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  1. Hi guys Odds and ends Can anybody make use of any of this Most of it came off an old 152 Wo's focuser Will post at cost Solarboy
  2. Wanted a Retainig knob for a 60mm coronado I have lost one A bit of long shot looking for one of theses 20mm long 4 mm thick Plastic or metal The thread 1/8'' yes its American šŸ˜•
  3. Hi guys Imagingsourse camera full solar disc Does anyone know which camera show a full solar disc
  4. I will try later Thanks for that Solarboy
  5. What does the red writing mine under the noughts Move the joystick to there extreme limits ect
  6. Yes but it don't do anything When I plug the pad in to the laptop it makes the ringing noise Solarboy
  7. This is the box i get and can not do anything with it Solarboy
  8. Hi guys Tried setting up a 360 game pad for operating eqmod downloaded the drivers that went ok and then I watched Chris's video on callabrating the game pad got the game pad box open and it was blank there was no numbers as on Chris's video so I'm not sure how he got the numbers settings in the boxies I have looked on YouTube and there nothing there to tell me where to plug in the usb and how to set all the boxies when I viewed Chris's video all the settings were there so what im saying what happened previous to get all the setting into all the boxies also on Chris's video there 2 small tick boxies on my version there 4 tick boxies the game pad light flashes green but that's all it does hope this all makes sense I will post a photo later solarboy
  9. What picture
  10. Ok I will have a look Solarboy
  11. Ok I will check it out Thanks Solarboy
  12. Yes found that But does not seem to anything I click on the spanner there a start calibration button I plug in the gamepad press the button it says done but does do anything there are some tick boxies but I don't know which to tick maybe I have wrong gamepad the one I have is off an x box with a adaptor usb Pete
  13. Sorry to sound thick but where do I find the drop down meue Solarboy
  14. Hi Does anybody know Where I would find this EQMod just enable & map up the keys you want to use\control.
  15. Hi Where do find in EQMod just enable & map up the keys you want to use\control. solarboy