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  1. Thank you for putting that in a very descriptive way. It’s very useful for me as I’ve not used a Nagler.
  2. That’s a good point made. The physicality looks similar to the 13e, no idea of the weight but I would think it lighter than the 21e.
  3. I’m trying to work out if the gap between the lines is worth the extra £400. Need help
  4. 180x is good. I’m using the Antares as my planet booster now. Loving the options it brings.
  5. Tough call. 22 nag/21E. Torn between two lovers!
  6. so does the 22mm feel anything like my ethos in use?
  7. Thats a good point and worth consideration as I've built my set with that in mind. The 21E would mean sliding the scope forward or tightening the clutch up considerably.
  8. That’s very interesting for me. Would you say that the 22 Nagler is a good alternative to the 21 ethos? I have a pan 27 at the moment and I think it shows about the same field as the Nagler. I have never used a Nagler so for me it’s venturing into the unknown. There is a big difference in price in the uk.
  9. Is that the same or similar to the 30mm ultra flat that Altair Astro sell?
  10. Chance of a used 21E would be pretty slim I think. That says something.
  11. Difficult to get yes. Mine came from Germany.
  12. I fear I am weakening. Looking at astronomy tools for my telescope, the 21E would finish off my eyepiece collection once and for all. I’ve had the es17/92 and if it’s anything like that to use... well, there would be a pan27 for sale. This is a deep rabbit hole but would I finally find my footing? Just how good is the 21E in comparison to my favourite 13E? On a serious note having the Ethos 21, 13, 8, 6 & 4.7 would be a pretty Complete set to be proud of
  13. Well I’m making the most of it. Every chance I get trying for the once in 2 years view.
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