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  1. Sunday evening at 10 on BBC Four How our knowledge of the Universe has changed and developed over the last 60 years Hope you enjoy☺
  2. Man Made Planet" Earth from Space" Saturday at 8 in the evening on channel four. The history of our planet from Space since the first photos of our Earth were taken. Astronauts reveal how humans have and are transforming the world for better and worse. Using images of Earth taken from Space across the last 45 years including stunning time lapse sequences This should be a spectacular view of our planet and home from an amazing view that astronauts have. And will probably be a very enlightening and mind opening programme how we are treating our planet. And as this is the only planet to our knowledge with intelligent life on at present. Maybe it is time we look after the planet more ,as if we do not we will ultimately destroy this life giving planet as well as ultimately destroying humanity who live on it. Hope you enjoy☺
  3. The Orion Optics UK do a VX 14 , aluminium tube so still manageable to to carry and transport in a car(I do ☺) . On a Dobson mount which is rock steady and very smooth to operate. The optics can be had to 1/10 pv so on good night's of atmosphere condition you can get the full benefit of all that light gathering power with great optics on the mirror to make images sharp. Being a solid tube design keeps is collimation very well. Even when transported usually only needs a slight tweak. Not a cheap scope new , but on the used market they are at sensible money. A great scope to use at home, but can also be transportable to the dark site when required . A great all-rounder imo Hope the above helps☺
  4. I think I have seen my scope on your link. All is forgiven for my equinox Chinese frac, it looks as the Scott and ohara do there job as they should. And they come out with a very respectable 96% , 97% strehl😀. It looks like my bank balance will not take a hammering in that case, better go and get the scope back out of the bin😀
  5. O well I may as well go chuck my ed 120 in the bin 😣 1/4th does not seem to good does it?. I thought I read something a while ago talking about 1/8th but that may be wishful thinking or another figure in regards to the Scott glass or ohara? Not quite sure where I saw that Hopefully will get some clarification as otherwise a Tak at .98 strehl, and my ed120 equinox at only .78 then I may need to start saving. It could be an expensive year ahead😭
  6. Any idea what the strehl figure is for a Tak FC 100 DC is (use MikeDnights) for example And the SW equinox 120ed Apo. Obviously a bit more aperture on my side, but I think I have heard Mike pushing his to 100x per inch and still getting cracking views. If that's the case my Chinese offering may need to bow out disgracefully😀
  7. Yes , time we had a SGL star party in Las Palma's. Get these refractors set up and see what our kit can really do in great seeing conditions. We can compare notes first hand over a beer and some great seeing conditions. Always fancied putting my Chinese offering next to one of those Taks, and seeing with my own eyes if there really is that much difference in quality of view compared to the extra cost☺
  8. I suppose it would help to have a refractor and a diagonal when we are in a post "Who uses their refractor without a diagonal" 😋 😀
  9. If a remember correctly Bill paolini did a review of diagnals, including some prism, including Tak . And from what I can remember then he concluded that "straight through observing" in regards to scatter on Jupiter and stars where clearer and better. Maybe it's not just in the Japanese folks and my head. Maybe it's time to get the diagonal out of the optical path if you wish the best views possible (may be not the most comfortable though). As the scope set up is only as good as the weakest link in the optical chain. Time to retire those diagnals me think's😀
  10. Owwww John , that's just being a lightweight😀 But what after MikeDnight has said , maybe it's all in my head. Especially as Mike has tried this for so many years already😵 And the Japanese folk and myself are just giving ourselves a bad neck , back for no reason? I will have to wait for another clean crisp night( these are rare in the UK unfortunately,) and try experimenting again with diagonal v no diagonal. But then again do I wish to see the target or a reflection of the target😀
  11. warning . May I suggest you do not try this experiment on your expensive refractor. As you may get different results😵 😥
  12. Hello and welcome to SGL That's a nice birthday present you will be getting. Just to clarify the Dobson mount is a fixed ground based mount, with up down and side to side movement to locate and track. Very effective A altazimuth, AZ mount is on a tripod, but again up down and side to side locate and track targets Being from a light polluted area , then you do limit the amount of DSO targets you can see and others will be harder to spot and see with the contrast problems associated. But you can still get a lot of enjoyment out of the hobby and there are still a lot of targets out there that you can see . As for scopes, out of the two then I would go for a Skywatcher 200p Dobson. Great bang for buck and will be enough aperture together you going to mid level of the hobby. And this scope is still portable enough to take to a dark site when you have time. You can then really stretch its legs with 200mm of aperture. The 200p Dobson would be my choice and a great scope I hope the above helps☺
  13. Hello and welcome to SGL Sorry to hear of your unfortunate incident when cleaning. I think a lesson to us all that try your best not to touch the lens unless you really need to. And if you have got to clean your lens then make sure anything you use is spotlessly clean and grit free. From your photos the scratches will probably have a lot more effect on your mind and kicking yourself for ever cleaning the scope. But from a visual or AP point of view I doubt it will have any impact at all on the quality of image I hope the above helps
  14. "The Rock" The closest for four hundred years. This Asteroid will be at its closest position to earth at around 1.24 this afternoon. At around 1.5 km in length then this is no lightweight. But fortunately for us on earth it will still be at about 1.1 million miles away from us at its closest. So no need to duck but still close enough to earth to obviously show how close these asteroids really do come to our planet.
