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  1. Timebandit

    Newts , planetary killers !

    Had some great views of Jupiter with the OOuk 14 reflector a few weeks ago. A newt/reflector can produce some stunning views if the mirror it at ambient temperature and well collimated. The views of Jupiter a few weeks back in the reflector were certainty the best I have seen this year with incredible belt detail and the GRS showing so well ,and the colours so varied. The reflector certainly proved its worth that night on planetary, and combined with the great seeing conditions that we were lucky to enjoy. A Newt is such a great bargain when you compare it to the APOs out there. What is a quality 6" to 7" APO , many many thousands. A quality newt in that range well under a thousand pounds . If you can afford just one scope then a quality newt/reflector at decent aperture is the way to go IMO.
  2. Timebandit

    Vixen ED103S - Say Hello

    Nice set up Alan A little tip. A eyepiece in the focuser end will make the views Soooo much better But joking aside , some good quality gear comes from Vixen, hope you enjoy.
  3. Timebandit

    Do I need another eyepiece

    If that's the case Shaun. Then maybe FLO would be so kind to sent John a few eyepieces for "testing"
  4. Timebandit

    Do I need another eyepiece

    Woow John , that's a nice little collection Now I have seen your few eyepieces, I feel so much better about my little group. Maybe I am not a collectionist after all
  5. Timebandit

    Nagler 31mm ep

    The 31 Nag, this takes me back. I wanted one of these a few years back but new they were just to much cash for me to justify. I did try to get a second hand one, but these were also going at very high prices. So an alternative was started to get looked into The 28mm WO uwan was getting some very good feedback and reviews. Luckily a very good condition used example came up ,to which I managed to acquire. A very good performer IMO and was so much cheaper. Looking at today's prices of the 31Nags it is eye watering. If you want a better bang for buck ,then the WO 28 uwan or SW Nirvana (same eyepiece I understand) are certainly worth consideration IMO
  6. Timebandit

    Jupiter, Fracing Good

    With the very disappointing result with Saturday Obs session with the OOuk14. This washed and soft out views that were achieved due to the poor " seeing conditions " and certainty not the equipment set up. Then another crack at Jupiter was on the cards. This was a totally different evening and a totally different set up. The Sky's were cloudless and darkness was ever approaching. Jupiter showing brightly in the south. The atmosphere just felt different. Even though the air temperature certainty was not cold. There was a slight chill in the air and the atmosphere just felt that bit different and that it had a bit more density about it. I had encountered conditions like this before, and so I was feeling good about the expected results. The scope of choice was going to be the Frac this evening. And my reasoning behind this was two fold. Firstly I could move the mount to any position around the garden quickly and easily. This way I could keep it away from any possible heat haze from roofs and also find the best location to get a uninterrupted view of Jupiter. So the AZ4 which is so simple and quick to set up was positioned. The Equinox 120ed was placed onto the mount and left to cool. The eyepiece's of choice were going to be Pentax XW in 5, 7 mm going through a TV diagonal. The kit was set and Jupiter in range. The Telrad on the scope located Jupiter quickly and the XW 7mm brought into focus. Straight away the seeing conditions were as suspected assisting the views. Jupiter was sharp and showing what I consider book type views of the planet. The numerous bands around Jupiter were clear and showing numerous different colours throughout. Even in the same bands different shades could be picked out with careful obs. With less favorable seeing Jupiter bands can seem soft and parallel line type. But with a quality set up and seeing on your side ,Jupiter bands are parallel type, but not straight lines but irregular across the vast planet. The seeing was so good and cooperating so well that the 5XW was placed in the focuser and a slight focus position change made. This extra magnification certainty was worth while, just confirming the seeing conditions were good. Extra belt details could be picked out more easily, and different colour shading across this massive planet brought out more with the extra magnification. As I use a non tracking mount. My normal practice is to put the planet to the far edge of the fov ,and just let it drift across. There is something magical about this ,it brings alive the vast planet and the realisation the constant moment of what we observe ,and that are own earth is a constantly moving mass. So the seeing was good and the Frac certainty took advantage of this ,and produced some great views of the massive gas giant Jupiter. It just show once again ,Seeing conditions can have such a dramatic effect on what you can achieve in an Obs session.
  7. Timebandit

