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    Newbie here !!!

    Just to add some balance. I have an EQ5 mount and a skywatcher 200p. I use my dslr to image and have had no issues so far with it being overweight for the mount. I'm going to add a zwoasi120mm mini onto the existing finderscope so as not to add much weight when I start autoguiding.
  2. I installed the ASCOM DSLR driver. Then selected 'ASCOM driver for DSLR' as the camera type in SharpCap. https://github.com/FearL0rd/ASCOM.DSLR/wiki/Installation
  3. You mean something like a tri or quad band filter?
  4. Having now tried it successfully, it is great. Definitely worth a tenner.
  5. I was thinking of more of a general purpose filter if possible. I live in the outskirts of Bristol. There are white streetlights, several neighbors have security and garden lights that come on randomly, and there is the general skyglow that comes from living a few miles from the centre of a city. I couldn't really say what type of LP I am specifically suffering with.
  6. Hi. Did you ever write up any instructions on how to do this in GIMP please?
  7. Thanks. I'll consider getting the OSC if I can't find a mono version then.
  8. Thanks for the replies. It sounds like the ASI120MM Mini could be the way to go. I've not seen any of the mono ones on sale second hand, but I have seen a few of the colour ones for sale at around the £100 mark. I assume there is no problem using a colour instead of mono version? Also is the USB3 version necessary or would I get away with a USB2? Thanks again!
  9. Fingers crossed, eh? I'll know what's what when I take out the current bolts. As you say, it may well be that I need to do something to the mount itself as well as replacing the bolts. The bolts are definitely bent though.
  10. Hi All! I'm currently imaging with an EQ5 pro goto synscan mount, Skywatcher Explorer 200P, and D3300 DSLR attached to the focusser. It is all run from a PC via USB cables. I am aware that this is considered an underspecced mount for this weight but it works ok. I am able to get subs of 90 seconds with no issue, and with good polar alignment I can push up to about 2 minutes before stars start to get oval-shaped. I am considering making the move to auto-guiding to get longer subs. I am aware that many would say I am already pushing my luck weight-wise with this mount, so I am trying to keep the setup streamlined. I have been reading up on the subject and am hoping to attached a webcam (maybe a QuickCam Pro 4000) to my existing finderscope, which is the stock 9x50 type. I am thinking of attaching this to my PC via USB cable and controlling via EQMOD. The advantages of this are 1. it's cheap, 2. it only adds the weight of the webcam to my mount. Does anyone here do anything similar, or know whether this is feasible, or know of any potential pitfalls I should look out for? Thanks for any replies! Clear skies!
  11. Hi Dave. Thanks for the reply. I have come across this, and at the other extreme I have come across people who have had the mount itself wear away by using too strong bolts. I think as long as one loosens the opposite bolt first. then 'takes the strain' on the mount head, before tightening the adjustment bolt, therte should be no problem with bolts bending or mounts wearing down. In theory anyway.
  12. I recently bought a Skywatcher EQ5 mount, and the south latitude adjustment bolt is bent. I've seen numerous threads on this subject, and have seen replacements on sale for £35 a set. I've also seen people buying M8 bolts and using Allan keys to adjust them. I've just been looking and think I have found a good solution, at an extremely cheap price. These were the princely sum of £2.50 on that well known auction site. Search for eye bolts. The great thing about these is you can easily turn them by hand. They have a thread length of 75mm which is about the same as the stock bolts, and they are zinc plated so will be stronger than the stock bolts. I'll update this thread once I've got them to say if they actually fit or not!
  13. Hi All. I am shooting from a fairly light-polluted area probably Bortle Class 5 or 6. I always have to spend time removing the LP from my stacked images. I am considering buying a LP filter, but am unsure whether to buy a clip-in for my camera (a D3300), or something to attach to the T-ring, or any other option available. I also am not sure what filter I need, and what is a reputable brand or type of filter, how much do I need to spend etc. Also I understand a LP filter is subtractive, so I will be losing some light - is it even worth it? Any thoughts, or recommendatioons are very welcome.
  14. Yeah, it's more or less the only thing I use it for.. apart from stacking. I use the light pollution removal tool mainly, as this normally helps gets rid of vignetting as well as gradients. I have had no success whatsoever with the correct vignetting tool. I'm still yet to find a method for creating flats that gives me stacks without horrible vignetting.
  15. I used the defaults in APP. I will bear that in mind though. I'm pretty new to this so just finding my way around all the software. As an aside, I find whenever I use DSS to stack, I find I get a lot of what I can only call large pixelation in the resulting stack. Like someone has been playhing dig dug or some 80s tunneling game on my image. Not sure what's causing that really.
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