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  1. Hi, an excellent idea to show and locate the sketches! I went for a different approach - a bit more unsorted Clear skies Achim
  2. Hi, that's a fine sketch. Your technique of shading and then erasing produces impressive results! Clear skies! Achim
  3. Hello Mike, thanks for sharing both the old and the new sketch with us here. Both are great! Clear skies! Achim
  4. Hi, for two reasons: The granular effect is one thing, the other is that the pastel sticks better. Clear skies Achim
  5. Hi, yes, of course! Feel free to do so! Clear skies! Achim
  6. Dear all, after weeks of cloudy weather especially during the weekends, I got an opportunity to have a look at our home star and do a pastel sketch of the H alpha sun with some solar prominences and a group of sun spots. Telescope: Lunt LS50THaB600PT Eyepiece: Celestron X-Cel 10mm Date & Time: January 26th, 2020 / 1300-1340 CET Location: home terrace, Dusseldorf region, Germany Technique: reddish Koh-i-Noor Toison d'Or pastels and pastel pens on white Hahnemühle mould-made pastel paper Size: 24 x 31 cm Clear and sunny skies! Achim
  7. acr_astro

    M42 sketch

    Hi, that's a fine pencil sketch of this highlight of the winter sky! Thanks for sharing this one with US! Clear skies Achim
  8. Hi, an excellent sketch done with an interesting technique. The result is looking great! Clear skies Achim
  9. Dear all, this morning, before going off to work, I started the day with a lunar sketch of lunar sunset before sunrise at home. I had put the 5" MAK outside over night, so it was properly cooled. Telescope: Celestron NexStar 127 SLT Eyepiece: Explore Scientific 6.7mm/82° Date & Time: January 16th, 2020 / 0715-0745 CET Location: Home terrace, Dusseldorf Region, Germany Technique: Koh-i-Noor chalk, extra charcoal and whitecoal pens and pieces on Seawhite of Brighton black sketching paper Size: appr. 20x30cm Clear skies! Achim
  10. Dear all, yesterday evening I have chosen the lunar crater J. Herschel (named after British astronomer John Herschel from 19th century, the son of William Herschel) which exposed a pretty convexed floor in the rising sun. The crater has a diameter of about 150 km and lies at the northern "coast" of Mare Frigoris. The sketch starts with Harpalus in the South, then you can see the 24 km crater Horrebow (named after a Danish astronomer from 17th century) just at the southern rim of J. Herschel. At the northern end of my sketch we have the 71 km crater Philolaus. The dominating crater J. Herschel (too be precisely a walled plain) has a quite rough surface which is said to be caused by ejecta from the impact that formed the Mare Imbrium. This rough structure and its convexed shape resulted in a nice three-dimensional appearance. Southeast of it, I sketched the secondary craters J. Herschel F and la Condamine B which are located in Mare Frigoris. So here's the sketch: Telescope: Celestron NexStar 127 SLT Eyepiece: Explore Scientific 14mm/82° (due to the poor seeing, I couldn't go for the 6.7mm/82°) Date & Time: January 6th, 2020 / 1845-1945 CET Location: Backyard, Dusseldorf Region, Germany Technique: Koh-i-Noor chalk, extra charcoal and whitecoal pens and pieces on Seawhite of Brighton black sketching paper Size: appr. 20x30cm And finally here's a photo of my observation place: Clear skies! Achim
  11. acr_astro

    Gylden Valley

    Hello Mike, thanks for sharing this great sketch with us. The shadow on the crater floor indeed looks like a cutout of a man's head as mentioned as well by Martin! Clear skies Achim
  12. Hello Mike, excellent sketch and excellent observation. Thanks for heads up - I'll put this on my list! Clear skies Achim
  13. Hi all, thanks a lot for your great feedback! Achim
  14. Hi Mike, thanks for showing these two sketches with their individual techniques! And thanks Martin for the link. I've been posting to that site quite some times in the past and indeed this Maurolycus sketch is mine. It was nice to revisit it five years after posting. Unfortunately that site isn't maintained anymore as far as know. Clear skies! Achim
  15. Dear all, first of all Happy New Year to all of you! Today we had a very sunny day over here, so I set up my Dobsonian telescope waiting for the moon. Since I could not decide for a single crater to sketch, I went for the whole visible moon and spent about an hour with that. Telescope: 10" f/5 Martini Truss tube Dobsonian Eyepiece: ES 82°/14mm Date and Time: January 1st, 2020 / 1700-1800 CET Location: home terrace, Dusseldorf region, Germany Technique: chalk and charcoal and whitecoal pens on black sketching paper Size: appr. 20 cm diameter Clear skies! Achim
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