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  1. Ethos 8mm packaging query?

    I have never owned an Ethos or even looked through one. But a bit of bubble wrap for an eyepiece that costs a small fortune new 😥 I am one of those who has to put up with those lower type eyepieces. I have to content myself with the Pentax XW and what a disappointment it is, Not 😀
  2. Ethos 8mm packaging query?

    With such a high end and high cost eyepiece such as the Ethos ,then you would expect a bit more in the way of packaging and safety for the eyepiece from televue . Maybe televue could learn a trick from Pentax with the XW range. The Pentax XW comes with a outer box , but inside the box is a solid built bolt case with high density foam inserts for the eyepiece to sit in. I was very impressed with this set up the first time I looked at a XW. Surely with the cost of an Ethos there should be a similar set up in packaging for televue.
  3. BBC Two at 11.15 this evening The story of how our solar system will be transformed by the ageing sun before coming to a spectacular end in around 8 billion years time. Hope you enjoy
  4. Heads up " The end of the Solar system" Tonight

    Looks like Saturn's rings may not be there as the sun expands to a giant red star. Time to build a super size space station I think as a life boat option☺
  5. Heads up " The end of the Solar system" Tonight

    With around 8 billion years to go , I am sure we will get a clear night for you before then 😀
  6. Incoming Tak Hi-LE 3.6mm eyepiece

    Is there a Badder Genuine Ortho in 4mm ? Correct me if I am wrong but I thought the 5mm Badder Genuine Ortho was the highest magnification? I have spent 18 months trying to get a set together😀, but am I now missing a 4mm BGO and the search must restart😭 As for the Tak eyepieces from what I have read the Taks never seem to of been able to gain the almost legendary status of what the Tak scopes seem to of gained. The Pentax 3.5 XW are very good it would be interesting to put one of these against the Tak to see how it performs in comparison ,considering the new costs of each. Look forward to your thoughts and results with interest .
  7. Tonight at 12.15 on BBC Two The hunt for Oceans in space , in an attempt to find alien life. We used to think Oceans were unique to our planet, but this thinking has changed. Hope you enjoy☺
  8. 5mm Eyepiece for 180x magnification

    I love a good quality Ortho. IMO the best eyepiece for sharpness for your £ available . In these days of super wide , long eye relief eyepieces which for a quality one can cost a small fortune. The Ortho purity of image really is excellent, and not for a lot of money either. I must say though that I am biased as I have a case full of Orthos, mostly BGO's but I make no apologies for that. As I love a good Ortho in my refractor, and they double up nicely for a bit of binoviewing also☺
  9. Printsonian 10" f/6

    What a cracking idea of printing your own scope. Really nice job you have made also. Take my hat off to you . I have had a brain wave. Always fancied a 20" Dob , now I wonder if I could print one of those off :-)
  10. BBC Four sunday at 10 in the evening Inside Gods observatory, hope you enjoy
  11. Sunday evening at 12 in the evening on BBC Four What was there before the big bang. Scientists believe black holes could hold the answers. BBC Four at 1 in the morning Voyager " the final frontier" the story of the Voyager space mission. Hope you enjoy☺
  12. EYEPIECE for EVOSTAR 150 refractor

    Hello and welcome to SGL. If planetary and lunar are your thing. Then in my opinion I would go for a good Ortho which give very sharp views IMO. In my opinion expensive wide angle eyepiece are not such a requirement for this type of viewing and if you can live with close eye relief at higher magnification. Then something like a circle T, BGO or BCO are great buys for the money . Or the vixen SLV are sharp eyepieces with a bit more FOV and more eye relief. Hope the above helps😀
  13. After around 18 months of searching high and low I have eventually managed to get a 12.5mm. This Baader Genuine Ortho has been elusive to track down and secure to say the least. But fortunately for me a buddy managed to get hold of this example to which I am very grateful for the assistance. For some reason the 12.5 BGO does not seem to come onto the market very frequently. I am not sure if the reason for this is there were limited numbers produced and sold compared to other focal ranges. Or maybe the 12.5 mm is a more popular focal range so people do not want to sell their examples on the second hand market, so less available. From initial viewing this 12.5 mm does seem in very good condition. Unfortunately no original box , which is a bit of a shame. But does come complete with original caps which is good news. I have not had time to try the newly acquired Ortho in the scope at the present time. But weather permitting then it will be heading for the refractor at the earliest opportunity. A great find for me and hopefully the Baader 12.5mm will be as good in this focal range as the others I have.
  14. What did the postman bring

    My latest arrival to my BGO campaign. I do love a good Ortho :-)
  15. BGO 12.5mm on eBay

    If my buddies auction finger was quick enough then I understand one of these should be in the post, about time :-)
  16. Which 'budget' binoviewers?

