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  1. Hi I have somone interested in my tv 31mm nagler he is offering 250 would you take that for the camera pete
  2. Hi If you don't get sorted I have a spare one if you can wait a week I'm in Thailand back on the 1st April Pete
  3. Will PayPal be ok Pete
  4. Hi I will need your address I will post the cash registered post when I get back from Thailand Pete
  5. Sòrry can't do a photo my tablet want allow it don't know why solarboy
  6. hi yes its still for sale I can't send any photo I am in Thailand on holiday until 1st of April And then I can send as many as you want Its about 2 years old I bought it new from RVO it come with optional guilde rings Manged to downloada photo Solarboy
  7. Hi guys Dew to upgrade I am thinking of selling my 40d body astronomiser power supply charger batteries and cables £175 plus post Solarboy
  8. Hi are you there Solarboy
  9. Hi I have a 40d modded camera charger battries cable live view I'm thinking of selling I'm looking at upgrading To a 60d 600d or 650d Would be looking for £150 plus post
  10. RA Antares illuminated finderscope and guild ring bracket helical focuser 8x50 £95 post included
  11. Shame I am looking for a swivel screen for a peltier project they work better than a non swivel screen pete
  12. Does the camera have a swivel screen and live view pete
  13. Ok thanks
  14. Ok I will give you the cash but can't do nothing until April the 1st I am in Thailand on holiday until then pete
  15. Model TRF-2008 0.8x Reducer/Flattener converts TV-85 to 480mm f/5.6 and TV-76 to 380mm f/5.0 for flat field, fast photography. Fully multi-coated 3-element unit inserts directly into 2" focuser, accepts standard T-rings for 35mm cameras. "This accessory is a must-have for someone planning to use the TV-85 photographically" - review in Sky & Telescope, July 1999. Also it can be used with any 400-600mm refractor [T]he 0.8x Reducer/Flattener performs superbly. Star images are perfectly round to the very corners of the field, and there is minimal vignetting. A high-magnification examination of the images reveals little, if any, secondary color even at the edge of the field I have this for trade Pete