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  1. Choose a webcam for planetary images What do you guys out there use any recommendations info or tips. Regards Solarboy
  2. OK Thanks everyone. Question answered Regards Solarboy
  3. Hi guys Will a samyang 135mm f2 Sony E mount fit a Canon 7d.. The question I'm asking is there an adapter to fit the Sony E mount lens to my Canon 7d . I have looked through the Web there seems to be plenty of canon lens adapters to fit them to sony body's but not the way around.
  4. Hi guys Looking for a Samyang 135mm f2 canon fit lens. Regards Solarboy
  5. Hi guys Can anyone recommend a good reasonable price lens for deep sky imaging and milky-way shots . I have a 600d and a 7d Canon camera. Thanks for looking.
  6. I've seen a lot of people use them at star party's they are very good at finding difficult objects. Regards Solarboy
  7. Your not kidding there are not cheap Thanks anyway Regards Solarboy
  8. Hi guys Does anybody know if anyone in the UK sell dobson dream kits like the one in the photo. Regards Solarboy
  9. Yes the rocker is included
  10. 10inch newt I have an 10inch Newtonian sitting in my shed Optics have been recoated by orion optics. I'm asking £350 because thats what I have spent on it there is a small mark on the main mirror it was there when acquired the scope. Does not affect the view. I have 2 sets of rings you can use on the rocker box or attach it to a goto mount. I will also include a red dot collimation tool. Please note mount not included Pickup prefered due to size. Thanks for looking. In
  11. Hi I've been reading a few reviews with scopes over a 80mm you need a ERF some other say you don't? Regards Solarboy
  12. Hi Just a quick question. The photos don't show the usb power cable Regards Solarboy
  13. Hi guys Anyone got any dob parts going spare cell spider. Ect. I have an old 10inch Newtonian sitting in my shed tried to sell it but no one wants it. It has a good set mirrors recoated by orion optics. So I thought I may rebuild it and use it. The cell and spider are not very well made so if anyone has an old 10 or 12inch dob or newt Skywatcher ect collecting dust with knackered mirrors and you want to get rid of the parts let me know what you have. Regards Solarboy
  14. solarboy

    Eq6 motherboard

    Hi guys Looking for a eq6 motherboard If anyone has an old eq6 with worn out gears or knackered motors and the motherboard is OK please let me know what you have. Thanks for looking Regards Solarboy
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