    Jupiter, Fracing Good

    Yes Shaun, conditions were good last night for us fortunate ones. Planetary really does come alive when the "seeing " is with you. And then quality kit can really stretch it legs Weight of the Equinox I am not to sure , I think its around the 6 to 7 kg mark? But don't hold me to that, and unfortunately I do not have any scales to pop it on at the moment. The AZ 4 does very well considering the weight and bulk. But it works which is the main thing. Unfortunately Stu. I have never done a true side by side test of the VX14 and ed 120 on the same night under the same conditions. The dob usually lives round the back ,and the frac sits better round the front garden to get between the trees on Jupiter. Both scopes under great seeing conditions really do perform though. And the details you can pick out really do shine if the "seeing" is with you. Most of my sessions are on the spur, and if the time is available to me and Sky's clear ,then kit comes out I do love the frac on planetary and lunar and doubles. You just seem to get a nicer cleaner life like view through a quality frac. But saying that the 14" reflector is no Slough though on these targets. Nice picture Yes the clouds can role in and out at will. Luckily the last few nights have been basically cloud free for me. Its the atmosphere "seeing" that has made or broke my obs session. Over the last few weeks we do seem to have some great conditions on certain nights , hopefully a few more. I do like Jupiter and the details that can be shown. But I wish my favorite Saturn was a bit more readily available. Saturn is just such a thing of beauty to observe. After all these years when doing planetary I still remember the fist time I viewed Saturn it was a Woow moment, something magical.
  8. Timebandit

    Jupiter there , But

    With last weeks successful Obs of Jupiter and the great views. I had time last night for a bit more planetary was in order. With the great big glow of the massive giant Jupiter clearly showing in the southern direction. And the sky conditions cloud free, and the skys getting darker ,all that remained was for the gear. The OOuk14 was got out and put on the obs dec. The scope is stored outside in the shed so more or less at ambient temperature already. The old faithful and trust worthy Pentax XW in the 5mm and 7mm were brought out to play. The bright light of Jupiter was brought into finder range and with initially the XW 7 in the focuser then Jupiter was brought into focus. The first thing that was obvious is though Jupiter was showing detail in that the GRS was there and and showing colour. The band detail was also there and showing a numerous amount of detail . But the views were not anywhere like I had experienced the week before. The fluctuations in the seeing varied as the planet went across the fov of the Pentax, from a very washed out soft image ,to a image that was acceptable and showing detail and colour. But overall I was just not getting that great sharpness of the details of Jupiter, or the slight variation of colour details that is available through the band detail Seeing and atmosphere conditions can really effect what an observing session outcome is. What on the face of it with mark one eyeballs looks like a clear and cloud free sky . Can all change when actually looking through the eyepiece. The heat , particle and pollution levels in the sky can all effect the seeing conditions. The level and amount of atmosphere the scope combination has the cut through, can also have a great effect on the clarity and details that can be picked out. The great amount of aperture of 14" with a top grade 1/10 mirror and a quality eyepiece of the Pentax XW can all be to no effect if the "Seeing" is not there. You can have some top tier kit , but the views can be very disappointing if you do not have the final and probably most important factor in the equation and that is "seeing" conditions. Last week with the exact same combination of the OOuk14 and a Pentax XW I certainty had the best view's of Jupiter this year. And certainty one of the best images that I had seen for a very long time. Sharp detail and great and clear colours. But the same set up was left on is knees and just not performing last night and the only change of factor the " Seeing" . Two different nights , the exact same set up. One night some of the best views of Jupiter I have seen. And on a different night with the same set up ,what can only be described as lackluster. The factor difference was that "Seeing conditions". Seeing conditions can really be king , no matter what gear you may have.
  9. Timebandit

    70mm Skies June 9/10 2018

    Nice quality grab and go set up you have there Mike. Jupiter is always a pleasure to look at. Unfortunately last night seeing was a bit off in my part of the world. But last week Jupiter was outstanding. The difference was the" Seeing " conditions. Jupiter is a great planet to observe, but Saturn is my favorite as there is just something magical about its form IMO.
  10. Timebandit

    Do I need another eyepiece

    Obviously eye relief can be a very personal thing. To me any eyepiece that you are more than comfortable in using has very good eye relief. I have always found the 20mm Nag very nice in eye position and found that i can use it for long periods of time without any eye relief problems. Other opinions may differ? This eyepiece I have had for a few years Shaun. And is my goto eyepiece for wider fov and the fainter DSO. It is one eyepiece along with the Pentax XW that I have never thought of selling in all the years I have owned it. Personally I really like using it and really rate its quality.
  11. Timebandit

    Do I need another eyepiece

    The gap IMO between the 12mm and the 27mm is a large spread and could do with something to fill this. The 17mm Nag seems interesting. But I will recommend one of my most used eyepiece's in this spread range. That is the TV type 5 Nagler 20mm . This eyepiece in my view is just great ,such a quality of sharpness in the optics , great colour ,and fov around 80d with very good eye relief. I use this with stunning effect with the fast newt ,and frac. A perfect all rounder. Some of the Naglers are just still so good, even in today's vast choice of eyepieces. The Nag 20mm in my opinion is first class ,and judging from what I paid for mine then a second hand one would be in budget. Hope this helps☺
  12. Sky at Night ,Sunday evening at 10 on BBC Four Jupiter . God of Thunder How NASA's Juno spacecraft images of Jupiter has provided new information and understanding of the planets formation and storms. One of my favorite planets to observe, especially under great seeing conditions. Hope you enjoy ☺
  13. Timebandit

    What did the postman bring?

