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  1. Hi guys I've just got into using a colour wheel RGB CLEAR and IR filters. I have an atik 314L mono been using that for about year with some success and last night I used the filters on the crescent nebula done 10 300 second subs darks bias and flats and the same on each colour but not sure on how to load them into DDS. Any tips or advice would be much appreciated. Regards Solarboy.
  2. I have £450 to puts regested envelope if you change your mind Regards Solarboy
  3. Hi I would give you £450 for it. Plus £15 for the post I would need your address I would put cash in a regested envelope. Regards Solarboy
  4. Hi guys When shooting flats do I remove the cls filter. Regards Solarboy.
  5. Hi guys Looking for a hitecastro or a pegasus hub. The new ones are to expensive for me. Unless you have one at reasonable price let me know what you have. Must have the usb ports. Not to worried about knocks and scratches has long as its in good working order. Thanks for looking Regards Solarboy.
  6. Hi guys Can anyone tell me how to change my profile photo. Regards Solarboy
  7. Mine an electronic filter wheel I use Apt to operate it
  8. What I'm saying is how many shot do I take on each colour say I take 20 subs 300 seconds do I take 20 on red at 300 seconds or one at 300 seconds and the same green and blue and IR etc.
  9. When I've taken 20 subs darks and flats etc How many of each coloured filters do I take .
  10. Hi guys Been imaging for a while now with a atik 314L and just bought a filter wheel with some filter RGB IR AND CLEAR I know about darks etc but not on the colours how many do I take and timings Regards Solarboy
  11. Hi guys I know I have asked this question before. Not being that good with computers. But what keys do click to change from Dlsr to ccd in APT Regards Solarboy
  12. OK no worries good luck with your sale Regards Solarboy
  13. Hi I can offer 50 quid if this OK let have your address I will put in the post when I get chance it will keep herindoors off my back she's always winging about me buying astro stuff. On the other hand if you are going to the International Astronomy Show I can pick up there. Regards Solarboy
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