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  1. When I ordered the binoculars they did not say out of stock as I would have not ordered them. But arrived today so all good.
  2. Ordered some binoculars on mon says shipped in 1-2 days still waiting a week later!
  3. I would go a bit deeper just to be sure.
  4. I just use an old lamp without the shade on with a fire glow bulb, it was only ment to be temporay but it works just fine.
  5. I do it on mine but I have hardboard sides hinged to the inside of the observatory that lift up. Works well but if it's quiet windy I have to leave them down.
  6. Added a couple of pics to show. Ignore the dust and lights reflections it's the white swirls. With the naked eye the second picture best illustrates how it looks. Its even noticeable when you look through the telescope at the light. Think I might have to give FLO an email when they are open again, thanks.
  7. Just purchased a William Optics GT-81 Triplet Refractor and after seeing a few dust specs on the outside lens I held it under the light and noticed a circular smear mark about half the size of the lens on the inside. It's only noticeable when the lights at certain angles but it looks like it's been wiped and smeared. Has anyone else encountered this. Shall post a pic later, thanks for any advice.
  8. I used a dark blue kitchen and bathroom paint to help with moisture. Still looks good as new 1 year on.
  9. Thanks, and do you use the T thread adapter to attach it to the focuser.
  10. How`s best to attach the ccd to the filter wheel is it with the 1.25" nosepiece adapter on the ccd or do you remove that and connect with another adapter, thanks.
  11. I have just received my Atik 314L and will be using it with my 200p and 1.25" Brightstar manual filter wheel to start with and wanted to know if any one was using a similar set up as to which adapters to use to achieve focus. The wheel came with a 1.25" nosepiece plus a lockable & rotatable male T thread adapter and 1.25" visual back. The 314L also came with a 1.25" nosepiece. Any help appreciated thanks.
  12. Yes that`s how they are you can see the back of the mirror. Not sure the reason for no covering plate, maybe to aid cooling.
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