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  1. Superb detail visible there, very nicely captured.
  2. I guess its a quick way telling the reader that the colour image is not an RGB image captured with a mono camera, but a one shot colour image captured with a coloured camera.
  3. So quite again, looks like cycle 25 is not quite ready to burst in life just yet.
  4. Excellent, a really sharp image there.
  5. Love Craig, definitely some thing i would also like to try.
  6. Nice presentation, interesting to see the size increase.
  7. Excellent image, some really nice detail visible there.
  8. The polar region has really shrunk in size now.
  9. Saturn and Jupiter are tough targets down at that altitude at the moment. Have you tried Mars recently?
  10. Lets hope so, looks like their might be a few chances later this week.
  11. definitely a tree, or maybe an "Ent"
  12. Excellent set of images.
  13. Stunning looking discs.
  14. That has come out fairly well. I would like to capture some granulation myself, when i get a chance. I have been thinking of getting a filter for my C9.25, but the chances of using it in decent seeing seem few and far between. Not sure i would gain much from my 120mm refractor.
  15. Hi welcome to SGL from Peter in Bedfordshire
  16. Hi welcome to SGL from Peter in Bedfordshire
  17. very nice images, i thought there might be more activity by now.
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