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  1. solarboy

    Phd settings

    Hi daz Thanks for that I will try what have suggested Regards Solarboy
  2. Thanks everyone for all the info I have sorted it now Changed the fits to tiffs Regards Solarboy
  3. solarboy

    Phd settings

    Hi all Does anybody use a altair astro gpcam and a 50mm guide scope on eq6 pro if so does anyone know the settings to use. I know I keep banging on about my old laptop packing up but the new I've bought just can't seem to get the settings right. Any info or tips photos would be appreciated. Regards Solarboy
  4. No it did not have a separate application for viewing them on the old laptop? It had Windows 10 I just took the images and thay went into a picture file and could see them Solarboy
  5. Hi davey T Type fit file Solarboy
  6. Hi all Just done a some images with my atik camera and on my old laptop before it caput (unrepairable) the images came out OK. Had to buy a new laptop an expense I could have done without. The photos on new laptop have come like this don't know why. Does anyone know how to convert to images I can see. I've just spent a hour trying to sort it out but not being the best with laptops I'm struggling with it. Had a quick look on YouTube not much there. Any info would be appreciated. Solarboy
  7. Hi All Just putting out some feelers so to speak to see if there is any interest in the items below I bought these items and never used them. I am looking to get a higher end OSC ccd so I thought I would see if I can sell theses 3 items I have a 31mm Televue T5 and a TV powermate 2 x 2inch with a 2inch T ring to attach it to a eos camera or ccd for image projection together thay are not cheap I believe you would not get much change out of grand if you bought them new but I stand corrected. I have to put a price's otherwise the ad gets removed. £375 for the 31mm. SOLD 2inch x2 powermate £280 T Ring sold If Intested I'm at the practical astronomy show at Kettering 9th march. I can bring them along. Solarboy
  8. solarboy

    Astrophotography tool

    Hi Anthony I think I have just found it on the plan editor box. Solarboy
  9. Hi all Just got a new laptop last week downloaded Apt. Use to work fine on my old laptop. Plugged in my Canon 600d set to take raw subs and when the photos are downloaded it's got jpeg in the conner of the photos. I can't find a button to change it to raw. Bear in mind before my old laptop blew up (unrepairable) I had only just started with Apt. So still learning. Any idears Solarboy
  10. Hi My son is looking for polemaster I have sent him a text saying to look on sgl he may get in touch in the morning Solarboy
  11. solarboy

    Cartes du ciel finding comon star names

    Hi Found it Thank you Regards Solarboy
  12. Hi guys Does anyone know where I can find the lable that swichies on the comon star name lables Thanks for looking Solarboy
  13. solarboy

    Qhy5l-ii guilde camera

  14. solarboy

    Photo Processing software

    Hi peter Whats APP
  15. solarboy

    Photo Processing software

    Hi des What board Solarboy

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