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  1. Personally, I think the mak fits perfectly for what I need. I don’t care much about dso (have Binos) but I would love to do some planetary imaging and observing!
  2. Wow those are very impressive pictures. You took those on the astromaster Mount as well which isn’t the Celestron equivalent to the eq3-2. I think that this is the best route for me! Great shot of Jupiter!
  3. What’s everyone’s opinion about a 4inch frac on the eq mount? 102/1000 Bresser Would this be good for visual and photography? btw I’m looking for visual first, then upgrading to photography once I get a good camera.
  4. Ohh! I should get a light but large telescope. I think the cc is to heavy and a bit out of my price range. I could always check used tho. if that’s the case I think imaging with the maksutov 127 will be far better than imaging/observing on a large 127L refractor!
  5. Would that work on an eq3-2 Mount? Also doesn’t an cc suffer from spherical aberration and coma?
  6. What is a cc6 and what are it’s advantages over maksutov and act and refractor design?
  7. I think a 5inch mak on an eq3-2 is a very good idea but a Bresser AR127L on an eq5 (skywatcher) Mount. Would love some advice ! Max budget 400 pounds (ps: sorry if you have seen my earlier posts if so pls forget this post! )
  8. Zhumell 12x70 or Celestron 20x80? Final contestants. Is high magnification good for dso or does it balance out for the Celestron
  9. Yes that is true. Is there any difference between Celestron 20x80 and opticorp 20x80
  10. 15x70 or 20x80 or 25x70 I have a camera tripod mount but holding it in my hands is also nice Zhumell 12x70 is also an option
  11. Now which to buy first! haha thanks again The 5 part series has come to an end thanks to all!
  12. Oh no the 127 mak is to expensive it’s the refractor!
  13. Thank you to all! Nothing beats the 8 inch dob! Is it really that good for that price! I think a runner up would be the evostar 120.
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