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  1. Thanks guys now sorted pete
  2. Hi dave Can't find any of that the only thing I can find is edit profile and there is nothing listed account settings so I don't know where you found that Pete
  3. Hi guys wanted for a peliter project Swap my 40d modded for a flip back screen canon modded camera with live view On holiday in Thailand until April the 1st so no rush Thank for looking
  4. Hi guys Over the years I have bought and sold a few bits and bobs and changed my equipment list a couple of years ago but now I have bought a couple of other bits I can't remember how to change the list can anybody help Solarboy
  5. Hi Is it astro modded if so I would be interested solarboy
  6. Hi Is it astro modded Solarboy
  7. Hi Carole did you get sorted with your camera solarboy
  8. Hi The exposure was 30 seconds Not sure what red dot is now your right it looks to big to be a dead pixel There was no helicopters planes around I would of heard them planes usually leave a couple of trails close togeather I have taken a lot of photos with this set up that have had a satellite trails on they always appear white so it's was probably a metor solarboy
  9. Hi guys I was out imaging the other night I was doing a focusing test on rigel in orion took a quick photo and this what I saw on the photo a green flash anybody know what is The red dot is a bad pixel Solarboy
  10. hi guys I took a photo of Rigel in orion last night can anybody tell what green streak is. solarboy IMG_9241.CR2
  11. I found these in box of bits in a charity shop there was a nice finder scope a few eyepieces not the best. Books on astronomy and two guild cameras but no discs there is some cables and few other odd and ends.The guild cameras are a qhy5 and Orion starshoot don't know if they work I have tried them with PHD the red light on the back of the camera comes on On both cameras if anyone has the discs for the cameras going speare or I can borrow let me know the price and posted cost Thanks for looking
  12. Hi guys Had a go at building a peliter for my canon 40d don't know if it will work just waiting for a clear night to try it out Solarboy
  13. Hi There is 1 on AABUYS ad No 120999 Canon 1200 d with a cls filter £250 200 shutter counts Live view Pete
  14. Hi guys What is the difference between The IR (hot mirror) filter and baader filter The Cheapastrophotography guy does a conversation The IR (hot mirror) filter is removed and for £60 more he will fit a Baader filter so what the differences Solarboy
  15. Thanks for that Solarboy