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  1. Ay mates ! Did an artical image from my sketchy setup ! Was a great view from here. The skies are pretty clear here.
  2. Aah .. the pleasure of a good morning session . Great image . Sharp detail . One question : How much would a skyline 200 dob cost if i buy it India ? In rupees ? Any estimates?
  3. Wow . This is exceptionally good . Well ,after all one of the biggest members of sgl is writing it. Beautiful!!
  4. Yeah raspberry pie is a wonderful tool if you use it for making push to go scopes . I think it will depend on the quality of the accelerometers how accurate you scope will be . Wish you best of luck . Raspberry pi is a really flexible machine . Clear skies mate .
  5. Believe me if you start looking for m13 with your 200 skiliner ull find wonders . find andromeda ull just see a fuzzy patch but i got the most amazing feels seeing them . I suggest you download stellarium take some time decide your targets and go hunting . See the map carefully and try to navigate using stars . I live in a colony with sodium vapour lamps at every 30 meters. But that doesnt kills the pleasure . Try some light pollution minimising tricks like floging ur tube and if not comfortab;e with opening your scope make a hood that'll surely help keep out some extra reflections , sharpening your views . The objects i suggets at the moment are : The pleiades (the basic) M13 M31 get up early and view mercury venus and jupiter all in one session . ull get a lot of surprises . wait for some time and ull se the orion nebula . i have a 130 mm telescope and i really enjoyed them all . go out and explore ! (excuse my indecency) thank you clear skies .!
  6. Thank you so much . I really appreciate it sir . I saw your post and started working rightaway . Ill soon post my finished webcam image . I finally made one after your tips .Ill post my progress here so please guide me further . I tried afocal but i foud it literally neckbreaking and a perfect focus was out of reach well i will not give up on trying to image even if its even the moon its worth a lot to me . Thank you for your guidance . Clear skies .!
  7. Yup 200p is not a telescope ull want to part with . And as far as fracs go . Get the meade 80 ed or the explore scientific one . Oh i just saw u already have a 80mm refractor . So i suggest a better mount first
  8. Great image mate ! I wish i could even start imaging ! ..great work ... best of luck with your progress . clear skies..!
  9. I am an ameture astronomer form the little city of gwalior . I have been fascinated by the night sky since i was just a kid (im still a kid) . I bought a telescope with all the money i can save. So now i come to my topic . How do I start imaging? I am quite familier with the night sky now and know how an eq mount works . But the question is can i get anything without having descent equipment . Cause really i just have astromaster 130 eq with me with a cg-3 mount which all of us know is not at all capable of handling astrophotography to begin with . But what is the basic equipment i need if i want to start prime focus astrophotography ? First of all : Which camera, I dont have a dslr or a ccd camera and not even near the resources to buy one in the near future , but i have seen a lot of webcams used for astrophotography , for example the almighty spc900. But you dont get anything even remotely like that in India . So the bare minimum of a camera that I need for AP. Next up my targets : My tagets are not objects that are 3.1763 billion light years away . I know how ridiculous i would seem just by mentioning that . But can i even get a pic of our moon ? a descent one at that ? Next my budget : I wouldnt write this in the first place if my pockets were deep . Next : What else do i need ? Which software to use to adjust the exposure of the webcam etc ? Please i just want to start basic imaging . I want to capture the moment . To all my seniors here at this amazing fourm please guide me . Thank you . Clear skies ..!
  10. Back after such a long time ! ... still the feels i get from this fourm remain the same

  11. Aaah those are the signature habits of a cat .. hes awesomme ...his ears are cool ... is that a robe hes wearing ?
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