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  1. Sw 130 was my first one I read in the times they awarded the 130 slt scope of the year
  2. How does it compare to the like for like skywatcher dogs say a 200p ...how does it compare for quality etc
  3. Cheers guys safari looks just right
  4. Hi are there any good I phone apps you would recomend for star gazing
  5. It would be scope number three for me I have the 200p already just wondered whT thoughts were on it as it now classed as the scope of 2015 by some
  6. Hi all, The above scope has been suggested to me as a quality scope for observing deep space and planets and I understand has been nominated for awards for its quality. Has anyone got this scope and if so how do you rate it v a 200p dob ?
  7. Yep head is spinning like saturns rings! I like the small dob idea but I think I am leaning towards the refractor idea
  8. Very good advice many thanks the 130p is a good one to consider
  9. Very good point a refractor is looking a good option
  10. I have to say though that the celestron nexstar 127SLT look I great scope and reviews rate it highly over the skywatcher
  11. Nice in theory nebula but this is kids after all and the synscan idea appeals as they have little paigencecand get board easily I think Xilinx idea is a Gregat one
  12. That's a great idea Xilinx I already have a dob 200p so not much point buying mother plus it's too big for kids I like the idea of a refractor
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