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  1. thanks for replies,I see why they give a different max heigh now,I think I will go for the Uni 28 then for same price just bigger and a bit heavier .
  2. Hello,any BERLEBACH TRIPOD UNI 18 owners out there could verified the max height of this tripod? First Light Optics stats 122 cm but BERLEBACH website 132 cm not a big deal but will be using with a longish refractor (SW100ED) so I think I need at list 130 cm to view comfortably seated. Thanks
  3. Hello,looking for a light but stable AZ mount for my SW 100ED.I did look at the Vixen porta2,SW AZ4,and5(in short supply right now) but would like something a bit more substantial. I like the SKYTEE-2 ALT-AZIMUTH mount but would be too heavy with a steel tripod can it be fitted on a vixen SXG-HAL130? Would make the whole setup about 10Kg I think. Any help appreciated.
  4. Thanks for the reply.I did look at the Porta 2 it s just that the tripod looks a bit light to me but yes it looks like a good mount.
  5. Hello, I can no longer manage my beloved 10 inch Dob due to back injury,I have some fun with my 80 mm startravel but now I would like to upgrade. I do have my eyes on a Sky-Watcher Evostar 100ED.I just like some views onto which mount to put it.I m thinking of a skywatcher AZ5 Deluxe with Sky-Watcher 3/8" Stainless Steel Tripod.So that s £240 in total for the mount,I can t spend more. Any advice greatly appreciated.
  6. Hi,does anybody know if the Kelling Heath Star Party – Autumn 2020 is officially cancelled? Thanks
  7. Hi,I m looking to buy my first proper DSLR. It will be for landscape, macro and some basic astrophotography like capturing the milky way and shooting the moon through my 10 inch Dob.The Nikon looks likes a better camera for the price. BUT is the Canon better for Astro? Thanks
  8. Thanks, I think I will try to refit the mirror with the two screws missing, fingers crossed.
  9. Hello, Two of the clips screws on the mirror cell broke flush while I was removing them to free the mirror for cleaning! Does anyone think that I will I get away with using just one screw on each clips when putting the mirror back in place ? Any help very appreciated . Scope is a 10 inch Skywatcher dob
  10. Hi,all Looking at replacing my Sky-Watcher AZ-3 Alt-Azimuth Mount (can't get on with it!) for my little grab and go Startravel 80. Base on good reviews I was first looking at the Skywatcher AZ4 with alu tripod but seen with one https://www.bresseruk.com/bresser-nano-az-telescope-mount-with-tripod.html Anyone tried the Bresser with a small scope?How would they compare. Thanks for any infos.
  11. Hi John, there is a hole on the base plate I just need a screw and bolt. I ve just found some on Ebay thanks johninderby.
  12. Hello, I want to fix the Rigel with a screw instead of the sticky pads as it keeps falling off.I ve been to a few DIY stores but can t find the right size.I think the same screws and bolts use for finder shoes would be ideal.I ve looked online but no ones seems to sell the screws only. Any idea. Thanks
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