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  1. Swich off the camera and switch it back on. I have the same problem sometimes. There should another box with 4 options . Click on the third one down and when it comes up there should be a button to set your model of camera mines a 600d When you have done that there is a button for live view there will be another box showing what you are looking at probably black screen find your alignment star go to it center in the box on the live view and click on 200% and center up again and focus your scope. There is also a clock symbol you can click on and set how many subs want to take and time deration. Regards Solarboy
  2. Hi guys Anyone bought a astro modified camera from the cheap astrophotography guy I ordered and paid for a new camera a couple of weeks ago and still waiting. Just wondering if anyone has bought one and how long did you have to wait before delivery. Regards Solarboy (worried)
  3. Wanted looking for a Canon 60Da If anyone has one for sale let me know your price Thanks for looking
  4. IHi I'm interested in the camera you have for sale if I can talk to my wife about it Can give abit more info on it like what scope do you use on. My old 600d chewed up the the shutter blades. My stepson managed to fix but I don't know how long it will work for so just looking at whats around Also whats your location. Regards Solarboy
  5. Had a look on astroboot could not find it Regards Solarboy
  6. Hi OK great if you are going to the Practical astronomy show or know of anyone who is going I will take it off your hands. Regards Solarboy.
  7. Hi Me again does it come with the1/1/4 insert for the 1/1/4 eyepieces if you do come to the Practical astronomy show I will take it. York is a bit to far for me. Regards Solarboy
  8. Hi If you do let me know Regards Solarboy
  9. Hi Are you coming to the Practical astronomy show in March if so I will buy it off you Regards Solarboy
  10. Hi Alan If I could get the cash to you without herindoors finding out I would snatch your hand off Regards solarboy
  11. Hi Here you go Regards Solarboy
  12. Hi Forgot to say it's called hictop it for a 3D printer Regards Solarboy
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