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  1. The eyepiece was purchased 3 weeks ago for testing. Used once. Perfect condition. Price 180 Euro plus shipping. Shipping from Poland.
  2. I'm looking for Baader Morpheus 9 mm, anyone?
  3. A little update. I've received second bino from TS, but there was the same issue - a shaking mount. I've decided to return bino and I've received a refund. Few days ago I bought WO bino here from one user, I'm waiting for delivery.
  4. Hi! I've decided to buy APM 25x100 for astronomy observations. I have ba8 10x50 and 15x70, now I want to try something bigger. I know, that there are two versions of APM 25x100, ED and without ED. The ED version is much more expensive. Is there anyone who had a chance to test these binos together? I don't know if the price difference is really worth it fo night sky observation. I found a lot of happy users with ED and non ED version.
  5. Ok, maybe my context was wrong. I was thinking about astro products made in China for example 5 years ago and now. Please compare old version TS bino and the new one - old version is made better and it was cheaper. Of course there are other causes like economical world situation etc. A little update about my bino TS. I've contacted wit TS, they will replace with new one bino without shaking mount (I hope ).
  6. There is no suprise that in the past products were made better than now, today we have everywhere worse materials and quality. More over we pay more for it. Despite this TS binoviewer is stlill made ok, it doesn't look like a cheap product. These shakings are also on the second mounting / housing with loosen diopter.
  7. I can adjust dioptres. This bino is well collimated and I'm afraid that the second on will be not. The problem was badly put eyepieces in clamping ring. This shaking mount doesn't have affect on observation. But I wrote to TS.
  8. You know, It depends. I had one cheap SW binoviewer which was well made and good collimated. There wasn't shaking in housing mount. Sometimes you need to choose carefullly one bino from few in shop. But when you buy from website it is impossible. I had also Baader MaxBright (first version) binoviewer and I didn't see a lof of difference between it and SW. Back to the topic - yesterday I gave it second try. First of all I put pair of eyepieces in housing mount with diopter tightened all the way down - then there is no shaking or wobbling. Then I rotated clamping ring that eyepieces were put tight and straight. To my suprise image was really good collimated and I see only one Jupiter and Saturn with a lot of details. There was no double images. Summarizing, first of all it is necesarry to put eyepieces in housing carefully and straight. Secondly (as you wrote) - you have to keep diopter tightened all the way down or up when you put eyepieces. The day before I put eyepieces in bad diopter position and this was the reason why I couldn't get one image - eyepieces were shaking and were not straight. Observing with pair of Baader Ortho 18mm is amazing!
  9. Thanks, yes, it is new item, I bought it in TS Shop: https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/ I wrote e-mail to shop that I would like to replace it and get new one, we will see what they say. Last year I had Baader MaxBright and I didn't have problem with eyepieces mount like here, nothing was wobbling or shaking.
  10. Hi, yesterday I received package with my new TS bino. I had also clear sky and I could test binoviewer with pair of Baader Ortho 18mm. Unfortunatelly I saw two Saturns, two Jupiters and so on. I tried with different adjustment to get one planet and have good collimation, but with no success. Then I've noticed that one mounting socket is shaking and when I move it with eypieces inside then I get one image for a while. But when I do nothing there are two planets. There are aligment problems. I've recorded video, take a look: With pair of 25mm Plossl image is one and stable. Any idea? Collimation problem or what?
  11. Hmm I cannot use azimuth slow motion with azimuth clutch totally loosen. It must be a little tighten, but in that position it allows me also easily push with hand. Noise is gone Today I've received my Mak, it looks stable with steel tripod: Now I'm waiting for TS binoviewer and good weather
  12. I wouldn't go to 20x80, my friend has, poor quality, small exit pupil and small AFOV. Better replace to some BA8 15x70.
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