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  1. I’ve just ordered these, they haven’t arrived yet but I did research them and they had good reviews https://www.firstlightoptics.com/all-binoculars/opticron-adventurer-10x50-t-wp-binocular.html
  2. Joe, I think you’ve made the same mistake as me not realizing this is such an old thread
  3. I have kept my mount.....and scope out all winter so far in all weathers without out any adverse effects. I have coated the mount in ACF50 which drys like a protective skin and protects everything (including electrical ports). Everything is under a Telegizmos 365 cover. A good cover which is open at the bottom for circulation is well worth the investment. I just take the cover off occasionally to allow everything to air.
  4. An eyepiece with illuminated crosshairs will improve the accuracy of your one, two or three star alignment as you will get the alignment star more centered so yes, indirectly it will add to the accuracy of your GoTo. I always use one for alignment and alignment of my finderscope which I do during star alignment
  5. Yeh there’s a little button at the back where you can change brightness and....colour!!.....you can change it to a bluish color. I love it, best present I got
  6. One of the beauty’s of this reticle is that I don’t think the numbers matter as long as the 6 is vertical if it’s at the top. The way I see it is as a clock and it’s graduated so I just put Polaris in the position of the app I use. Even if you use the handset to pinpoint Polaris it’s still easy to replicate in the scope.
  7. i'm up for this, I will be booking (tomorrow probably) and I might bring my wife, Lisa who appears to be quite keen (at the moment), so I will need an electrical hookup for the hairdryer!! Whisky seems to be the admission fee but Ill also bring an alternative.....Captain Morgans Spiced...yum yum
  8. I bet you’re tripping over cables all night though
  9. I have got a hairdryer that runs off 12V connected to my power tank but I’m always conscious of the neighbors at 1am and a noisy hairdryer ....they already think I’m a bit weird, hanging around in the garden in the middle of the night
  10. Paz, how do you attach a dew heater to the secondary?....I looked at the Kendricks mentioned by Uplooker but they look complicated. I think I might try a dew shield for now, cheap and easy but I was hoping there may have been a more reliable solution. People think it's not an issue with newts but it definitely is. Thanks for the advice guys
  11. Has anyone tried to solve the problem of dew on the secondary mirror of a reflector? I have a 200 PDS which suffers from this. I can control the primary with a dew strip but the secondary is a whole new ballgame. I was wondering if a dew strip around the OTA just below the focuser ( and secondary mirror) might help as it would heat the inside and heat would rise onto the secondary but I don’t want to invest if it wouldn’t work.....Anyone tried this??
  12. Are you intending to image or just visual?..I get what everyone is saying about Sharpcap, Polemaster etc but if you’re just starting out, you probably just want to observe, at least for a while, in which case I would not spend the money on any of these solutions. Polar alignment is easy through a polar scope especially if you use an app like PS Align Pro (I keep banging on about this app but I promise I don’t work for the developers) which has a daytime routine that gets you really close to Polaris without looking through the polar scope, you only need to spend 1 minutes on your knees to tweek it in the dark. You don’t need Sharpcap or anything like it for visual observation
  13. I’m a big fan of Astronomy Shed. I’ve looked at loads of videos and his are, by far, the best IMO 1) I think he’s just demonstrating for the video, leveling would be done outside . Leveling isn’t essential but it only takes a few minutes so why not do it 2) This technique is used to calibrate the polar scope 3) I’m trying to picture mine...when you lock the clock it should stay put when you move the mount.....I think
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