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  1. I’m intrigued as to why you need it so quiet (just being nosey I suppose) I use a Telegizmos and don’t find it to be at all noisey, no more sound than any other large cover I imagine and it doesn’t flap around at all if you get the right size for the scope and mount. I know they are expensive but they really are the best and I leave my scope and mount in all weathers for long periods of time.....they are worth the extra expense for piece of mind
  2. I’m also doing the Messier List. I’m only up to 40 so far but loving the challenge. My problem will be galaxies as I really struggle with them under my lp skies but I hope to bag a few at Galloway next month. I’ve also got a spreadsheet going and all obs recorded on SkySafari as well as my scope side notebook (overkill I know). It’s a great idea to create a project that powers your observation session. I have a couple of others ongoing as well.....80 Planetary Nebula and the Cambridge Double Star Atlas, all with their own spreadsheets, SkySafari lists and notebooks
  3. FLO must be tearing their hair out at the moment. I have about 8 items on my wishlist at FLO. Had a look before and 6 of them were out of stock!!..the remaining two had limited availability of only two or three in stock. Obviously I’m not blaming FLO it must be like trying to swim upstream through white water at the moment
  4. Very strange, I also live in Cheshire and found the seeing on Saturday to be almost perfect . I started around 9pm and managed to bag a couple of planetary nebulae that I had struggled with on the previous 2 nights, NGC40 for example was impossible on Friday night but found it quite easily on Saturday. Also observed Neptune which was small but clear as a bell, a lovely blue colour
  5. We’ve all done it or similar, try scratching your head for 15 minutes trying to work out why all is black through the ep and then realizing the scope front cap was still on!!. I wouldn’t polar align without the weights on though, you might get perfect pa and then add the weights which will shift the mount
  6. Hi Pat, I'm pretty sure I was tented the other side of you at that star party ........was your missus with you?...apologies if I'm wrong. I too took a break for a few years for various reasons but I've been back for nearly 12 months and loving it all over again??.....enjoy
  7. All the advice above is good regarding alternative methods of PA. A couple of points from me regarding the traditional use of the polar scope. First, the altitude scale on the mount is not accurate, I haven’t took much notice of mine for a while. I think I live at 52’ (that’s how often I take notice of it) but when accurately polar aligned my altitude scale is nearer 60’ that’s where it is sitting as I type and I have extremely accurate pa using the traditional method. If you continue with manual PA an app like Polar Align Pro can assist as it has a daytime polar align routine which is not accurate enough for AP but will at least get Polaris in the fov of the polar scope for later fine adjustment.
  8. It would only take a couple of minutes to realign after making changes. There’s no need to re do a full set up, you don’t have to enter time, date etc, just access the setup menu and go straight to the two star alignment bit....should take about 5 minutes to do. I would return to home first and make sure you are in the correct home position as you might have slipped when loosening the clutch
  9. .....pray tell...... I also struggled with the Triangulum and Pinwheel galaxies last night, couldn’t get either of them. I think a combination of sky glow and possibly high level wispy clouds didn’t help. The biggest problem I have from my location are galaxies! I forgot about Neptune, I’ll give it a go tonight if I go out......I’m not used to 3 nights in a row so don’t know if I can manage it!!
  10. Do you ever wish you hadn’t asked the question cos I’m in a real quandary now. Your advice has got me torn between the SW Evostar 80 ED and the 100 ED. I feel that I need the extra aperture for visual as I live under light polluted skies and DSO’s are a big part of my observations . However, the wider fov of the 80 is appealing. I can stretch to the 100 if it will be a big improvement over the 80 .
  11. PolarScope Align Pro has the same feature. I use it for a rough alignment whilst setting up during the day. You may find it more accurate than your version as it’s not a beta and has been out for a while. You have to bear in mind though that, due to the metal/magnetism in your mount it will only be a rough alignment which maybe fine for visual obs. I find that it will get Polaris in the fov of the polar scope (most of the time) but adjustment is needed at night through the polar scope for accurate PA. Useful and time saving feature though
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