  15. I suppose that really speaking a purist refractor set up should not have a diagonal. As to look at the target directly then you should only have the lens of the refractor and the lens in the eyepiece. This way you are actually looking at the target. When you introduce a diagonal into the optical set up then you are introducing a reflector into the optical chain. Therefore instead of looking at the target ,with a diagonal in the optical set up you are looking at a reflection of the target😏 I hope the Dob Mob are not reading this threat otherwise they will go on about us refractor folk really using reflectors to gain our views , and in that case may as well get a reflector newt😥.
  16. Yes your right I do at times Stu. In both Cyclops and binoviewers I go without extra interference in the optical path at times, a diagonal. On planetary mainly in mid and lower level sky positions. To my eyes on occasions when I have experimented with/without the diagonal . To my eyes I think you get a marginally better view of a target without the diagonal, we are talking very small differences. But as we know especially on planetary and lunar that those small details can make all the difference. Not always good for the neck I must admit, and sometimes i am on my knees. What we do for our hobby and getting that possible bit extra😀. Then again if the Japanese do it this way ,maybe it's not so crazy after all☺
  17. For the price of one 8mm Ethos you could get a 7mm Pentax XW and a Pentax 10mm XW and change to spare , Bargain😀. I use both these on Jupiter and great eyepieces fov of around 70d is nice for planetary . A 100d fov may be great for DSO , but IMO not as important on planetary targets.
  18. Quick we need a moderator to remove before John see this. Otherwise I can see another post about "Do I need a 150 refractor" 😁
  19. If it's been sold then that's temptation out of the way then. Well at least until another scope comes onto the market we do not need, but Want😀
  20. Hi I don't think you should be so critical of enquiries on SGL . A 22" scope is a big beast ( very big when you need a step ladder to see through the eyepiece😀) . And to home such a beast and get to use such a scope is no easy matter . And a big scope like this deserves to be used and so there is no point in a purchase otherwise. As they say the best scope is the scope you will use.☺
  21. Welcome to SGL . You will be scratching your head a lot over the coming weeks. But don't worry we have all been there , and to tell the truth most of us are still learning😀
  22. You could if your 18" came my way, hint hint 😀
  23. Interesting and eye opening review. I suppose if you are on a budget and looking for a decent quality first scope, then from the optics point of view then Bresser has done there job from your initial impression. With the lower cost scope end of the market then you obviously do have to make compromises to allow such a scope to be sold at the price it is. The focuser and clam shell seem to of been the area where the price savings were achieved. I suppose when a SGL member of more advanced stages who have been used to handling and using many other scopes(probably at a much higher price point) has the product, then they are going to be far more critical of a scope and it's shortfall. A beginner on a budget may take a different view as they could have far less experience, and be happy with a lower priced refractor with decent optics, and live with the focuser and clam shell. I think this is a just a prime example of "You get what you pay for"
  24. Smart idea, the SGL members love these for the step up over stock eyepieces, sensible money to We just need FLO to stock Televue now and a little discount for SGL members would be great fully received☺
  25. i So does this mean the rest of us just get the satisfactory ones, and you get a hand picked perfect example😀. This does seem to of opened up the flood gates here and a can of worms by Badder. I and everyone else will want a hand picked perfect example too , I suppose this means Baader going through hundreds of boxes until they find a perfect one?😀 .