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  1. Very impressive. This is my attempt last night at the Apollo 15 site through my Opticstar AR80s achro. It was beautifully sharp to the eye, but my phone just couldn't get sharp focus. I think I need to get a holder rather than holding it up manually.
  2. In a lift (elevator) it's usually called Lower Ground or LG.
  3. Not sure about the storage issue as I keep mine in the living room, but I use a drummer's stool which can be bought pretty cheaply and is adjustable.
  4. Beautiful pics - well worth the effort.
  5. Thanks John. It's a shame it doesn't appear to be available anymore, as it was well equipped with a Crayford dual speed focuser and cooling fan for about the same price as the equivalent Skywatcher.
  6. Just a picture of my Revelation 8" Dobsonian with manual azimuth scale and Wixey angle gauge. Had a fun evening battling the light pollution on the West Sussex coast.
  7. Just ordered a copy as my 50th birthday present!
  8. I was all excited when I saw the thread title - I though it was going to be "finally a huge sunspot has just started to rotate into view on the limb of the sun!" Nice bins though!
  9. iota cancrii, high in the sky in the early evening at this time of year and well worth a look as a beautiful double.
  10. Good spot. It's not labelled on any of my maps, but you can see it here on one of them:
  11. Quick smartphone shot of Crater Bailly on the moon's limb, with the rim of Bailly A catching the sunlight.
  12. The Revelation 8" dob (I have one) has an adjusting bolt in the centre of the base under the body of the scope. It is possible that this is too tight and needs to be loosened a little.
  13. Hope I'm not teaching you to suck eggs, but do make sure the filter is securely attached and can't blow off in the wind.
  14. A while light whole disk shot, using a handheld mobile phone and my AR80S with Baader film filter. AR2741 showing nicely.
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