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  1. --- SOLD --- Skywatcher 300p + Moonlite CR1 + Orion Optics UK Dobsonian Mount I have this telescope up for sale on Gumtree for £300. I am out of the hobby these days and we are moving house, so looking for a new owner for it. Mirrors are all in good clean condition. Overall condition of the scope is good. I am based in Northern Ireland and local collection only. See full details here. Contact me via IM or via my email which is available from the Gumtree website. Thanks! https://www.gumtree.com/p/binoculars-scopes/skywatcher-300p-12-reflector-moonlite-cr1-focuser-orion-
  2. True, it is a shame - but I simply do not get the time for the hobby any more and after work and kids I'm usually too tired to stay up well past midnight! That, and the distinct lack of clear nights here in Northern Ireland which only seem to occur on 'school days' just puts the nail in the coffin!
  3. ---- SOLD ---- Skywatcher 1.25" UHC Filter Great condition. £10 + £4 postage Payment by Paypal Gift please (or cover the fees). Thanks
  4. ---- SALE PENDING ----- Here is your opportunity to buy a one month old Televue Delos 12mm (1.25") eyepiece at a great price! Due to lack of time from personal commitments I'm hanging up the gloves on the hobby for a while and I'm starting to sell off my equipment. I recently bought this Televue Delos which has had one outing, however I cannot return it to Telescope House now as it's outside the returns period. The eyepiece is obviously in mint condition and comes with the original invoice. Payment would be by PayPal (as a gift please - or alternatively pay the txn
  5. Skywatcher UHC Filter (1.25") In superb condition. No defects. Good performance for the price. I see excellent detail in M27 and M42 with this filter and brilliant views of the Veil Nebula. I am looking £25 + £3 postage for it. Payment by PayPal gift please!
  6. Televue Delos 14mm (1.25") eyepiece. In superb condition. Between 12 - 18 months old and like new. Fully boxed with dust caps. I'm sure I don't need to remind anyone how excellent these eyepieces are! If anything, they have gone up in price over the past year and currently sell for an average of £279 new. I am looking £200 + £5 postage - which is a good saving on the new price. Payment by PayPal gift please!
  7. Just in from a purely naked eye viewing of the planetary line up and what a beautiful sight it was this morning with the three planets in a straight line with their contrasting brightnesses. Nice also seeing super bright Sirius and the sparkling diamonds of the winter constellations high overhead (the winter sky is always my favourite).
  8. M33 is one of my favourite galaxies to view in the 12". When the conditions are good from my back garden then the two main spiral arms are visible along with a third, less prominent arm. There are various catalogued knot features along these arms that can be picked out nicely, as well as the aforementioned NGC604 and other HII regions. One of my Autumn enjoyments for sure! It was nice getting my first glimpse of it this season during the eclipse earlier in the week. Just through the binos but it looked nice and big!
  9. Totality here and the redness is deepening. Had a quick scan around the sky and M31 and the Double Cluster are clear to the naked eye. Also could clearly see M33 through the binos on this night with a 'full moon'
  10. The redness now very apparent as the moon nears totality
  11. Clear skies here although hazy. Very obvious umbra shadow with about 50% of the moon hidden now. Satellite image shows a clearer slot moving towards my location as I type, so hopefully an even sharper view to come towards totality.
  12. Hi Ivan, Welcome to SGL! I'm another NI man with decent skies. Your 6SE will give you some nice views that's for sure. If you can, try and bag some of the late summer objects over the next few weeks before they slip off below the western horizon for another season. If you have a good view to the south, then try for the Swan and Omega nebulae. Also go for M13 in Hercules (globular cluster) which will be sitting high to the west after dusk. There are not many planet observing opportunities at the moment unless you enjoy the silly hours - which I don't! Of course I'm making an exception to that
  13. That's a nice list of targets Piero! I'm sure they looked fab in your Televue.
  14. The weather models continue to show better and better prospects for clear skies this weekend as we get closer to the event. The ECMWF model is currently showing a high pressure system of 1035mb. GFS is showing a high of 1030mb. All fingers crossed!
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