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  1. This is the camera that I've wanted and now , it's part of my kit . Instead of getting a partial with the 174mm cool , I can now handle the outer regions also . Thanks for the advice Matt Jenko. Orion has some funky color and stretching it a bit too much but, it turned out better than I was hoping for. Awesome Camera , now to get it framed correctly before I make my run weather permitting.
  2. It hasn't been a very good year for getting any imaging but, I got one night for an hour in July of m63 The Whirlpool galaxy . 50L @30s , 20 ea rgb @30s.
  3. I've had 3 new mounts since after Xmas last year and it has been a real pita trying to get the first to mounts to operate correctly with my Sgp Software . March rolled in and I had lost too much time trying to get the 1st 2 mounts to do the job . I dipped back in the kitty and got an AVX straight out of the box took me to galaxies FAR FAR AWAY, WOOHOO! I've been trying to process the galaxy for a mount and match it with my archived data and finally I'm getting somewhere.
  4. They're both Autostar 497 , The lxd55 uses that latest 497 {g} for the lxd models and the lx85/75 without the belt drives uses the autostar 497 ep with audiostar that has the talk feature . According to Meade they both will work as long as the Autostar will plug into the control panel but, maybe the 497 {g} isn't forward compatible with the lx models. I've got nothing but, frustration from this mount since I used it with the lx85 mount.
  5. Thank you Michael , I was out last night running a starpatch again and once again it came a downpour , I covered the rig with plastic and it never got completed at 1030pm est . The good thing is it stopped pulsing but, that's not saying that it's not going to again . I'm going to bring it inside and test it out , we've got 20% possible showers today and I'm not taking the chance again. My new NEAF Celestron AVX should arrive Tuesday . I was swapping between the lxd55 and trying to get the lx85 to perform correctly , I did a reset to " telescope model to lxd55/75 /105 because it doesn't have
  6. Wim that is awesome my friend , I've had rain and clouds since getting a new Meade lx85 goto . I spent 8 nights trying to get it to work with 3rd party software and freeware and nothing . I sent it back for a replacement and I sent the replacement back for the same reasons. I'm now trying to get my lxd55 and autostar working again for planetary and lunar use with my 80mm refractor f5 / guidescope. I just can't get any help with this anywhere , I posted to the lxd55 group on YAHOO and still waiting and I've got some clear weather for 4 nights . Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Olly , I've had a terrible start to 2020 with the weather and bad equipment , I received a new Meade lx85 and retuned it for bad performance with the audiostar handpad , wouldn't even perform with 3rd party software and then went crzy running away from the time I turned it on. I used my #497 autostar from my lxd55 mount and it did the same thing and sent the mount back . I connected it to the lxd55 again wanting to shoot some lunars and it just keeps slewing and won't stop when I get my alignment star centered . I've no clue how to get I atched with starpatch or what driver to use on the Weasner site . Can you help me ? 

    1. ollypenrice


      Hi, I'm sorry but I've no relevant experience with this kit and am pretty hopeless with any kind of electronics or IT problem anyway. The only thing that comes to mind is that Meade software hit a belated 'millenium bug' in, I think, 2018. It was to do with the time signal on GPS satellites or something like that. Our 14 inch LX200 went crazy when trying to align and got nowhere. All I did was switch off the GPS to do a manual star align and it then worked better than ever so I haven't bothered with the Meade update. I don't know if this might have any connection with your problem but Googling Meade millenium bug or GPS bug should pull up lots of information.

      I hope you crack this one.


    2. stepping beyond

      stepping beyond

      I tossed in the towel on Meade and now have a Celestron Advanced vx that connects and works with the third party software . I research ,  asked everyone I know and went on the forums . It's a done deal. thank you 

  8. I've been working with Meade products since I learned to image the night sky. I've looked on the Weasner and the STARPATCH sites and cannot find a patch or anything for my model #, does it make that much of a difference to use {GG} or {EG}. The problem started when trying the AS on a new lx85 which I no longer have. I performed sugery on my lxd55 after the {the saddles female screw hole broke. Repaired it with Loctite and JBweld but, I'm not going to put 27# weight on it like I did before with my newt. I put the time and date in and when I select "Enter" on daylight savings it starts pulsing
  9. I got a new Meade lx85 mount to replace my lxd55 and continue my astrophotography Quest but, frustration , weather and aggrevation has been getting the best of me . Does anyone use this same mount to image with software ?
  10. I've had sorry weather since last fall , a whole lot of rain has put data collection to a minimum. I've taken some data from last years collection and added it to what this disabled astro-photographer had collected this year and so far this is what I've been able to pull together with my Poman Imaging rig. 87 L , 35 rgb guided@-20c from my driveway in a city of 10,000 population still a work in progress.
  11. I use Aip4win to do almost all my processing but , like Dave stated there are multi ways to reduce your star size or remove halos . Astronomy tools is a plug-in for Ps that is dedicated to astrophotography and I highly recommend it for any astro -photographer.
  12. Splendid amount of detail , abundant amount of nebulosity and the colors just "ROCK". Well done , awesome !
  13. I started getting better skies , getting my old mount problems are an ongoing thing that I deal with nightly . I ran tests in the frigid temps. on ngc1977 and IC434 and the Flame to get a handle on it and get my Moonlite mini v2 control setup in SGP. I've been reading the Astronomical handbook on imaging and processing and I think my images are making improvements , 1977 is out of focus on my colored channels due to trying to do it by eye. I didn't get sgp to run a sequence until 3 nights later and now I've got rain. This is the 1st time running on these targets, colors aren't correct but, t
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