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  1. Hardly used ,bought for astro photography but sadly my abilities did not match my aspirations! Now surplus to requirements as I’m back to basics with only binoculars. PLEASE NOTE: The 1.25” nosepiece adapter went awol when I moved house last year so only has the 2” nosepiece. Does however also include a camera T ring adapter, Cannon EOS fit. £70 ono including Royal Mail insured and tracked post. Thanks for looking Cheers Neil
  2. Thanks for all the interest, sale is now pending.
  3. I don't have a issue posting the tripod, it's just a matter of working out how to parcel it up! If you have some good ideas then I'm all ears! Cheers Neil
  4. Would you make a quick detour and meet at a services on the M4 ?
  5. Due to lack of time/clear skies/enthusiasm my WO Megrez 72 is up for grabs. Very light use over the years, comes with WO Dialectic and an RDF, not WO and needs a new battery. There is also a Phiilips web cam, I can’t remember whether it is the SPC880 or SPC900, I think it’s more likely to be the latter. Looking for £250 ono all in Would prefer not to have to parcel it up but can do so as I have the original shipping box and could send registered/insured by Royal Mail I’m based in Guildford, happy to travel say 20 mile radius to meet up. If being collected will also include Horizon heavy duty tripod as per FLO https://www.firstlightoptics.com/tripods/horizon-8115-2-way-heavy-duty-tripod.html Cheers Neil
  6. Hi, I have a barely used Mark III that's surplus to my needs if you are interested. Cheers Neil
  7. Hi M12, My Quantums do not do that, nor do my Apollo's or Hawkes. If it were me I would send them back. Cheers Neil
  8. You could try flight cases from Maplins, they have quite a varied range of different sizes and prices. Cheers Neil
  9. How's about some Duck tape especially designed for astronomers! http://www.ducktapecolours.co.uk/duck-family/galaxy-x/ Cheers Neil
  10. Hi and welcome to SGL. Strathspey Marine, yes a good choice. Their web site seems to be playing up at the moment but don't let that put you off just give them a call, they're good peole to deal with. As others have said, I'd also get a monopod and trigger grip at some stage. Cheers Neil
  11. Hi Ian, I'd be wary of the 25x100 and possibly also the 20x90 not that there's anything wrong with them other than how much the weigh. I had a pair of Apollo 15x85 that weigh in at 4.8 kg which I thought would be fine on decent Manfrotto tripod, 055XPROB tripod and manfrotto 372RC2 head but alas once you get the bins at a decent angle I became slightly dubious about their stability and reached the point where I was hardly using them. In the end I did a swap with a fellow member for some Apollo 10.5x70 which get more use as they are some much lighter and can use them on a monopod or tripod as the mood takes me. Cheers Neil
  12. "or is there worse out there?" quite possibly, a review from Allbinos http://www.allbinos.com/17.1-binoculars_reviews-summary-Steel_ladle_50x50_An_extreme_pair_of_binoculars.html Cheers Neil
  13. My choice of weapon http://www.amazon.co.uk/Giottos-GTMML-3270B-Section-Monopod/dp/B0019K1XYC Cheers Neil
  14. I've done a few afocals with a cheap scope and a point and press, obviously not on par with the Hubble.... http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/76193-more-from-last-night/ Cheers Neil
  15. Mark, I succumbed to the binocular aperture fever and bought the Apollo 15x85, terrific binoculars but they are heavy! I have a manfrotto 055XPROB tripod and manfrotto 372RC2 head neither of which are exactly the cheap end of the market. However, even with a top end tripod and head it’s all still a bit unstable and as a result I was more likely to grab my 15x70 Quantum 4 for a bit of observing, nowhere near the same optical quality but easier to handle. Eventually I decided that they weren’t getting any use at all which is sad so I put them up for sale on SGL and did a swap for a pair of Apollo 10.5x70 which from a usability point of view are much much better with the same quality optics. The tripod and head easily cope with these and I’ve even invested in a monopod which is so much more portable. So in summary, if I was starting over again I’d go for the Apollo 10.5x70 or 15x70, a monopod and trigger grip over the 15x85. Cheers Neil
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