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  1. I'm looking for a counterweight bar that is 20mm diameter. It's too go on an Exos 2 mount head for a little project I'm working on. Im not sure of the thread size at the moment but something from an eq5 or lxd75 type might work. It can be a bit shorter than standard for what I'm doing.
  2. Following this thread with interest. I found a link to the Messier catalogue online somewhere that was listed by month. I'll add it if i can find it again. Some were too low for the urbanisation i live in, but it was good fun chasing them down. I missed a few first round so will have to revisit. There is also a list generated by Loughton astronomical society online that can be downloaded.
  3. They are not difficult to make it you are comfortable soldering wire, a few resistors and strapping up some gaffer tape, velcro etc. Plenty of instructions online.
  4. After some mixed weather, the sky cleared. I had a super time observing mars from 11 right through till 5, with the odd snooze. Just amazing to see to see the planet slowly revolve as the time ticked by. The see ing was quite good, interupted with a few breezes and hazy cloud from time to time. It got hazy towards 5 so i packed up. I swapped between a neodymium filter and a red filter from time to time. The red made the darker areas really dark and outlined. I thought the neodymium allowed slightly more subtle shades to show, even thought it became quite bright. H2 and HB pencils and orange crayon on paper with a small led clip on reading lamp. SCT 8 with a 2x barlow and 12mm bst ep. Interestingly i found the Barlow and 12mm have a much better quality image than the 8mm or 5mm bst. North is at the top. First sketch at right about 11pm. Rotation left to right.
  5. Very nice sketches and follow through of the sessions. Hellas basin too.
  6. Ah. Thank you. I shall look that up. ill have to go again now
  7. Thanks. Not sure how to say how dark it was. Certainly a lot darker than home. Although it wasnt black dark. The milky way was clearly visible with direct vision overhead - less so towards the horizon. Without the filter the sky was a very dark grey. The UHC-E filter was best. It turned the sky inky black. The nebulosity was very faint and needed averted vision as it drifted in and out of view.
  8. Thanks. They were like looking at a black bag of diamonds. Quite breathtaking. It all made the journey to get away from the houses and lights very worthwhile.
  9. This is a spare front glass filter I bought for a GP-Cam. Its not been used and has stayed in its wrapper. (apart from taking the picture) its clear but with a UV/IR block. It passes 400-700nm approx (see the link here: https://www.altairastro.com/altair-gpcam-replacement-optical-window---uvir-block-with-ar-coating-27-p.asp ) Cost new £25+P&P, but it can be on its way to you for £15.00 inc P&P to UK mainland. Paypal F&F or BACS please. Thanks for looking.
  10. I was fortunate to visit a place with much darker skies than my home, recently and managed to actually eyeball some faint objects. It was real thrill to see these. The orientation is probably back to front for these L-R or N-S depending on how my diagonal ended up to get comfortable.
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