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  1. Thanks Knobby, I welcome the tips. I've also got some Jupiter data using the asi174MM cooled that I've still got to tackle and fearing the stacking and combining of my rgb, I'm still trying different things to get the hang of using mono after using color cams and I'm going to like the detail once I get my mojo back and some decent weather. Mono will take me alot longer to adjust to than my color ccd cams.
  2. Dave that's awesome buddy, I'm still trying to get used to the asi174MM cooled plus dealing with a mono cam takes me more patience than I've had lately. Great job !
  3. The wildfires here in NC have put a damper on my imaging but , I've got a Z10 reflector that has been getting a workout scanning the skies . Here are 2 that I took the 14th and 15th of April with an 8 in. Newtonian/lxd55 mount/Spc900nc and 3x barlow . It seems that I've forgot to get the settings correct and had to check out astronomy shed , so next time they'll be better . I ran them through but, when I put them in reg6 I just got a lil' black screen so I just ran them through reg6 and my rgb align and balance need help , it was either too blue , too red or gray. I chose to leave the red where it was and get some help besides the videos I've watched. I'm getting better at this every year I collect data on Planets.
  4. I haven't had too many chances to get out this year due to the clouds and wildfires burning in western N. Carolina. I've been working at trying to get some data processed and I must have forgot how to process Jupiter . I was using pipp , AS2 and reg.6 and having a really hard go at it. I guess time will tell the tale if I totally forgot how to rgb align and balance but , it's a start for the year. Enjoy and have a Happy Easter.
  5. Geof , that image is awesome ! I've had maybe 2 nights out when the smoke from wildfires and cloud cover hasn't ruined my attempts this season. I received a new Zwo 174MM cool for xmas and it's been a challenge starting on my Lrgb journey.
  6. Thanks y'all , I'm trying to get this figured out but , the cold and the issues are is killing my attempts to get things in sync. Maybe spring will prove to be better for getting it together. A moto focus would be a plus and one day I'll have what I need I do lucky imaging and sit at the scope tweaking here and there. It's all about having " ME time ".
  7. Thanks Steve , I try my best . There are nights when everything seems to go wrong and nights when everything is just singing "JOY" . I live in town and the trees limit my capture time , that's why I decided to get a Zwo cmos instead of a ccd "lucky imaging". I need to find the focus with the fw on the camera and remember to use the bahtinov mask before slewing to my target. I'm just lucky not to have fallen on my mount , like I did to the other that I had to jb weld . I'll get out even earlier Ronnie
  8. I've had issues but, I stayed the course and got them taken care of , now to get a night of good alignment only 8 seconds @-15 due to alignment issue of stubbling over the tipod leg. The zwo 174MM cooled is my new workhoarse for it all and I'm still learning the camera capabilities and trying to find the settings for " full well " so I don't under or over sample to make every photon count.
  9. Since I've received my ZWO 174mm cooled everything is alot easier for me to do what I need to do in a night lunar w / 8in. newt. 3-2-17 and Z10 dob 3-4-17.
  10. Very detailed and sharp , the ccd chip in the Phillips spc900 is the way to get ccd top quality images.
  11. I'm going to check that out, my qhy5 llM guidecam has not taken a .1 s exp in 3 nights of trying to figure this out. I was able to image unguided with sharpcap but, for some reason I can't get a.1 sec exposure in Phd2. Do you think this might Help?
  12. Glad to here that , my 1st light was a 5 hr adventure in fruitility. It finally linked up and went to guiding , I just wish I would've made a better alignment . No worries . I've got it connected and everything was accomplished that needed to be.
  13. I'm trying the free trial and having difficulty getting the camera setup ,I'm not getting it to do what the tutorial says "check dropdown for camera" after setting the simulator , I've got the ascom platform 6.2 already for my other cameras and don't need to upgrade since it hasn't been that long since I upgraded. Can anyone help me get this to connect?
  14. I was out using Sharpcap with my asi174MM cooled cam , I ran my lights, rgb and darks . When I hit capture the cooler temp disappeared . I've never tried DS with Sharpcap before tonight "Planetary only" . I use maximDLv5 for capture and some processing , maxim tells me what the temp. is at all times . I've used 2 meade cameras and a Spc900nc with maxim but, only my Pictor 216xt had { tec} cooling . I finally got my Zwo to connect slow as all get out but, the cooler option won't activate { it's not highlighted}. Help !
  15. Matt , do you use maximDL for your asi1600 cooled ? I'm trying to get my imx 174MM cooler to be recognized by maximDL, I want to do my calibration frames before the next night out. I was out 5 hrs and got everything working with Sharpcap but, I don't use Sharpcap for DS imaging. If you would be so " Kind" as to help me get this issue resolved, I would be most grateful . SB