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  1. Thank you Lurcher. Just looked up Erika Rix - impressive drawings of the moon in its entirety!
  2. I don't think you're as far off as you think! If I get to your level I'll be mighty pleased.
  3. Hi Mike, Thanks for the encouragement - good to know you started from a similar position, there's hope for me yet! Loved your drawing using the stippled technique like H Hill. Have you got his 'Portfolio of Lunar Drawings'? It's a beautiful book. J
  4. Morning all, Thanks to the beautiful work of some members here (Ruud, Lurcher, Mike JW) I finally made two attempts at lunar sketching, one of Theophilus near the terminator and last night of Kepler's rays at full moon. I found both drawings very challenging. I'm only using graphite - it will take a lot of practise before I try more demanding techniques like charcoal and stippling. I'm not happy with either sketch (and their inaccuracies) but I wanted to post them so that hopefully I can look back and see some improvement. Despite the frustration its wonderful to have found another lifetime's pursuit. Lunar sketching is reassuringly future proof too - LP, flight corridors etc. can't rob us of its light! Final image is one by the late Harold Hill - something to aspire to... Thanks for looking. Jack (both sketches made in a 140mm refractor F7 at x140-x180)
  5. Hi Al, Just sent you a PM with a couple of questions. Thanks, Jack
  6. Fantastic painting - very inspiring! Just tried my first graphite sketch of the moon last night, centred on the crater Theophilus. This is something to work towards - lunar sketching looks like a lifetime's pursuit! Jack
  7. JackCooke

    Mayall II

    Wonderful observation! Will have to give it a try in my dob.
  8. Thanks Marios. Love your gallery btw - what tools do you use to sketch?
  9. Hi Rob. I always love the idea that different star gazers are training their telescopes on the same faint objects, miles apart! The sketch was made with graphite pencils and a blending stump on white paper - then scanned and the colours inverted. I'd like to try positive sketching with chalk pens on black card - I posted a great link on this a while back ('The Mellish Method'):
  10. A quick sketch from the 1st September (sorry - date is wrong on the image). M15 was still fairly low in the east but the central condensation of stars really stood out, even in a 5.5inch scope. The bright field star intruding on the edge of the image was distracting. If I had a tracking mount I'd have banished it permanently! A lot of the extended GC was on the threshold of vision and the resolved stars faded in and out. M15 will always have a special place for me as it was the first GC i ever saw Thanks for looking. Jack
  11. I love it! Did you use graphite and invert the image or a positive sketch with chalk etc on black paper? It's got great intensity in the centre - really captures the view I've seen looking at M13. I like the haze of unresolved light to the south too. I want to try some positive sketches - the originals are more fun to keep in a logbook
  12. JackCooke

    Messier 92

    Thank you! I'd haven't spent much time in Ophiuchus - will have a hunt for M10 & M12 next time I get the chance and try a sketch. Definitely give it a go - it's never going to be completely accurate with something as complex as a globular cluster but its fun to take something away as a memory.
  13. JackCooke

    Messier 92

    Thanks! I'm sure you'll get clear skies soon - I'd swap the UK weather for Texas any day!
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