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  1. Very nice images. Though the Saturn and Jupiter could do with a little colour/histogram balancing in RegiStax?
  2. I am now doubting myself about a long GSO/similar 3x Barlow for that reason: they're long and I'll be using them for solar system photography. It's probably between these 3...
  3. Hi I am looking for a 3x barlow to use for imaging with my telescope. I have been trying to pick up the long GSO ED x3 but it is out of stock... There are only 3 budget barlows available after that and I'm wondering if any of them are worthwhile. The first is this "Achromatic, multicoated, cemented doublet" from 365Astronomy https://www.365astronomy.com/365Astronomy-1.25-2x-LONG-Achromatic-Barlow-VSB36501-LONG-2X1.html Then there's this "Universal broadband multicoated, internally blackened" one from Harrison Telescopes https://www.harrisontelescopes.co.uk/acatalog/universal-3x-barlow.html#SID=564 And finally this "High Quality Fully Multicoated One"...bit of a standard, suspicious-looking design?? https://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/rvo-x3-barlow-lens-with-t-thread-125.html Any of them worth anything, or does anyone have any experience with them?
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