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  1. Hello and welcome Steve
  2. Yea full warranty but not sure about starry nights
  3. I’ve been offered an ex display celestron evo 8 “ what do you think is a fair price to pay for it? It’s without its original box but with an updated handset controller- the tube is brand new and unused and the mount an ex display model
  4. Forgive me if this is daft question but how does a starsense work on a celestron AVX eq mount ..does it do it automatically without the need to manually align to Polaris ?
  5. Thanks all I think I’m going for the bresser in the end as it bigger - the 6” Evo by celestron is however tempting me right now as well although more expensive I’m liking what I read so may be it’s an option however the azi GTI mount does a lot for the price and I’m seriously considering placing the bresser 127 Mak onto it
  6. The 8” AVX is £1700 the 6” Evo £1300 so with that in mind I was just putting it out there if it’s with the difference to get the bigger 8” - the 8” on an evo mount is £1900 or does the 6” se at 900 now seem a bargain ?? it’s a night of a decision to get it right might just stick to my Mak 127
  7. Sorry should of said is the 8” OTA worth £600 more than the 6” OTA
  8. Yea fair point I personally think if your going to go for the Evo - get the 8” over the 6 but the price difference is huge for two extra “ of apature. Personal choice I guess.
  9. I’m wondering if the evo is with the extra £300 over the 6se ??
  10. Any advice would be appreciated I’m looking at the 8”SCT set up for visual use and some casual smart phone imaging..would I be better going for it on the AVX set up or the EVO mount ? Which would be a better experience for visual astronomy and a better long term investment that won’t need a future upgrade ?
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