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  1. UV Protection Hat On Sale

    I also use mine with my Lunt 75 ha filter stunning single stack solar views
  2. UV Protection Hat On Sale

    They are wonderful scopes well I've joined you in getting one for the price you can't go wrong really
  3. UV Protection Hat On Sale

    That be good Shaun if any good I may indulge I currently use a blackout sheet I got from dunelm it works fine but a hat would be useful
  4. UV Protection Hat On Sale

    Looks tempting Shaun
  5. Solar Max III upgrade???

    Yep def 60mm so no real improvement
  6. Checking out a used scope

    As MikeV said , they had GPS problems I had one of the early carbon fibre ones great optics but GOTO was hit & miss but if you got it cheap a bargain as the CPC is much better set up and I've seen them go as little as £1450
  7. What to do with my Lunt 80mm?!

    God wished this had come up few months back I was looking for one of these used
  8. Just joined the H alpha club.

    Fantastic it is very addictive good choice of scope ☀️
  9. Meade 5000 102 APO triplet

    Hi if it's the one on ABS I used to own that scope a very nice scope indeed views were nice sharp but not crisp if that makes sense I much preferred the later version in the 115 guise and have had better views from other brands such as Altair if you get it for the right money it's a great deal if it's pricey I've had and seen better .
  10. PST 40 or Lunt 50, Help !!

    I have a Lunt 60mm plus I have a 75mm Lunt front etalon the views are stunning
  11. PST 40 or Lunt 50, Help !!

    Found them a bit to much faffing about really waiting for them to come on band and eyepiece selection bit critical prefer the set up I have now
  12. Show us your Frac

    I'm hoping so Chris 😀
  13. PST 40 or Lunt 50, Help !!

    Yeah the quarks are great fun I've had a couple
  14. PST 40 or Lunt 50, Help !!

    Usually around 5-10mins depending on outside temperature
  15. Geoptik Bag - Newtonian 150/750 f5 Review

    Always use them or Artsky just got one for my CPC11HD it's massive but well padded