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  1. I don’t have much experience, but iv’e heard that the William optics zenith star 73 is very good and very high quality at a good price. You might want to think about getting one of them: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/william-optics/william-optics-zenithstar-73-ii-apo-2019.html
  2. My opinion: if your going to do deep sky imaging then don't stay with you reflector. better get a wide field apo refracter. https://astrobackyard.com/refractor-telescope-astrophotography/ and do get a dobsonian not with eq mount! Kind regards,
  3. I don't know if you will reply but with my celestron 127slt you can see star trailing at 10 second exposure times! so how did you get it to not slip?
  4. wow... so much detail The full image took 1 minute to load, but it felt like 3! Question: What was the total exposure time?
  5. Don't expect an reply... this post dates back to 2017
  6. I've been looking for a high power eyepiece 4mm-6mm (long eyerelief) 40$/24euro/30usd tops and saw these: SVBONY telescope Eyepiece FMC 1.25" 68 Degree Ultra Wide Angle 6mm 9mm 15m 20mm for Astronomical Telescope Monocular Eyepiece|angle|fmceyepiece 1.25 - AliExpress
  7. Sorry for replying so late, but a few hours ago I fixed it (so sorry you had to waste time replying to this topic). I unassembled the two plates that spin and found out that there was a nail (the ones that put the mount together) not tightened enough! It was the nail I used 10 minutes trying to tighten, because the nail was a little bit broken. Anyway... thanks for trying to help Kind regards
  8. Hi everyone, Yesterday, I bought a new 10” dobsonian telescope and I tried it out on Saturn. I’m not used to manual telescopes as I used a computerised telescope. My problem is that whenever I try to raise the dob, the mount keeps leaning forward, and even if I loosen the handles on both sides, it still does it. Is it suppose to be like that or did I just assemble it wrong. The mount is also hard to rotate. Are there suggestions for why it does that and how to fix it :). Kindregards
  9. But.. i do get to see the: Running chicken nebula, the California nebula, Carina nebula, Orion nebula, cone nebula, NGC2239, 47 Tucanae and some other dso:).
  10. I don't get to see m13, m57 and the Andromeda galaxy because it doesn't get high enough...
  11. At least you can even get to try view it, for me it doesn’t even get high enough for me to see it.
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