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  1. I’d take some of these Bortle ratings with a pinch of salt. Clear Outside says I’m a 6 but another but when I access Clear Outside via Xasteria it says I’m an 8 so I settle on 7
  2. Phew, that’s a relief. When no one commented I thought that people had misunderstood the tone/joke and when I read it back I could understand why! The dangers of text messages
  3. This has been stored in my loft for a few years so, as a result, it is need of some TLC. I want to be honest and say that it would benefit from a strip down, clean and re-grease and, as such, the price of £250 reflects this. There are some cosmetic marks on the mount but nothing major. I set it up and tried it out last night. The handset (V3 I think) needs updating (with the current restrictions I have no access to a Windows computer, only IOS). The GoTo was in the area of targets, but not bang on, however it tracked perfectly. The drive was a bit noisy too. The GotO inaccuracy may or may not be operator error during setup. The polar scope cap is missing. Included is the mount (including polar scope), tripod, weights, handset and cables ........BUT NOT THE POWERTANK SHOWN IN THE PHOTOS. The manual is available from the SW website Make no mistake, this needs some attention but in the right hands, and with an afternoons work it should work perfectly. At £300 less than a new one new parts could be purchased. Please let me stress, this is not in perfect condition, and the buyer purchases with that knowledge. I cannot post this so buyer to collect from Runcorn in Cheshire £250
  4. Hi Mike, Can you add “SOLD” to the title. I’m gonna put similar up for sale so by you adding that it will save confusion Thanks
  5. Here’s a question then....The fact is there was never a “big bang” in the first place....there was nothing, no time, no “space” no matter, nothing. The Universe came into being in an infinitely small space (or everywhere at the same time, either way it must have been infinitely small)and matter, as we know it was created in the first millionths of a second and the Universe has been expanding ever since. My question would be....what is the Universe, as we know it, expanding into??...Does it create “space “ at the edges as it expands because there is nothing beyond the Universe, not even an empty space!
  6. This explains why IC3568 is known as The Lemon Slice Nebula even though it’s a blue disc to us......makes sense now http://annesastronomynews.com/photo-gallery-ii/nebulae-clouds/the-lemon-slice-nebula-ic-3568/
  7. Likewise, I’ll have to give it another go with the correct technique because it didn’t blink for me
  8. Well it’s a civil matter, not a criminal matter so if you want to go that far, you will need to speak to a solicitor regarding court proceedings but I think that would be a last resort,
  9. Sorry to hear you’re struggling with this. I live under Bortle 6 (officially but I think it’s more 7 or 8 ) and I could see it reasonably well with my 8 inch newt. I think you should be able to see something...have you got a UHC or O-III filter?...may assist
  10. Meant as a joke btw... meaning “we’ll see you there then” read it again and it doesn’t read well oops.. sorry
  11. I’m considering hiring a small camper van/motor home for this. Just a bit worried about losing the deposit should it not go ahead. I’m wondering if I paid the deposit with a credit card, would the deposit be covered or would we have to continue with the hire and live on the local field for a week??
  12. I can’t say what the problem is but I can say that mine doesn’t do that (that I’ve ever noticed) which may confirm there’s a problem. With it only being a couple of weeks old I’d be contacting the supplier for a replacement unless someone else comes up with an easier solution. I know what a pain it can be to send stuff back and get a replacement!
  13. Nice report Nick, sounds like a top night. I usually pack up for the summer because of the short night and work etc, but I’m seriously considering getting the scope set up again, reports like this worsen the quandary but I really want to get out and observe some of them globs and other summer targets I don’t usually get to see
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