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  1. I had one of those. I also had the Field guide to the stars and Planets, which was easyy beyond me at the time. I thought it had gone, so i got a replacement, only to find my original copy 1st edition a bit later.
  2. well after playing about with a netbook running Xp and another running W10 (slowly) it seems that the windows SynscanApp doesnt like the non-standard display on these machines. The app runs but is not visible on the small screnn. Looking for another Astro use for a couple of netbooks now .... They seem to run Stellarium ok.
  3. Whats the minimum windows spec needed to run the Synscan app (wifi or cable) please ? I have an old netbook sitting in front of me running windows XP (and some FTDI adapters in my box of bits) and I thought..... I know what I can do with this.... Little shelf on the side of the mount - bingo ? The app looks very lightweight and so Im not expecting much in the way of demand as long as it runs on XP. I did look on the skywatcher site ... couldnt find any info Thanks
  4. My observing list has now run to 3 pages in anticipation of catching things whilst I get the chance I'd better check the coffee situation.
  5. Hello Looking for one of these - the red one supplied by FLO - if anyone has one looking for a new home. Not the black skywatcher one. Premium Cheshire Collimating Eyepiece | First Light Optics Thanks
  6. I was thinking of the bright moon aswell. Moon for a bit and then doubles I think today.
  7. Wow, thanks. Ive just also found a list in the back of 'Turn Left' and the link at Tables - Turn Left At Orion | Cambridge University Press Into Excel and sorted by Constellation so thats a great start.
  8. I wondered is someone could point me in the direction of a list of double/multiple stars observable from UK ? Ideally, separation ,magnitude, colour, RA DEC. Or, if there is a list of the ones that are pre-loaded into the skywatcher handsets, that would be good too. Thanks
  9. Theres a simple DIY dew shield design here: Home Built Astronomy - Telrad Dew Shield
  10. Fine sketches. I like the textures across the surface. I missed the spots on the other side. Now ill have to get everything out again.
  11. Observing Report 21-22 Jan 2021 The sky cleared as though a switch had been toggled soon after 9.00 and the Dob’ was already out cooling down. I had been tinkering with it in the week and this was another shakedown test. Id always thought the image from this (4th hand) scope could be better and had resigned myself to ‘maybe thats just how it is’ or I got a poor one . This week I checked the mirror clamps in preparation for a ‘lock down mirror clean’. Boy they were tight (2-3 turns of each crew before the clamps released!) so I loosened them up to the customary business card clearance. Col
  12. Very nice. I just went to get my sketch book and the clouds rolled in here.
  13. Clusters and the Eskimo I managed a couple of hours observing last night with big Dob'. There was quite a bit of high cloud which curtailed my plans and the seeing wasnt very good. Cancer was invisible to the eye. All the galaxies I tried around Leo and the nebulae on my list were just the faintest of smudges if they could be found at all. Ive seen more on better night with my small refactor. However, starting in the west around 1am (after lights out) I had some splendid views of the usual clusters in Auriga: M37, M36 M38 and NGC 1893. The red star near the centre of M37 looked very nice
  14. Awesome. I used to have one of those 60 mm Tasco. I vaguely remember looking at Saturn and have averted imaginings of seeing the tiny ring nebula at a horribly uncomfortable high elevation. Somewhere i have a photo of the moon taken at the eyepiece with a small hannimex 35mm camera held on by a very ' heath robinson ' bracket. I recently found my old copies of A Field Guide to the Stars and Planets and Nortons Star Atlas, only they make alot more sense to me now than then. Happy Memories....
  15. Hooray, I got to see the sun today as it skimmed over the fence and chimney pots. Very surprised at the clarity considering the overnight storm. Very pleased with my TS optics Herschel wedge on my little Bresser 102/600. I just used the stock 25mm plossl and a couple of Barlows. Lots of small sunspots were visible around the periphery of the 3 larger ones. Im sure a few spots erupted whilst i was watching, or maybe it's the more you look the more you see, and the occasional extra atmospheric clarity. Penumbra and plage areas very clear today.
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