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  1. I have 2 saddle plates surplus to requirements both are losmandy vixen combi. In good condition just the usual marks. £75 each plus post or buyer can arrange shipping post or collection. Thanks for looking.
  2. Hi guys Looking for a set of guild rings about 125mm ID up to about 160mm or WHY Thanks for looking Regards Solarboy
  3. I have a vixen 102m do you have a couple of sets I could stick on my scope Regards Solarboy
  4. I have a 600d modified camera that had shutter problems. My son who is an electrical engineer took it apart and fixed it. Has been working fine ever since, but now surplus to requirements. Let me know if you are interested
  5. Hi guys Looking for an eq6 original Puck If you have one in your odds and ends box let me know. Regards Solarboy
  6. Wanted Skywatcher eq6-r pro If anyone is selling one let me know your price. Thanks for looking Regards Solarboy
  7. I have one of theses good camera for the price the only thing I didn't like it does not have the option of a dummy battery. There is nothing like changing a battery half way though an imaging section. So I found the 1100d dummy battery fits and I had to grind a small hole with my dremel in the battery compartment for the cable. It works flawlessly.
  8. Hi guys I have been looking at the new skywatcher eq6-r pro on youtube and noticed there seems to be 2 versions one with a USB port and one without. Just wondering what the usb is for no body on the YouTube videos really explains what the version with the usb is for. Unless I'm missing something.
  9. Hi guys Looking for a zwo colour planetary camera. Regards Solarboy
  10. Hi What scope did it come off. I have a set of bearings Regards Solarboy
  11. Choose a webcam for planetary images What do you guys out there use any recommendations info or tips. Regards Solarboy
  12. OK Thanks everyone. Question answered Regards Solarboy
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