    Your turning into a XW short set collectionist Welcome to the club , really good eyepieces
  14. Timebandit

    What did the postman bring?

    Yep . And John is not joking about that 3.5 XW. A high stack up it certainty is. Don't even think of putting a Barlow on it
  15. I take it from the above order then you are liking the XW Great move. I had my 7XW in the OOuk the other night on Jupiter. And it was one of the best view's I have had of Jupiter. The shorter focal range of XW are just such a good all rounder. And with the constant rumours that some of the XW series may be stopped being made. Then IMO an eyepiece that is a must for fans of ortho sharpness, but with a wide fov and great eye relief. And on top of this the XW do seem to perform so well in most scopes.
  16. Timebandit

    Best of the year , So far

    Well as I was invited out yesterday evening and it would be rude to decline. Then off to the local public house to meet a few gents I know I went . A pint or so later and a few games of darts under my belt it was time to head for the chippy. So fed and watered off home I went. Up in the southern direction was the unmistakable bright glow of Jupiter. An obs session was not in the plan for this evening. But the Sky's were completely clear of cloud and the seeing conditions were looking so good and settled. So off to the Obs I went to get the OOuk 14" out. It is the quickest of my scopes to set up. Open the door and slide it out. Literally a 2min job. I decided to grab just one eyepiece for the job. A Pentax XW 7mm. This mag is usually good for most seeing conditions and responds well on Jupiter. The Pentax was placed in the OOuk. And telrad hit the target. All I can say is Wooow. The views were so good. The GRS was so clear and defined, with loads of colour showing. The level of band detail was also so clear and the different shades involved in the bands were also making there presence know. Jupiter details were just so good tonight. The atmosphere conditions were obviously assisting this and allowing Jupiter to be seen at its best. This was such a feast for the eye's. An hour of tracking this massive gas giant across the Sky's in all its glory. Certainty the best view's I have seen of Jupiter so far this year. I hope other members were fortunate enough to catch this great seeing conditions and placement of Jupiter.
  17. Timebandit

    GRS Visible now!

    Yes. Just been out with the OOuk 14 " and a Pentax 7XW Really good seeing here. And great view of the GRS Really worth a look now if you can get out
  18. My understand is that triplet's can vary in weight due partially due to the extra glass/ lens weight. But I also understand that some are air spaced , but some are oil spaced which obviously will add to the weight.of the scope.
  19. The Pentax XW can be very addictive. I know I liked them so much that I got my self a Mini shorter focal length set. But from what I understand the Delite are very good , but slightly less fov. I think whichever you decide ,Delite , Delos ,Pentax . These eyepieces are so good then the difference optically is going to be very slight. Top class eyepieces are so good these day's and so close optically that you cannot really go wrong with any of the above IMO.
  20. Timebandit

    Your perfect 2 scope setup

    Agree. If you can only have one scope then the 8" Newt is the way to go , as its just such a great all rounder . And that's why I have one But have a look through a quality refractor . And you do notice the difference that a refractor image can give a sharper and crisper views. And this is especially true on stars/doubles to where diff spikes can show. The best two scope would be a quality newt and a quality frac ☺
  21. Timebandit

    Your perfect 2 scope setup

    I thought one of you Gents has a secret " Refractor " stashed away somewhere?
  22. Timebandit

    More Moon nonsense

    At least we don't have a " Flat " Moon Its enough with the flat earth fans out there ☺
  23. Timebandit

    Vixen HR Eyepiece

    Very impressive high power, and high quality line up there Great for us Frac users who love high quality views of lunar ,planetary and doubles
  24. Timebandit

    Your perfect 2 scope setup

    That's a very potent set up The 120ed would be great for planetary and lunar and double stars And the 300p with far more aperture and light gathering ability would be great for DSO. Especially at a Dark site.
  25. Timebandit

    Your perfect 2 scope setup

    I thought I would be happy with one scope ed 120. But then after going with the VX14 , I thought I would be happy with two scopes But needing a grab and go with a bit of aperture , the VX8 was introduced. I can now say I am happy and content with the above. So I think I could not go back to just two. Greedy

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