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  1. Thank you mate for share. I have already ordered equipment listed in 1st post. Hopefully it will do the job. Btw. I have found that attaching ac/dc adapter to active usb cable will only give you possibility to provide charging, it won't improve signal quality. Cheers
  2. I have almost finished to complete my veeeery first rig (just waiting for mount and few other accessories). I have spent almost twice than I have expected. Reading posts like this as a newbie who is very close to start gives serious gooseflesh Cheers
  3. I have very similar problem but my neighbours have it on motion control which is actually veeeeery sensitive so I turning it on quite frequently just while I walk through my backyard. I don't know yet how it will affect my shots. Maybe just ring set up in the middle of my backyard remotely controlled won't activate it. I haven't speak with neighbours yet, hopefully it won't be necessary, but I keep it in back of my head. I have ordered LPF as I live in Bortle class 7 area what is actually enough to complicate things so we will see. So I wish us both a luck
  4. I have ordered new ZWO ASI 120MM-S USB 3.0 for 150 EUR so cheaper than new mini in EU. As far as I will receive what I have ordered as it's from Aliexpress btw. I wonder I will need any additional adapters to screw it to stock SW evo 80ed finder scope and catch focus. It comes only with 1,25'' nosepiece.
  5. Hello Guys, This is probably my last riddle before I will finish set up of my rig (then true riddles will start). Basically I need USB hub to plug mount through EQDIR (USB 2.0 standard I guess), DSLR (Canon 6D so, USB 2.0) tracking cam (ZWO ASI 120MM-S USB 3.0) and dew strap. I have read a lot of threads in here and what I am going to order? I have found Sabrent 60W 7-Port USB 3.0 Hub which should be enough. Especially it has 3 separate ports for charging, what is good considering USB dew strap. I assume those charging ports works separately and PC won't be able to detect plugged equipment? As dew strap probably I will pick this one. It is pretty cheap and should be enough for my SW Evo 80ED. It has 3 level temperature regulator and most important it has USB connector. As beginner I don't rly want to invest in more professional straps with separate controller yet. This one should do job hopefully. Right? I need minimum 10m long USB cable. I assume it needs to be active with repeater. I have found this one. But AC adapter isn't included and I have read some negative opinions on Amazon about it. As far as I know, mentioned USB hub has 1,5m USB 3.0 cable included what will give me 11,5m in total. Any advices on it or recommendations of another one? I have 15m power extension cord with 4 DC sockets. So I will be able to plug mount AC/DC adapter, USB Hub AC/DC adapter and USB extension AC/DC adapter. So in here I should be ok with 1 spare DC socket. Power and USB extension cables must got through balcony doors which needs stay closed. I have tested it already and it should be ok. Hopefully it won't damage cables. I will try to trap the cables with the door in a slightly different places each time. I will appreciate your opinions and tips, thanks, Raf
  6. Thank you @Davehux, Ring like attached one? I have ordered also Optolong L-Pro EOS-FF clip in filter. Do you think that FF/Reducer could affect it in any way? I might need it as I live in Bortle class 7 area. Regards, Raf
  7. This makes things a bit complicated for me. Or maybe I will be able to find extension cord with very thin cable to let it go through balcony doors and to be able to close it somehow. Or I will buy 2 x 10m ac adapter tiny extension cords plus 10m usb as I doubt it there is any 10m power extension cord with tiny cable. Thank you.
  8. Hey Guys, As I am closer to start (just wait for mount delivery and must to buy few more accessories) I want to double check that I have everything that I need for imaging and observations as well in terms of rings/adapters etc. This area is pretty complicated for a newbie even after watching tons of vids it will be better for me to make things tied together. I have SW Evostar 80 ED with Dual-Speed 2" Crayford Focuser installed, Canon 6D and FF/Reducer. Below I will list few scenarios which could be a case for me. Please correct me if I am wrong somewhere: 1. DSLR + 0,85x field flattener: Sounds easy as everything I need is to screw FF to nosepiece, install it in focuser and on other side screw M48 Camera Adapter and plug in DSLR. I can rotate it on nosepiece and focuser connection. 2. DSLR without FF: I need to buy 2 inch Focus Extension T Adapter. On one side I will screw nosepiece, on other M48 Camera adapter and plug in DSLR. I can rotate it on nosepiece and focuser connection. Regarding above, is there any situation where imaging DSO without FF/Reducer will be better? Or if I have FF/Reducer already, should I forget about buying "2 inch Focus Extension T Adapter" as there is no point? My concern is that I have full frame camera so that's why I am not sure I will need so huge FOV. 1. Observations: This sounds easy. I just need to install diagonal into focuser and put eyepiece on the other side of diagonal. I can rotate it on diagonal and focuser connection. Actually this the only scenario that I have tested already on 10m far rock fences and I was able to find focus without any problems. Below two cases are pretty mixed so please be patient :) 2. Observations with FF/Reducer. I am not even sure this is possible but I have seen on Field of View Calculator in "Observations" tab, there is possibility to add FF/Reducer. So I have tried 3 ways. First was to screw nosepiece to FF/Reducer and install in focuser, screw FF/Reducer to diagonal and install eyepiece. Second way was just to install diagonal in focuser, screw nosepiece to FF/Reducer and eyepiece on other side, install it in diagonal. 3rd try was to screw nosepiece to FF, then eyepiece to FF (without diagonal) and install it into focuser. I was unable to catch focus on 10m far rock fence in any of those ways. 3. I have 2 adapter which I am not sure what is it (please find attached pictures). Both match focuser and eyepiece hole in diagonal. So my guess 1.jpg is adapter for 1,25'' eyepiece which goes to diagonal but what is 2.jpg I have no clue. Maybe just different version of the same adapter? Thanks for any respond, regards, Raf
  9. Sound good. Thank you! edit: @Budgie1 I have one more question. Does your usb hub need ac adapter to handle all those devices or not?
  10. Hey, I might be interested in guide cam, ring, ext. tube and some cables. It is Altair GPCAM2 AR0130 Mono? Or even maybe whole guiding set. Cheers Raf
  11. Thank you @Budgie. Useful tip. Is there a difference to plug it through hdmi or usb? I have 6D.
  12. @Budgie, @Seelive thank you both! This usb hub could be a solution plus I can mod ac adapter cable by extending it quite easily, so my balcony doors probably will close with 2 tinny cables going through (what was my biggest concern). btw. in case I will use phd2+eqdir+tracking cam and wireless shutter release what is the reason to plug dslr through hdmi/usb to pc?
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