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  1. Hi guys Thanks for all the info. Now sorted. Regards Solarboy.
  2. Thanks guys for all the info. Regards Solarboy.
  3. Hi stillage Photos of the shims ID 40 mm OD 55 mm Regards Solarboy
  4. Hi guys Anyone know where I can buy a new shim kit for my Eq6 pro. My Eq6 sized up and l had one hell of a job getting the RA out but a couple of the shims got mangled. Sarched the web cannot find anything. So I need 2 new ones. Regards Solarboy
  5. Hi guys What type of Grease would I use for a strip and refurbishment of my Eq6 pro. There is a couple of tubs of geoptik Grease you can buy but at 18 quid pop its a bit on the expensive side. Like any thing astro twice the price. I did it a couple of years ago and it is very stiff just wondering if I used the wrong grease but this time I'm going to fit a belt drive. Regards Solarboy
  6. Pm sent Did you get my email Regards Solarboy
  7. Hi guys Wanted Eq6 Bearing Ring Removal Tool Has anybody out there done a rowen Eq6 belt drive upgrade if so would you like to sell the bearing removal tool. Regards Solarboy
  8. Hi guys Thinking of buying a Eq6 R I have a Heq5 Pro with a belt drive fitted just putting the ad on to see if there is any interest. It as been observatory mounted so there is no tripod but thay can be found on the astro ad sites for around 40 or 50 quid I have had the mount for few years so has it as been around the block a few times but still work's and tracks well. I have to put a price on this so I think around the £400 plus shipping or can be picked up due to wieght. I would be open to a trade. It comes with all the usual equipment hand set weights and cables etc. Please note I will fit original alt and dec ajusting bolts and the losmandy dovetail plate that came with the mount when I bought it. Synscan v3 hand set.
  9. solarboy

    Eq6 R pro

    hi guys Looking for a skywatcher Eq6 R pro if you have one for sale let me know. Regards Solarboy
  10. Hi It was the com port it was set at 18 my son came around he knows a bit about computers and set it lower with my limited knowledge of laptops and how they work I did not know how to do that and it's now sorted it connected straight away. Hope that makes sense. Regards Solarboy
  11. Hi all Thanks for all the info now sorted. Regards Solarboy
  12. Hi Tried the bino thing it just says port not found. I know about device manager I can get that but I don't know how to set the ports I don't know the path way I'm crap with computers Regards Solarboy
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