space needed when transporting it to the mount once there though balance is achieved quite easily and unlike some of the 150s I have owned it’s not to front heavy it was a fairly transparent evening after the clouds had rolled by and the seeing around a 5 first look at the moon wow nearly blinded me forgot h
  8. I was lucky 365 astronomy had them in stock all the usual places were out of stock and no more on the horizon I brought the 20mm from them 18 months ago hoping to try them out tonight set up waiting
  9. Takes me back I had a set like this few years back nice grab and go
  10. Hi John yes your review made my decision when I purchased my first one I have a 13 Ethos and there is not that much in it between it and the Myriads I just think now the prices are out of Controll for the Ethos as is the used market in general at the moment
  11. Managed to find these two at a great price thanks to Zoltan at 365 although I like my black and green can’t justify the the Ethos price these days they have gone mad and I already have a couple plus a13mm Ethos picked at a reasonable secondhand price
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