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  1. Hope I'm not teaching you to suck eggs, but do make sure the filter is securely attached and can't blow off in the wind.
  2. A while light whole disk shot, using a handheld mobile phone and my AR80S with Baader film filter. AR2741 showing nicely.
  3. Yes, still very happy with mine. Been getting some good white light solar views recently as well through it. It's my first refractor (had a Mak before and my 'main' scope is a Dob) so I have to admit I've not really got a baseline, but I find the views pleasing.
  4. I may have been a bit premature calling it AR2741 as I don't think it's been formally classified yet.
  5. Just coming into view apparently: https://www.facebook.com/groups/charliebatessolarastronomyproject/permalink/10156825317359504/ https://www.spaceweatherlive.com/en/solar-activity
  6. Quick mobile phone shot through my AR80S with solar film filter:
  7. Congratulations to China on first landing on the dark side of the moon. First pictures are stunning. (I know it's not the dark side really, just thought it was a good gag!)
  8. I wonder if you have only tried it on terrestrial objects so far, as they would require the focusser to be wound right out? Objects in space are much further away, so will mean the focusser will be further in.
  9. Hi there. There are several people on this site with Celestron SE series scopes, so someone will come along with the answer soon. Don't despair!
  10. Thanks to a recent gap in the clouds while the moon was up and an unexpected clear night last night, I've now had the opportunity for first light with with AR80S on the AZ5. The scope's performance on the moon was really impressive. There was a hint of CA on the limb in the form of a yellowish tinge, but no hint on the lunar face and the terminator was beautifully clear and crisp through my BST Starguiders. Last night I cruised around some familiar DSOs while I got used to the scope and mount - M42, M43, M45, M31, M35, Double Cluster and some double stars in Orion (Struve 747, Struve 745, sigma Orionis and iota Orionis). I was really pleased with the views - stars were pinpoints across most of the view with just a hint of distortion at the extreme edges. At just 40x I was able to see all three components of iota Orionis, and they were easily split at 75x. Similarly, stars D and E in sigma Orionis were easily separated from the main ABC stars. Overall, the telescope is perfect as a 'grab and go' small achro with limited CA. Unfortunately, I'm less impressed with the AZ5 mount. It's really not very steady at all, and any attempt to fine tune the focus led to the view jumping around and taking a good 2-3 seconds to dampen down. It was a still night, and I hate to think what the view would have been like had it been windy. I got the mount used on eBay, and it lacks the pillar extension - I've therefore ordered one from FLO in the hope that having to extend the tripod legs less might improve its steadiness. Anyway, there you go. In summary - scope good, mount less so.
  11. I guess they are annoying for astrophotographers if the beam runs across their field of view?
  12. It's a good question. I tested that only the other day with my new frac as it came in a nice bag but doesn't fit with the finder attached. I lined up the finder on a TV aerial, took it off, reattached it and it was still lined up ok.
  13. Thanks. Typically, Clear Outside app is showing 100% cloud cover to the end of the year! ?
  14. My AR80S arrived this morning, so I thought I'd post a quick pic of it on my AZ5 mount. First impressions are that it is very light yet substantial, and feels very well made for such a budget price. First light has consisted of pointing at a TV aerial to line up my finderscope; image is crisp and clear with just a hint of CA either side of focus. I guess that, despite being an achro the focal length of f7.5 helps with this. It is a little 'back heavy' with finder, diagonal and eyepiece but the mount holds it ok The Crayford focusser is a little 'sticky' in coarse mode, but fine focus is smoother. It's not as smooth and the 10:1 Crayford on my Revelation dob, so may need some adjusting. Can't wait for a proper first light if the clouds ever roll away!
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