    Hello. Personally I would go with the TS ones. Great value for money and great performance for the price point. You do not have to put money into kit loaded eyepiece binoviewers set's like with some . Especially as you already have the eyepiece, so the money with be saved, and the cash strickly then into the binoviewers themselves. The quality of the TS are great I have found. The ones I have are Stu old ones , via DRT ( kit does get around on this site :-). I did do a bit of a review with my experience of the TS binoviewers on the SGL site. Which may be of interest to you. Binoviewers in my experience are a well worth addition to Cyclops . Especially on lunar and planetary. Which ever set you choose I hope you enjoy :-)
  17. Hello. If your budget can stretch to it then go for a Takahashi FC 100 DC or the DL model. A top draw refractor around the 4" mark and well respected on this site. A Top quality refractor which will last you a life time in the 4" bracket. I hope this helps.
  18. Orion Optics Hilux Coatings?

    In regards to the hilux coating. I am sure I have read somewhere that OO uk have tested the effectiveness of there own hilux coating by leaving an example outside. The mirror has been left outside I think since about 2003 in all weather's, sun , snow , rain you name it. And the mirror coating is still supposed to be in great condition. So if this is correct then maybe there is something in this magical hilux coating ??. Next time someone is around OO uk maybe they can find out if this is correct. And have a look at this all weather mirror and take a photo and post on SGL. I am sure it would be of interest to many SGL members and would also be great publicity for OOuk to the effectiveness of the hilux coatings. So if anyone is around OOuk then do please take a picture of this all weather mirror :-)
  19. Refractor Cleaning etc

    Hello,in my opinion Badder Wonder Fluid is the way to go. Get a very clean cloth also and spay onto the cloth , and not directly onto the lens I hope the above helps☺
  20. Aperture fever or common sense???

    Nothing wrong with going up in aperture, great move. The 12" seems to be the Goldy locks size for a lot of members As for getting out to observe, I think I read somewhere the other week that a lot of the chaps of the Dob Mob do not observer from home, but only on their dark site trips, and it certainly has not put them off from going up in aperture☺
  21. Premium cheshire

    Hello, and welcome to SGL The Cheshire use are all very similar on the whole. The astrobaby guide to collimation is a great place to start. Try tapping it into the net
  22. Binoviewer Performance Questions

    I think we have been here before John😀 As you know I have the cheaper end of the scale with the TS, which i find very good in all fairness. But I think you have been down this route ,and a couple more already. I really think you need to try before you buy this time. A trip to a Stargazing event or astro party where binoviewers are going to be heavily present I think is going to deliver the answer to you. Or a meet up with Mr Drew ,as my understanding is Peter have extensive knowledge and experience with binoviewers, as well as a nice collection by the sounds of things. I think you really need to try before you buy this time , so you can get binoviewers that suit your particular needs.
  23. BBC Four Sunday evening at 10.50 A programme about the story of stars, ranges from red giant's to supernova and black holes. And how are increased understand of stars is making us understand the Universe more. I hope you enjoy☺
  24. Skywatcher ED120, some musings

    I hope my little ed120mm is not being insulted and being called a peashooter😥 I think Jules purchased his 120ed used. And there is always a strong market for these peashooters😀, therefore if Jules after thorough testing and use is not happy with the sw120 then the likelihood is he will get his money back or a very small loss if he decides to sell it. So minimal damage to his wallet, and these used sw120ed do seem to sell quickly in the second hand market The trouble is then what scope is going to fit Jules needs? Are we going to see another post 😵
  25. Skywatcher ED120, some musings

    If your happy with your 70 mm frac then that's fine ,a personal thing. But I am sure if I put the 120ed next to the 70mm and did a visual on numerous targets then I would still have the 120mm . And I am sure so would numerous others. As I said I would have the 120ed over a 70 mm any day, but that's my personal opinion.