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  1. That's an impressive list. Interesting observation about the truss manageability.
  2. Met saying good for me. Co says mixed. It's been so long, I'm tempted to stumble out with the dob, but the ground is so very wet. Then what to look at? Decisions decisions...
  3. @Stu sounds like you had a great time. Mobile with a 20 inch dob too - chapeau. Will have to travel to Scotland again sometime, but it's a bit of a drive.
  4. Blustery here and looking at the weather map sporadic blue bits, so not going out, although tempting.
  5. very nice collection of sketches.
  6. I need to figure a way of rotating my DSLR when it's mounted piggy back. Always seems to be in the worst orientation.
  7. Thank you for the compliment. I was wondering about that. The moon image was a mosaic so it might enlarge and print reasonably.
  8. I didn't know filters could be put in the eyepieces. Cool.
  9. I will wait with interest. Not expecting much deep sky. A breezy and humid session with Luna I expect.
  10. A composite map of 8 recent sketches. Produced with PaintshopPro.
  11. Yes, you are right. I was looking at my 1960's edition of A Field Guide to the Stars and Planets moon maps. My more recent Turn Left at Orion shows Messier and Messier A. Wonder why it was renamed.
  12. 2020-02-11 Playing hide and seek with the clouds this evening. I started to look at the two lonely craters Messier and WH Pickering where the impact debris from Messier washed either side of the older WH Pickering crater. A band of clouds came over so I went inside for a cuppa, expecting to clear up afterwards. Fell asleep in the chair and woke up an hour later to a lovely clearing sky. Struck by the strangeness of the Rheita Valley I reached for the sketch pad and started again. So much detail, I was wondering if I had bitten off a bit too much and this took me much longer than expected. After seeing the Venus crescent and Mercury as a dot in the early evening after sunset, it all turned out quite nice after all.
  13. That's nice and clear. Which phone adapter did you get? I've managed to check the area I was sketching from your photo. Very helpful, thanks. I had the diagonal at a strange angle for comfort and had some difficulty reconciling what I drew with my old atlas.
  14. I was going to start with the moon. Also thinking of using a zoom ep, bit probably just stay with one subject for a short look. Relying on the goto to find and track. I've got a projection ep somewhere,.... Evening project to rummage in boxes of bits....
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