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  1. The insde is flocked I bought it from wilcos 5 quid a roll
  2. The mirrors were in a right state now sorted realluminamised by orion optics
  3. An old 10 inch dob nearly went to tip I have rebuilt part of it a bit to go yet Realluminesed the mirrors New paint job on the tube and rocker box regreased roller bearings .A new paint job on the mirror cell and spider replaced Focuser for a 2inch 1x1/4 .New collimator knobs replacement for the old wing nuts and fitted mirror locks thumb screws . Will post more when more work is done. I
  4. A bit of a long shot A rubber eye reilf Lost one off my Meade 4000 8 to 24m zoom eyepiece at a school star party the other night Or any info where I may get one Regards solar boy
  5. Looking for a losmandy plate If you have one for sale let me know what you have Thanks for looking
  6. Hi guys looking for a couple of items Telrad and base A laser collumator for a dob Thanks for looking
  7. Hi guys Does anybody have some of theses about 40mm long or longer i can cut down to size x 6mm or 8mm I need 3 Thank for looking
  8. WANTED an old set of tube rings 315mm ID Not to bothered about condition as long as there are no cracks thanks for looking
  9. My son did it so I don't know what he done but if I can get him to show me I will share with every one Solarboy
  10. Hi Is the Focuser still for sale Pete
  11. Hi what camera were you using Solarboy
  12. Hi guys Thanks for all the advice now working fine Solarboy
  13. Hi guys It just seemed a bit odd 2 ads on the same day with different prices But ha go glad it's sold I was thinking of buying my self