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  1. Lucky about the slo mo’s. I find I can’t reach mine easily with my 200. I have to hug it to move it. Hope nobody sees me
  2. Yes.. a proper mount. The final upgrade. Congratulations.
  3. I have the 2”. Pretty much the same. They are excellent.
  4. That’s one in each pocket and one in the telescope. Need a big pocket for the 21 though
  5. Hi tell me about the 10e, where are you based?
  6. With reluctance but trying to be sensible I am selling my 200pds. It’s been used 3 times so in perfect condition. The dual speed is lovely to use and very smooth. I have improved the eyepiece holder by fitting an Antares tube extender with a twist lock and this is a very good system (it is a 1.6x barlow with the optics removed) this makes it far superior to the one it was supplied with and will not mark the eyepieces. Also will include the unused sw finderscope (8x50 I think). There is a Rigel baseplate fitted near to the finder shoe, I will include the Rigel finder in the purchase. I’m af
  7. To be honest ethos or not they look pretty fantastic. I’m sure they will shine.
  8. I have the 2” bbhs prism diagonal. It does not have a stop as such and I was very concerned as you are however, I use ethos 6 & 8 with 2” barrel extenders and if you carefully slide them into the click lock they do stop short of hitting the prism. Also it’s safe with the ethos 13 without the 2” barrel extender and the 1.25” barrel is clear of the prism. It’s not a barrel stop as such but more of a slight lip that you can feel as you slip the eyepiece in. I use mine like this all the time. This was something I had to find out for myself but I’m quite happy with this and no longer worry abou
  9. The 22 nagler is same fov as 27 panoptic but with the darker sky that was my logic.
  10. I find it similar in use to a Delos but wider. It’s the same weight as the APM 20 which is about my comfortable limit. I does sit very nicely above my 13e and when I get a chance for some real usage... well. I think it was a good choice with my telescope and my other eyepieces.
  11. That does look good. Here’s my version of it
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