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  1. stepping beyond

    Aip4win having all kinds of trouble

    Thanks Alan , I'll try that .
  2. It's trying to learn something new but, it's killing me after 2 weeks of trying to get some of my Winter data processed. I don't understand why? Can a fella get some help please , this is what I was able to get processed 1st set of 25 subs from another stacking software and astronomy tools. I've got a long way to go with a new software that I just can't seem to get going with I keep the handbook right by my side and still having problems.
  3. stepping beyond

    Guiding woes

    I've been trying to figure out what's up with my guiding , the 1st night was hideous , the 2nd time wasn't better and the 3rd time was killing me. I checked the level , balance and adjusted my sidereal track rate from .5 to 2 per another fellow astronomer . It's starts out real nice but, then it turns ugly and I just can't put my finger on it. Help me loungers?
  4. stepping beyond

    Sgp success

    I wanted to let yall that have helped me , I had successfully ran a sequence of m42 . Although , guiding is still an issue and only gathered 4 out of 10 in each lrgb . .I've caulked my primary and hopefully that'll save me from having image shift . I've received the handbook on Astro imaging and the AIP4WIN processing software that I've been picking through and this book is what every Astro imager starting out should have . There are so many things that come into play when imaging , I'm so thankful that yall have set me on the right path . It's not just a journey but, an adventure. Thanx yall SGL
  5. stepping beyond

    Tripod vibration suppression pads

    I bought a set of Meade anti -vibration pads and never had a worry of image shake and there's a NS trainline that runs about 45 minutes from 11pm -3am est every night 200 feet from my backyard . They work and I've had mine over 6yrs. and going but, I don't need them on the driveway , I picket up some rubber feet and they handle light vibration also but, for the train I needed more suppression.
  6. stepping beyond

    Just did the Heart so here is the Soul

    Awesome nebula .
  7. Pretty cool, several galaxies captured. Kudos !
  8. stepping beyond

    March 18, 2018: 76-pane H-alpha mosaic

    WOW ! that's an awesome Solar disc !
  9. stepping beyond

    Two hours with the crab

    Wim , That's showing those skills . I really enjoy the look of the nebula and the detail you pulled . The stars are very nice, that's eye candy for sure ! Awesome
  10. stepping beyond

    1st test mono stack of Bodes galaxy

    I've only experienced the ampglow with longer exp. If I were to take 300x 30s there wouldn't be any in theory, according to what that 30s looks like. Cooling to say 30-35c would most likely minimize it even more but , processing does the job and I rather process it out than wait for the camera too cool even lower losing image time. All I can say is test your object to find the appropriate settings that give the best result, quality takes precedence over quantity when you have limited clear sky to image in.
  11. stepping beyond

    1st test mono stack of Bodes galaxy

    You're right about that ! This is a single 30s sub, Darn clouds and rain moving in has put a hold on finding the best settings for this target. I'll keep shooting and hopefully collect enough + rgb to get a decent image. Thank you bobro
  12. stepping beyond

    1st test mono stack of Bodes galaxy

    I've had 2 very short sessions on m81 clouds moved in and with minimal rgb , I've not had a chance to combine it with rgb data . Here's a look m82 L 5 frames @ 30s /-20c stacked only. Adding my darks will eliminate the ampglow , when I get to finish running more data. b
  13. I used my 8 in astrograph/Newtonian /lxd55 on a 2 in SFT and asi174MM cooled , cooled to -20c 27 frames @60s and 11frames @90s , I used" live stacking" in Sharpcap 3.0 . It was a decent test and then the clouds came in.
  14. stepping beyond

    Trying my best

    William , I'm OCD . I obsess on just about everything from the weather ,atmosphere and position in the sky. Trying to get that awesome data collection, I'm always told that I'm over thinking. It's habit and I do need to just CHILL OUT. I checked the focuser yesterday and last night tried it out and come to the conclusion that since the focus shaft turns and there's some play in it . I tried to buy another year with it but, I'll have to deal with it till December and invest in a upgrade . I'm really tired of it slipping. Thanks for all your help. Ronnie
  15. stepping beyond

    Trying my best

    William , thank you ! That's the grubscrew that I've been tightening , I may have Alanna have a go at it with a wet stone and see what she can do with this focuser and if it fixes the slippage problem. That astronomy shed fella has a lot of videos that I've found helpful . I just wish I could find a video with a rgb image gear setup balancing the load ,that would be the icing on the cake . I just want to make sure that I'm doing everything CORRECTLY,

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