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  1. New Apo on the block

    Yes totally agree. Mike and John have been there and done it with some great scopes. So makes me feel so much better with my humble but great 120ed😀👍
  2. New Apo on the block

    As an owner of a 120ed to which I find a great scope for transportation and love it's crisp and sharpness of view's especially on double stars and planets. Would a 5mm aperture increase really be a worthwhile investment? Are the optics really that good that you would see that much difference? I would of thought that anyone with a great 120ed would really need to go up to at least 130mm to make it a worthwhile proposition
  3. is there a "best" scope design?

    Just to clarify for Dude with Mak. A Dob is the mount the scope uses, named after John Dobson. Refractor in theory and reflector can be used on Dobson mounts, even though mostly used for reflectors. A refractor has a glass type optics lenses, and a reflector is mirror based . As I think from a previous post from the gent there was a bit of confusion over refractor/reflector👍 If it's bang for buck and it's aperture you need then a quality reflector every time IMO , And this can be on a Dobson mount or some type of AZ/EQ mount . The Dobson mount is far better IMO for the bigger reflector because effective ,but sensible money Hope this helps☺
  4. is there a "best" scope design?

    Hi , the best scope in my opinion is the scope that will get used. No point having a scope that is to big , to heavy to move outside or to a dark site . But bang for buck ,then it has to be the reflector, why ? Lots of aperture for sensible money compared to other scope types👍
  5. Green and black Delights 😀 Bit disappointed to see the wrong diagonal in the case spoiling the symmetry . It should be a Televue one to complement the rest of the case shouldn't it 😀 Nice quality case you have . Well done 👍
  6. New EP delivered today!

    Looks a great counterweight to get my Dob to balance correctly😀 😵😵😵😵😵. I would not start pulling my new eyepiece apart as soon as it comes through the post. I try to keep my new eyepieces in one piece 😀👍
  7. eyepeice decisions

    Hi and welcome to SGL I would go for a BST starguiders over a plossl if you are looking for wider views, but still at sensible money. The BST starguiders have a good reputation on this site from the people who use them and around £50 are great bang for buck👍 I hope this helps 😁
  8. What did the postman bring

    It a good job then I saved you from yourself and pulled the trigger on the LVW first. Otherwise you would of been on a diet of bread and water 🍞 🍶 😱
  9. Which APO refractor

    Therefore may I make a suggestion on Davies Lukehurst. A Gent who makes hand built scopes in the UK and using a variety of top class mirrors depending on your spec. Well worth a look for a large Dobson in my opinion👍
  10. Surely there must be a mistake.......

    Snap. I got out about 12.30 last night. Set the frac up and concentrated mostly on Orion. Have just got a vixen LVW 13 so had a initial thoughts on m42/43. Moisture in air but seems to be performing nicely. Hopefully more clear nights to come and a bit less moisture in the air would be helpful👍
  11. Which APO refractor

    Congratulations on your lottery win , I mean your good fortune😀 The APM 152 or Tak would certainly be on my short list. I would also book myself a holiday in either Hawaii or Chile and go and visit the professional Observatory's there , and see some of the best equipment and viewing conditions in the world 😀👍
  12. Vixen LVW vs Pentax XW vs Delos

    "Pro" I can live with. It's if ever they start putting " Turbo " on astro kit , then that would really concern me 😀 👎
  13. From what seems to becoming apparent, a report can be a informative and reassuring document. But the ultimate test of the optical glass/mirror quality is a star test and your personal experience of the optical quality on views received from observation session in the chosen scope.
  14. Vixen LVW 30mm vs Panoptic 27mm

    They do appear to have mixed and matched a bit. I suppose it keeps the costs down on a complete redesign?. I suppose if the savings are passed onto the customer then all well and good. I know some people don't mind the plastic twist up cup type eye rest , others hate it. Bit like Marmite i suppose😀
  15. Unbranded Refractors on ebay

