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  1. Many years ago I worked for an IT importer, providing support. When things kind of took off whole containers of kit would arrive and we would all muck in to get the boxes out, I think the driver charged extra if we didn't unload within a certain time frame. So I understand the piles and apparent lack of order. However, as you say this is all soon to be dispatched, and you'll be able to play towers of Hanoi to restore order again.
  2. Also, if you've submitted it to Astrometry, on the right is the Worldwide telescope link, where you can superimpose your image on the deep sky reference images and fade your image in and out to try and find anomalies.
  3. This might help as reference: https://astronomynow.com/2021/03/19/new-nova-in-cassiopeia-brightens-rapidly/
  4. If you are only going to do visual then you don't need the EQ mount, take a look at the BK1025AZ3 Refractor.
  5. I often end up recommending the Skymax 127Mak, despite not having ever owned one myself, it comes up so often on beginner threads, I still consider buying one as a get and go scope.
  6. There has been interest for most of the accessories, so if you wanted to sell any of them on to subsidise your mount purchase then I'm sure there would be interest, I could give you the details of people who have shown interest on here. As I said though, I'm offloading this as a job lot, and more keen so if I have to ship (which is very likely for the next month or so given current UK lockdown).
  7. I've heard good things about High Point Explore Scientific in the USA: https://explorescientificusa.com/ https://www.highpointscientific.com/
  8. It just screws on, once tight you can focus in both directions - if manually focusing I just used the focus knob on the other side, or attached the hand control to the motor so as to not disturb the scope, it's also easier to fine tune with the hand control. If you want to make an offer then by all means PM me, but as an all-in lot I think that's a good price. This is the mount that typically is supplied with the ST120T when bought new: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/alt-azimuth-astronomy-mounts/skywatcher-az3-alt-az-mount.html Of course, getting the OTA separately means
  9. NUCs, in general, do have fans, and you want to ensure that they get a fresh supply of unheated air. If a NUC is fanless, then it is usually advertised as such (e.g. the "UltraNUC fanless"). In any case, you should ventilate them, and the internal air temperature should not exceed 50 deg C during operation.
  10. There are a number of focus options, in addition to the below you can also force a focus on a filter change. I think refocus after meridian flip is either in the pipeline or already there as well.
  11. I can confirm that I have the original box, shippnig will cost about £10 for scope and accessories (next day courier), and the Oklop bag will need to go separately (Royal Mail tracked). So would put up to £335. Oh and a note - I had to decouple the Focus motor from the OTA to go in the box, but all the screws and parts are there to put it back on (or you can choose to put the original focus knob back on instead). I've also put in the needed hex key to secure it to the shaft.
  12. I will need to check what packaging I could put together, I believe the original box for the OTA is still in my attic. Unfortunately Norwich would be a ~650mile round trip for me, so it would have to be via a courier.
  13. I have about 6 or 7 prior releases of Raspberry Pis just lying around, but they are sufficiently cheap enough for me to just buy the high-end ones that get released, I think I'd only change that if the highest spec one suddenly cost more than £100 / unit and actually, I probably end up buying more than one, as the first batch tend to have some bugs, which get ironed out with minor board revisions and tweaks without changing the part / model number. I will probably end up donating the old ones to the under-privileged / schools etc... but I find it especially useful to sometimes just have a
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