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  1. Thanks Alex! You didn't confuse. great help. excited to get out ther when the new EPs come :-)
  2. Guys thank you very much for your replies, and quick replies at that. all very very helpful I am off to purchase a 6mm and 32mm :-) thank you again!
  3. Hi All, I am looking for some recommendations on new eyepieces for my Skywatcher 127 AZ goto. I am looking to view everything from planets to deep sky objects. I only have the 10+25mm that came with the scope so I need to upgrade, and well! My budget is around £150 and looking for maybe 2 or 3 eyepieces. Any advice you guys can give me will be much appreciated! Thank you Chris
  4. Nigel, I greatly appreciate you taking the time to post this, it has been a massive help to the problems I have found since I purchased my 'scope a couple weeks ago. Thanks.
  5. Just came on in time to catch your post hehe Thanks for the tip
  6. Yes, big fan. Of both actor and director
  7. I did indeed Probably have to say it is my favourite film.
  8. Hi everyone. My names Chris, 25 and from Glasgow. I have been reading around with interest for a while now so decided to register. I have been interested in astronomy for years but I have only just got round to ordering my first telescope - Skywatcher Skymax 127 Goto. I look forward to receiving my scope at the end of the week and to join in on future discussions. Thanks
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