    Risky business in my opinion Why not go for a used SW ed 80 a well used and proven choice. Lots come onto the second hand market at sensible money. You may have to spend a bit more than your initial budget. But you can sleep better knowing you have a proven scope for AP. And it's better to get it right first time as could save you a lot of disappointment and money therefore having to buy again. 👍
  16. Vixen 13mm LVW

    Vixen 13mm LVW This is to fill the gap between my Pentax 10 XW and Nagler 20mm. As usually i prefer Pentax or Televue for wider fov eyepieces, then this should be an interesting journey. Have used Vixen before and been impressed for the price point. Looking forward to trying in the refractor and the f/4.6 reflector to see how it holds up
  17. They maybe thinking of it now though. What goes around comes around😀
  18. I consider you have had some great advice on this thread. But personally I much prefer the refractor views on double stars . And have a refractor and reflector so I do not consider myself bias. I just feel the 120ed gives a cleaner crisp view when it comes to doubles. If you do wish to get it right first time. Personally if it was me I would get along to a star party meet. And have a look through at a few doubles in some of the suggested scopes. You may then wish to hold on a while and save for a different scope choice, as this is usually cheaper in the long run than making a mistake first time round. Also do not rule out purchasing used gear, as a considerable saving can be made. We all are different and our eyes do prefer certain characteristics of certain targets in certain scope types . But for me it's a refractor👍
  19. One of the best 5mm on the market. It is like a top quality Ortho optics, but in a useable eyepiece IMO. Great eye relief and fov of 70d and very well built. I use this in my 120ed and f/4.6 reflector and performs very well in both. Certainly planetary and lunar will be great and also splitting doubles, had my best view ever of Saturn in my Pentax XW's. You can have confidence in this eyepiece, that when it's in the scope then it is not going to be the weakest link in the optical chain. Unfortunately it is usually the atmospheric/seeing conditions that will hold this back in the UK.
  20. What did the postman bring

    I take it you are not a fan of my LVW Alan😥. I Maybe looking for a 22 if all goes well. Maybe you are looking to move your 22LVW on 😀👍 Hey you have got my eyepiece😬. I was trying to persuade Mike(Faulksy) to sell me this 5XW for ages, without success. If I had of know that all it took was to take my spanners round to his house and doctor his clutch , it would of been in my eyepiece case😀. I had to dig deep and buy a new one. In all seriousness Mike I am sorry you had to sell your XW's, as I know you rated them highly . Hopefully you have got your clutch sorted and will have better luck in the new year 👍
  21. You have some really nice gear there. Quality in bucket loads. The eyepiece selection alone makes mine look ordinary, which it is not😀 I do agree maybe an upgrade on the diagonal, just incase this is possibly the weakest link in the chain. As in my opinion the scope is only as good as the weakest link in the optical chain, scope, diagonal, eyepiece but in the UK it is usually the seeing conditions😋
  22. Show me your eyepiece cases

    This maybe a wild guess but I take it you are a Televue fan, or should that be addict😀
  23. What did the postman bring

    Present, and its not even Christmas😀 Vixen LVW13 👍
  24. Yes 50x per inch is very achievable in a quality refractor in good seeing conditions. I do not class magnification as a disadvantage for planetary at all. In fact I see magnification as a positive on planetary, that is as long as the image remains razor sharp. Magnification is useless IMO as soon as the image starts to blur. Aperture is important, but just as important is the quality of optical glass or mirror. As better quality optics at a certain aperture in one scope can out do the same aperture in a different scope at the same magnification, under good seeing conditions. A telescope is only as good as the weakest link in the optical chain👍
  25. Pentax SMC 8-24mm zoom comes home

    Hi Dave. So what made you sell the Pentax eyepiece originally?😱 And then why the decision to get the same zoom again?☺ The quality of the Tak 128 I should imagine will really put this eyepiece to the test. And the zoom will probably come into its own on the lunar landscape. Will be interesting to hear your feedback on this combination👍