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  1. NOW SOLD TV mars type A filter. Excellent condition. Really helps to improve contrast on surface features. Takes a bit of getting used to, but can really help to tease out details. £53 inc postage. Paypal fees paid by buyer or bank transfer.
  2. These are not getting the use they deserve, and other bills mean the time has come to break up my full set of Radians. These are superb planetary ep's and deliver the sharp views you would expect from Televue ep's. I am selling my 5mm, 4mm and 3mm. All boxed with end caps and in very good condition. £110 each inc tracked next day delivery by 1pm via Royal Mail. Paypal, fees paid by buyer, or bank transfer. 6mm SOLD to Ian
  3. Ooops! Sorry Alan. Got carried away with the numbers Quite right, no 7mm. One thing I have noticed is the increased numbers of Radians in the wanted and for sale ads lately. I would have thought that these are a better bet for circa £100 if you can get the fl's you want.
  4. Well I am sure glad that I have the whole set of Radians, 18,14,12,10,8,7,6,5,4 and 3mm. I have no need to cause my bank balance any stress over these. I love my Rads, and any improvement these make over them will surely be small?
  5. Gonna have to bail on this one chaps, sorry. I have so much to do at work to meet an installation date this month.
  6. Hope you get well soon Mel. Here's to seeing you under you a dark clear sky in the New Year.
  7. Just looked at images of Leo1. It is very close to Regulus, and even in photos, VERY feint! I shall enjoy your challenge, Sir.
  8. I noticed how you sped off up the road as I got pulled over by the this morning Steve. Don't worry they let me go on my way after I had explained to them that you were the one they should be interested in It was a good night though. Now, where is that Leo 1??
  9. Hey Steve, we might get a go at the HH tonight.
  10. I guess I will just have to slum it again with the 14"
  11. Fingers crossed matey. Si says he is also coming if it stays a good forecast. I should be there about 7.30 all things being equal.
  12. I really like the look of the little adventurer mount. Be good to see it in action. See you tomorrow.
  13. Cool. Be good to catch up again. What 'scope you bringing Ant?
  14. I will start the bidding then and say 7.30 - 8?
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