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  1. M31 - ASI1600MM - LRGB - 5hrs

    That's an awesome galaxy , dust lanes are coming out really nice. I'll have to try that .
  2. Getting prepared for Andromeda galaxy w/asi174MM

    I've got a Paracorr type 2 but, I need the adapter ring to connect it to my camera and last year I got the t-ring for my 5x powermate . Wim I'm having focus slip due to the weight of the camera {Slipped out of focus see }, Another buddy told me too drill a hole in my focuser where focus is and insert another screw, I've not got anyone to do that for me yet. Also , I've not been able to get my master calibrations made yet , my stacking program tells me that no master was made after stacking and combining"FUNNY" ! I've made 8s,15, 30, 45 , 60 stacks several times and until I get my guiding mojo going when I'm on my target , I can get good guiding when I'm not on my target but, soon as I get on my target " guiding sinks into the toilet" . I read from the zwo website , cloudy nights and astronomy forum . net and I've tested hours with different settings Shorter exp. is the ticket without guiding , high gain , keeping the camera cool @ -10 to-30 a lot of frames , I feel I'm building an image Wim and not even capturing one and once I get the lum done then when I get my EFW and SGP I be able to finish it . I do go for other objects and make notes for settings and such , just so it'll be easier when I do go back to it . Have you seen my m42 and m13 , I can't wait to add color to those along with m31? Mount went downhill after that m13 and m31 night. Hopefully replacing the motor cover / plastic takes care of that issue. I'll try to get the adapter around xmas but for now I'll just have to clip and try to do a mosaic through software. Thank you for your Advice Wimvb. Imaging is harder in the summer than the other seasons for me due to the humidity.
  3. Getting prepared for Andromeda galaxy w/asi174MM

    I added more data and reworked the processing , it's showing promise , just need tighter focus, more data and a lil' higher then it's framed
  4. M31 Andromeda Galaxy

    Kudos on Andromeda and surrounding galaxies.
  5. Saturn with the asi174MM COOLED

    I love the fact that this camera tests and performs well with many objects in our night sky , I'm getting better results with the lower humidity , Summer nights aren't good for imaging anything . Pete these are some of the better ones taken that night. Sometimes it's a win , win and sometimes just crap. I chalk it all up to LE.
  6. 14th m13 w/ asi174MM cooled

    Yes Wim , it's a very nice target to get the feel of the camera on. This is without , I have Meade lrgb filters and an Orion manual fw but, I tried on m42 and had my color frames off center on each one I can't touch the mount with my R hand {moves it } . I require an EFW coming for my Bday and Xmas , then it'll be on like fireworks "I hope !
  7. 14th m13 w/ asi174MM cooled

    I started with m13 and finished the 15th w/ more data on m31. Cooler temps and dew point make a difference.
  8. Lunacy from last nights adventure

    Thank you , It was a good night in the Carolinas.
  9. Saturn with the asi174MM COOLED

    I started out finally with lower heat and humidity just before the Huricane was supposed to hit Florida . My asi174MM cooled , 5x + t- ring , 8 in astrograph/newt and Meade lxd55 mount had its 1st really pleasant night imaging since Summer in the Carolinas , imaging 3 different objects in 1 session . Shooting from tree city USA isn't the greatest but, I don't travel due to my condition and without an observatory it's a challenge every night . All mono with my do it all "WORKHOARSE" camera. Saturn , ngc 869 & 884 "double cluster" -10c @ 56s and I think it's crater Alphonsus, I wanted to collect some more data on m31 but, she hadn't cleared the lightdome until 2am and I wasn't waiting , 1.5 hrs. trying to get my guiding to cooperate after aligning 4 times over the 6 hrs I was out. I usually only align and then precision align for each target over a night but, it just wasn't having it this night.
  10. Lunacy from last nights adventure

    It has been really hot and humid all summer long , it's finally getting a glimpse of fall temps before Irma hits . Asi174MM cooled , 8 in. Astrograh , lxd55 goto mount. Captured @16.7 fps in Sharpcap 3.0 wide field and ASI2 ran 700 of 1000 through registax6 wavelets slightly and there.
  11. Saturn from Aug. data stick

    Imaging in high heat and humidity isn't fun even if you do it remotely , with the addiction comes sacrifice.{ Asi 174MM cooled } I was capturing between 35-38 fps for 1000 frames
  12. Getting prepared for Andromeda galaxy w/asi174MM

    I've made a bahtinov mask Wim, I used it during aligning . I didn't do any fine tuning adjustments once I got on the target. Sept. 15 , the humidity should bottom out and cooler temps. I've got much to do before then if I can get out , the Summer hasn't been good for me at all this year. Thank yall , I try my best to get what I can get and this camera is pretty awesome as an all in one.
  13. All I can accomplish is mono until I get an Efw , I got a night where the dew point was in the mid 60's . Learn as I go , when I can is my motto. I took advantage and tried to align the camera and get it marked in order to frame it . here's my trial run 10fr @762s @ -10c no calibration ,guiding , no coma corrector and shot myself in the foot forgetting to re sequence my shorter core data. I didn't think it was that bad , a lot of data there. I've got about 3 weeks to get it all together before it'll be high enough to run on it .
  14. rework and added another stack of frames

    It's a " WORKHORSE" of a cmos Wim . I'll be getting the efw and SGP for Xmas if not before. So, I used Sharpcap "Live Stacking" 16 bit fits to collect the data and ran several sequences . I just love having 16 Roi's to choose the best for my target , I set the Gain @198 , exp. 18.20364 , gamma 30 , frame rate 1 every 8 s , temp. -10.1 no guiding just let the mount track it and I need to get an adapter for my Paracorr2 so stars don't bloat . It's all a learning process this was 1936x1216 resolution collection as many photons as I can. I walk outside Wim and it's like stepping into a rain forest " Oppressive hot & humid.
  15. Still this asi174MM cooled camera amazes me , maybe it's that I've never had an asi . I've had a cmos but , nothing like what this [removed word] can do . I added another stack to my sequence just to see what it would do and also passed it through Ps for a lil' bit. What ya think and can you see the inner stars x mark in the center and the propeller down and to the left of center ? I've even pulled some background galaxies out of this 182s data