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  1. 1st test mono stack of Bodes galaxy

    I've had 2 very short sessions on m81 clouds moved in and with minimal rgb , I've not had a chance to combine it with rgb data . Here's a look m81 L 5 frames @ 30s /-20c stacked only. Adding my darks will eliminate the ampglow , when I get to finish running more data. b
  2. I used my 8 in astrograph/Newtonian /lxd55 on a 2 in SFT and asi174MM cooled , cooled to -20c 27 frames @60s and 11frames @90s , I used" live stacking" in Sharpcap 3.0 . It was a decent test and then the clouds came in.
  3. Trying my best

    William , I'm OCD . I obsess on just about everything from the weather ,atmosphere and position in the sky. Trying to get that awesome data collection, I'm always told that I'm over thinking. It's habit and I do need to just CHILL OUT. I checked the focuser yesterday and last night tried it out and come to the conclusion that since the focus shaft turns and there's some play in it . I tried to buy another year with it but, I'll have to deal with it till December and invest in a upgrade . I'm really tired of it slipping. Thanks for all your help. Ronnie
  4. Trying my best

    William , thank you ! That's the grubscrew that I've been tightening , I may have Alanna have a go at it with a wet stone and see what she can do with this focuser and if it fixes the slippage problem. That astronomy shed fella has a lot of videos that I've found helpful . I just wish I could find a video with a rgb image gear setup balancing the load ,that would be the icing on the cake . I just want to make sure that I'm doing everything CORRECTLY,
  5. Trying my best

    I like how you didn't saturated the red and the color in the stars is better it shows that I shouldn't try and pull all I can with my limited data . Less is best . Thank you John.
  6. Trying my best

    Well , I just went to my "Cave" , snapped a couple pictures of the Orion low profile 11:1 dual speed focuser in it's marked position and released the lock thumbscrew and the tube just fell some . I decided to just play with it , the fine focus knob only moved a lil' bit as I pushed and pulled the focuser tube something isn't making contact . I've also have black marks on the tube from the wheels. Do you think that there's grease on the wheels? Can you see the dark grease on the flat , not the permanent marks. They go along the sides and middle.
  7. Trying my best

    William years ago when it 1st started slipping with the weight of the Paracorrt2 and 1 1/4 in. ep , Orion told me that there's only {1} tension grub screw out of the {2} and it's the furthest away from the focuser . It did hold but, after 5 minutes it was back to slipping . I'm hesitant to take apart the focuser and do I have to take it off the tube to do what your suggesting , I've got 91% isopropyl alcohol that should work " It doesn't leave any residue on my eps or mirrors." with a measure of distilled water "It's a cocktail" for my mirrors and eyepieces.
  8. Trying my best

    William , you just scared the begeesus out of me . I'm not wanting to go into all that but, if it'll get rid of my headache of always having to refocus everytime it moves and when it changes filters it would certainly be worth it. My backfocus is 17.5 mm for the asi174MM , 20mm for the EFW, 15MM FOR T2-25a adapter and 1mm sfc m42-001 spacer @ 53.5mm backfocus making my Paracorr lens assembly stick out about halfway from the end of the focuser with drawing out 1 in. approx. to tune it in. Does that make any sense to you? I tried my best to explain it , I'm imaging with an Orion f3.9 astrograph fast but, not too fast. I have a low profile 11:1 crayford style dual speed focuser with {1} tension knob and it didn't slip with my heavier 2" 9 and 16mm ep . When I added my Paracorr and a light 32mm celestron omni with the focuser on top it started it's slipping and when I put the tube down towards the counterbalance bar and it started slipping like crazy even after tightening the tension screw it would hold for a lil' while. I talked with Astrogena out of California and gave them the distances of focus with my image train in which is 88.9mm and I'm waiting to here back from them on the Diamond fitting without modification with the tube and mirror. Crossing those fingers.
  9. Trying my best

    Olly , I'm interested in the Diamond focuser . I would like to know if it's not going to be too heavy for my newt, and can I hook a motor focus too it? Please explain?
  10. Trying my best

    William , If I go for the Badder diamond , It will go on my 8 in Newtonian astrograph and I would be able to add a motor focus to it right ? That is one solid focuser with all the bells and whistles , thanks for the heads up .
  11. Trying my best

    Thank you William , I'm reading through my MICA and getting more familiar with it after not using it for quite sometime. I've the Willmann-Bell catalog 44 and AIP4WIN 2.4 with handbook is $89 . I think it'll be on my list to take me to that next level , I've got the determination to do it . I just need to apply myself , learning the correct way would also be a plus.
  12. Trying my best

    I'm giddy over what you were able to do with the data , I'm trying to find a workflow that'll work for this data . Thank you William "KUDOS" on your processing skills, I need some of what you have to rub off on me . You fellas across the pond on SGL are very kind for helping this disabled amateur astronomer .
  13. Trying my best

    WOWZA, That's more of what I was trying to get but, I'm learning the tools and often forget what I'm doing. Awesome skills you have acquired , I did you use Maximdl v5 and I'm starting to use more of the tools , I do forget the steps I have to take . It's been a couple of years since I did any processing in it. This is my next adventure if only I could get my guidecam to stay focused.
  14. Trying my best

    William ,I'll have to try that . I'm all set to go for tonight and my buddy from South Carolina is going to get back with me later to Team viewer and find out what's going on with my guiding issue and try to remedy the problem. Also , I'm going to take my efw apart and check the filter position and movement.
  15. Trying my best

    Wim , well that's a loss . it's all in the learning experience. I do have a partial sequence with sgp in8 bit fits like Sharpcap does. I save all my usable data on a flash stick and dump my trash. I don't want to misplace that precious stuff. Data collecting is most of what I'm doing right now and when it rains , I may stack a pile and eventually get around to my 1st run through processing . I just keep adding with my short sessions until , I get my guiding working right. I got a used QHY5-ll M and it doesn't have a nose piece, I'm using my 3x tube and it gets knocked out of whack everytime I have to move it. I hope my buddy can team viewer and figure out my issue . I might get out tonight if this wind will calm down, skies are looking good , it'll be cold tonight and I'll try those settings.