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  1. Today at 3am (Australia) I woke up and I tried to observe the Orion nebula. It was pretty hard to image it since I don't have a camera adapter and a had 4 second exposures. But after 20 tries I finally got non-wobbly image. The camera could see more than my own eyes! (I live in bortle 7)
  2. Hi there, Does anyone know the difference between Saxon and Skywatcher because my currently looking for a Dobsonian and the Skywatcher dobs are out of stock. So does Skywatcher have better quality then Saxon? Kind Regards
  3. The self-aligning works quite well if you centre the objects correctly. If you live with low light pollution, then the computerised telescope works well with deep sky. You might want to get a 15mm or 12m eyepiece and 2x Barlow lens to have maximum useful magnification. (Also for more people to reply, start a new topic).
  4. Cool! I have the Nextar 127slt as well .
  5. Are there any recommended eyepieces for a 10" dobsonian (Skywatcher 250px) has focal length of 1200mm?
  6. How much is light pollution going to affect my view with the 10"? (bortle 6.8)
  7. Suitable for the 5" and the 10" (separately). The eyepieces I have now are two eyepieces that came with the telescope (25mm and 9mm) I also have two aspheric eyepieces (24mm and 4mm) and an omni 15mm eyepiece.
  8. It has 1500mm focal length (I think the focal ratio is 5.9) and it's a computerised telescope.
  9. Last question (ever) probably. Is there any eyepiece recommendations for a 5 or 10 inch? (Any). I'm planning to use it for a few years. Kind regards, Neil
  10. for 2k aud I'd rather get a new telescope
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