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  1. rework and added another stack of frames

    It's a " WORKHORSE" of a cmos Wim . I'll be getting the efw and SGP for Xmas if not before. So, I used Sharpcap "Live Stacking" 16 bit fits to collect the data and ran several sequences . I just love having 16 Roi's to choose the best for my target , I set the Gain @198 , exp. 18.20364 , gamma 30 , frame rate 1 every 8 s , temp. -10.1 no guiding just let the mount track it and I need to get an adapter for my Paracorr2 so stars don't bloat . It's all a learning process this was 1936x1216 resolution collection as many photons as I can. I walk outside Wim and it's like stepping into a rain forest " Oppressive hot & humid.
  2. Still this asi174MM cooled camera amazes me , maybe it's that I've never had an asi . I've had a cmos but , nothing like what this [removed word] can do . I added another stack to my sequence just to see what it would do and also passed it through Ps for a lil' bit. What ya think and can you see the inner stars x mark in the center and the propeller down and to the left of center ? I've even pulled some background galaxies out of this 182s data
  3. M13 with planetary camera

    I got my asi174MM cooled in Jan. , it's a very capable do it all camera that has given me the opportunity to explore even more with my modest po'mans imaging kit. That's a well done Glob.
  4. 1st Saturn with the asi174MM COOLED

    This a couple I took when a cold front came through and gave me some nights to get r dun
  5. I got m13 finally

    I've tried with other cameras and equipment but, couldn't seem to get it done. Last night I got it done with my zwo asi174MM cooled -10c 10 fr@182s int. time, "We chose to go to the moon , not because it's easy but, because it is "Hard". The same with AP , I chose to go to "The Great Globular Cluster in Hercules" because it was so hard for me to capture for all the trees.
  6. After being disappointed a couple of nights ago , better data is coming in using my asi174MM cooled, 2.5x , 8 in. astrograph/lxd55 mount 65%of 1003 fr/ 640x480 resolution flipped ,rotated and scaled 150%.
  7. Solar imaging

    Back at ya Dave, it's been a rough time for me and my neck , hands and legs , the pain is far worse most everyday. I was thinking on getting a hold of you yesterday but, my leg nemesis came back to bite me and left me laid up for the rest of my awake time. It's still aggravating me to no end but, I'll pill up if I get a chance to image Saturn tonight with lower humidity and temp. I'm considering maybe imaging the partial eclipse but, my biggest fear is not ever doing this and I figure I could get some safety solar film then I could use it on my guidescope and my light minimizer hole , that way I could get a 2 fer with the QHY5ll-m and asi174MM cool and they're already aligned together. I've got neutral density filters for 2" and 1 1/4 " eps and they're in very good shape as the rest of my gear. Along with the solar film , I would be protected ya think ? I just got Smuckered " Alanna, ask me " Well , aren't you going to image the eclipse" afterall , you've got the camera for it now. I'm a sucker , Dave ! I'll check into that thousand oaks film but, with 2 mono cams it won't really matter and I won't have time to use the spc900NC . Dave, Ian , Peter and Michael thanks for all helping with good info from the lounge . By the way I use a telrad reflex sight . I won't be using it for this day of shooting and I want to thank yall .
  8. Solar imaging

    I've got an 8 in. Orion Newtonian astrograph with the sm. dia. hole in dust cover for reducing the light coming into my mirror, can anyone tell me if using a sm. solar lens in that hole will give me an adequate image of the eclipse? I've never even thought of imaging the Sun but, this is somewhat different than that . If I like it , I just may go for Solar imaging as another part of my addiction.
  9. Time is just passing me by , I had to at least attempt to gather some data of Saturn. It's so darn hot & humid here in the summer the past several years with no relief in sight. I take several dips in our pool just to keep me cool this was taken with a dew point in the mid 80's and temp at 78* at 11:30pm-1:30am est. Used my asi camera and I now no what can be achieved on a good night WOOHOOO !
  10. Another processed Jupiter

    Thank you Pete it's an April Jupiter high in the sky.
  11. saturn 08/07/17

    Good job on this, the heat and humidity here in the states is killing me.
  12. Another processed Jupiter

    Used an spc900nc ,5x PM, Meade lxd55 mount .
  13. M57 ring nebula planetary camera

    That's cool , like the color !
  14. These settings during capture seemed to do better by lowering the saturation . But, why am I getting pixilation on the edges? HELP ADVICE?
  15. Jupiter from archived April data

    Sorry for not getting back sooner, I was using sharpcap2.9 when I took these in April . I've been trying different settings trying to get settings that'll give me the best with this cam in different conditions , any advice would be greatly appreciated .These were my settings : color space= I420 exposure=62.5ms brightness=57 contrast=46 Saturation=74 Gamma=18 color space enable=255 Backlit Compensation=255 Gain=19