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  1. Some say 10x50 can be held, other say it’s shakey, or at the limits of what’s possible. We all know the YMMV differences between each of us, but what I find misleading is the weight of the bins are never mentioned. Some 10x50s are twice as heavy as other brands. (I have some APM apo ED 10x50 that are over 3lbs, while the Orion Scenix 10x50 is like 1.7 lbs.) How much are the recommendations we read speaking in strictly magnification terms? Or is it possible the wide range of opinions from the community come from unwittingly comparing apples (3lb 10x50s) to oranges (1.5lb 10x50s)? Chee
  2. Thank you all for the insight! I must start off by saying I'm a rookie to all of this and Ruud's suggestion of a bean bag (i'm imagining a small to medium sized one I can put on the roof of my car and slouch my elbows into) seems like a terrific idea! I purchased a "zero-gravity" Magellan chair from a local sporting goods store for $70 and it also seems to work wonders. Real nice to be able to lay entirely back with neck fully supported. A bit of slouching and I can get my elbows on my chest or armrests fairly easily. - But I digress. I will give a more detailed description of my newbie
  3. Hello Everyone! I am new here, but have a question I hope to find some answers to! I recently ordered a pair of APM APO ED 7x50s for my first stargazing bino. After further reading I decided maybe the 10x50 variant would be better suited to my needs. I ordered the second pair and now have them both side by side to compare, before returning one. I've considered most of the other differences, but I notice the shade of green reflected by the eye piece are a much darker olive in the 10x50s vs an emerald green in the 7x50s. Is this normal? I am initially concerned it may be a QC issue (fo
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