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  1. Thanks Mike, I've never learnt so much, it's a crackin forum for Star Gazers, cheers.
  2. Thanks John, yes, it certainly does look far more secure, a whole face in contact rather than a couple of screws. I haven't seen how much they cost yet but maybe I'll come across one second hand when I've got my scope. Cheers
  3. Thanks Johninderby, cracking picture, just what I'd need if I end up spending all my savings on a new scope, and like John below says, they're much more secure
  4. Thanks Randomic, I'll definitely keep a look out for one over the next few months, cheers
  5. Just a thought John, is that a clamp that holds the plate nice and tight without placing screw marks on it, only I've noticed on some used scopes that there are a lot of indentations in the plates where the screws dig it when you clamp it to the mount. Or do you need to buy a different clamp that just squeezes it and not digs in with screws, hope that makes sense
  6. Cheers Mike It's a none motorised for me then, is there a difference between a german and an english equatorial? Or is it just where it was made? You made me smile with the 'Life threatening story' shame you didn't video it, that's a viral video if ever I've seen one, not to mention £250 from 'You've Been Framed!' You could be famous by now
  7. Sorted, thanks John, I'll keep looking for the rest of this year before I seriously consider buying new. I've just been looking at the motor addon that fits the EQ3-2 and EQ5 and, as you say, it's pretty cheap really if you just want it to move your scope at the same speed as the rotation of the earth. Hopefully the mount I eventually get will accept one Nice coloured skywatcher for the first version, they always say 'old' is best, or at least that's what I keep telling myself when I look in the mirror
  8. Thanks, I was hoping that it could be purchased without the GOTO mount as there are a few not so favorable reviews that say you should give the mount a wide berth due to a few issues with vibration and bugs.
  9. Thanks MarsG76, ok, I'll keep a look out for one just in case I spot a bargain, what mount/tripod would you recommend for it?
  10. Blimey John, now that looks great, is it the top of the range one from Sky Watcher, the espirit I think it's called? The tripod and mount looks like it could withstand a small earthquake Do you find it's fairly easy to keep onto a target manually, I hope so as it's just more cost buying a motorised mount and tripod. I'll keep scouring ebay, facebook marketplace and the classifieds on here but I'm not getting my hopes up finding a 102 or 120 ed anytime soon Best start saving some more me thinks
  11. Thanks MarsG76 It does look a great scope but I'm afraid the better arf wouldn't be at all happy with me spending that much, maybe if she wins the lottery one day, and she'd need to as I don't play the odds are way too high Kindest regards David
  12. Thanks for making me lol, the 'silenced' camera got me It's certainly one hell of a piece of furniture, and covering up my wood chip and the three china ducks on the wall makes the spare room look posher
  13. Thanks Mike That's a great way to put it, and I suppose, the one apple that has a maggot in it can be seen as a bonus Just a thought, are you experienced with regards to the different mounts that are available, will I appreciate an Equatorial one but regret the setup needed to make the most of it, or should I just go with a sturdy alt-azimuth one? What do you reckon? Thanks David
  14. Hi Randomic Yes, it was the Dobsonians that I'd looked that put me off, I can't help thinking it would be like putting out the bin on a Friday for the dustbin men when I wanted to Star Gaze also, I had a slipped disc sometime back and I reckon these have 'Slipped Disc' written all over them I did take look at he Schmidt-Cassegrain scopes but one or two review videos that I looked at seemed to show some niggles with setup and reliability in the automation mechanisms, also, it's probably just me, but to me they don't look much like a telescope, more like looking into a coffee machi
  15. Hi Mike Thanks, I'm pretty sure now it's got to be a 100 to 120 ED, and used if possible, also I'd like to have the dual speed focusser as they look great at making it easy to get perfect focus. Mike, do you have a preference on brand, and is it wise to keep away from the cloned versions from Shenzen? I see a lot of different versions like the Horizon one from Rother Valley Optics here: https://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/rvo-horizon-72-ed-doublet-refractor-ota.html Kindest regards David
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