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  1. NOW SOLD TV mars type A filter. Excellent condition. Really helps to improve contrast on surface features. Takes a bit of getting used to, but can really help to tease out details. £53 inc postage. Paypal fees paid by buyer or bank transfer.
  2. These are not getting the use they deserve, and other bills mean the time has come to break up my full set of Radians. These are superb planetary ep's and deliver the sharp views you would expect from Televue ep's. I am selling my 5mm, 4mm and 3mm. All boxed with end caps and in very good condition. £110 each inc tracked next day delivery by 1pm via Royal Mail. Paypal, fees paid by buyer, or bank transfer. 6mm SOLD to Ian
  3. Ooops! Sorry Alan. Got carried away with the numbers Quite right, no 7mm. One thing I have noticed is the increased numbers of Radians in the wanted and for sale ads lately. I would have thought that these are a better bet for circa £100 if you can get the fl's you want.
  4. Well I am sure glad that I have the whole set of Radians, 18,14,12,10,8,7,6,5,4 and 3mm. I have no need to cause my bank balance any stress over these. I love my Rads, and any improvement these make over them will surely be small?
  5. Maybe something like this Dan? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Neutrik-NF2D-B-0-Black-Panel-Chassis-Mount-RCA-Phono-Female-Socket-Black-/140910005861?pt=UK_Sound_Vision_Cables_Leads_Connectors&hash=item20cee40e65
  6. Excellent!! Really glad it has turned out as you hoped. How did you route the heater wire in the end?
  7. How is the 'scope handling Dan? All good? When I checked the sips set up n the moon during final tweeking, I noticed how damn sharp it looked too. Cracking mirror for the money, and also for a lot more money. Well bagged mate.
  8. Really glad that it it is as you had hoped mate.It was a pleasure to make it for you Dan. What! No clear pics of the "corvus"??
  9. So the boot is on the other foot this time then Calv?
  10. Nice one Richard. Just the job. So long as you are not having to wedge it in it will be fine. So much cheaper than the ready made ones!!
  11. For a shroud, stretchy lycra fabric works well, fleabay is full of the stuff. I used ripstop nylon for mine and stuck it all together using that easy hem iron on stuff?? The stuff you can use to hem clothes without sewing? I then taped all the seams with ripstop repair tape. I did promise myself that I would get it sewn up properly.....that was nearly 2 years ago!
  12. Good call Alan. Gotta be the easiest and most convenient solution.
  13. As you are getting your canopus built now Alan, I would ask Michael to fit a secondary dew heater as he goes. I have yet to see a truss dob that does not succumb to dew eventually. Well worth it and very effective. I know that some worry about tube currents and such, but dew will end a session dead whereas a tiny bit of heat turbulence will die down and you can carry on, if you even notice it?
  14. Follow that guide Richard and you can't go wrong. I used the 330 ohm .5w resistors as recommended in that link. For my secondary iirc, I used 5 or 6 in a ladder arrangement.There are spaced about 8mm apart. I could just fit this between the silicone blobs holding the mirror. I also squeezed some soft black foam around the edge of the stalk to keep the heat on the mirror as much as possible. It only wants to be soft and lightly pushed in there though.
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