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  1. Fr Christmas kindly bought me an Orion smartphone adapter, and this has been my first chance to use it properly. Taken through an 8" f6 Newtonian at 37.5x
  2. What is the name of the YouTube channel please? I'd like to watch this.
  3. Nothing wrong with that scope at all. 90mm is a decent aperture and the mount is suitably sturdy. Just take your time - start with easy targets such as the moon to begin with - and don't be discouraged if you struggle at first. There's a wealth of knowledge on this site from helpful people. First thing to do when you get the scope is to line up the finder scope. Do this by lining up the telescope on a distant object such as a telegraph pole or TV aerial, and then adjust the finderscope so you can see the same object in it. Then, when you go out at night, point the finderscope at
  4. *****Had an offer I couldn't refuse for the three longer focal lengths, so now just the 3.2mm available - £35 incl postage.*****
  5. 1.25" BST Starguider ED eyepieces - set of 4 with boxes and lens cloths. Focal lengths: 15mm, 8mm, 5mm and 3.2mm. Very good condition. These are excellent eyepieces for beginner or intermediate use on any telescope. Please note: The 15mm eyepiece does not have the 'Starguider' branding on it, but is of exactly the same design and specification. Up on eBay for £150 plus postage. I'd be happy to sell to a Stargazer's Lounge member for £140 with free 'signed for' postage. Not willing to split at this stage. ******Had an offer I couldn't refuse for the three longer foca
  6. Got a good view today with an 80mm achro, Herschel wedge and continuum filter. Definitely worth investing in.
  7. There's an AZ Pronto mount and tripod in the Classifieds that might suit?
  8. I have a Telrad on one scope and a Rigel on the other. Quite happy with both, as like the OP I only use them to get the starting star in the view of the RACI when starhopping. Telrads are big, so a Rigel is better on, for example, a short focal-length refractor.
  9. I have the AZ5 and the mount itself is good - you can release the clutches to move across the sky quicky, and then use the slow motion controls to star-hop and track. However, the lightweight tripod isn't great - it is light for grab and go, but isn't that steady on the wind or when focussing etc. Planning on a Berlebach! Here's a photo of it with my AR80S.
  10. That looks great. I'm planning a 312 for my AZ5 and Opticstar 80mm frac as the stock tripod isn't very steady.
  11. http://astrobiology.com/2020/09/phosphine-detected-in-the-atmosphere-of-venus---an-indicator-of-possible-life.html
  12. My Revelation 8" Dob came with one as standard and it's beautifully smooth.
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