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  1. a qwick shot of the newest AR theres a few nice proms but i carnt get any useable vid with the milky skys i have here. kit ed80, quark, asi 120. hope you all have better skys.
  2. double wow thats very good work Den, you have caught that just right and the colours spot on. thanks .charl.
  3. thanks Luke, i dont know what happend with the colour one on my lappy it looked good but on me 4k monitor it looked well over sat i think it will take a while to get back in the swing of things. i only got a look on the live view and it looked very nice i was cut short by cloud. i know i run around like ive worms in me brain after seeing something on gong . you have some great pics on your flickr im a follower now. clear skys. charl.
  4. thanks Paul, yes mate it looked very nice on the live view earlyer . hope you get some Ha kit soon ive only just got my quark back from servicing so i know what its like to be without. clear skys. charl.
  5. thanks Den, im glad to be taking some pics again mate ive been quarkless for what seams like ages "6 weeks" just getting used to this one. good luck mate. charl.
  6. lovely prom on show today, quite a bit of cloud here in south wales. kit starwave 102, quark. ta for looking. charl.
  7. lovely prom animation mate, im just about to have a look myself today bit of cloud in the way at the mo but it should soon sling its hook. thanks. charl.
  8. super thick cloud here Dave, thanks for the heads up.
  9. you all know im quarkers and in my view there nothing better for a cheapish close up view/image of the sun. ive just got my quark back from service so hopefully will be back to posting images soon weather permiting charl.
  10. glad to see you have gone Quarkers Steve, great shots mate. charl. ps a 50% reducer should get rid of the NRs.
  11. thanks for the view Steve.
  12. Merry Christmas everybody.

    and may all our dreams come true in the new year.


  13. thanks Luke, hope you get some clear soon mate. charl.
  14. i dont want nor intend to take this away from what the title of this post is about so will say no more on the musk matter. thanks.
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