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  1. SGL Mini Spring Star Party

    Cheers Dave
  2. SGL Mini Spring Star Party

    Cheers dave
  3. SGL Mini Spring Star Party

    Is there eletric hook up
  4. Hitec Astro Mount Hub Pro V3

    Hi I maybe intested Do you have a few more pixs including pix of the focus thingy Solarboy
  5. Hi Thinking of doing away with my laptop to free up a bit of space in my camper van when away from home at star partys Can I run all theses programs Eqmod phd and backyard eos on a Android tablet and if so could anybody recommend which tablet to buy Solarboy
  6. Give some idea on what are looking for Solarboy
  7. What are you looking for Solarboy
  8. Hi I don't see any encoder units in the photos Solarboy
  9. Hi Is the camera still for sale or I will do a trade if you after something of interest let me know Solarboy
  10. Guilding assistance on phd

    The first photo your eqmod comes up different to mine solarboy
  11. Guilding assistance on phd

    That last photo was very helpful Thanks solarboy
  12. Where do I find guild assistance on phd a photo would be good Thanks solarboy
  13. Sky at Night Back Issues

    Hi There is somone in wanted section after some Solarboy
  14. Old Sky At Night/Astronomy Now mags

    I have a few S.A.N in my ob if you can wait until 17th march I'm in Thailand you can have them for the price of the postage Solarboy
  15. PHD2 guiding - Silly question

    Hi Yes I find good balance works well Wind is problem when I am out in the field but not to bad in my ob Forget to say I don't know how maxim works Solarboy