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  1. I've been there a couple of times. Very dark, and a bit scary if you are on your own (I was.. eek!) . I have read other reports complaining about local lights and sky-glow from somewhere (Kidderminster?) . Well that just wasn't my experience. The sky was stunning. Can be a bit windy though - my Portamount was getting thoroughly battered on one occasion so gave up and just used binos.
  2. Don't turn it into another job. Don't make it a competition. Do as much as you want, when you want. Otherwise you will just kill the magic. For me it's all about relaxation, i'm usually on my own .I'm a pretty anti-social selfish,astronomer. I just do it to suit myself.
  3. I'd guess they don't collapse because they are spinning - same as galaxies?
  4. Nope you won't notice the difference. Save your money.
  5. Hi Folks. I'm only 16 miles away from Aston Cantlow, and need to get out more. Mind if I come along one evening?
  6. I caught it by chance last September from Croatia, put my D40 on a post, pointing nearly straight up, 10 sec exposure at F1.8,and bang, there it was.. (half way to the edge, about 11 o'clock position)
  7. I can see another barge on the NEB too. To the east of GRS and Io's shadow
  8. Beautiful, thanks for the tip-off. Anyone see something going on on the western(?) side of the NEB as well, the northern border?
  9. I enjoyed that museum too, until the curator tried to charge me another 5 quid to take a photo
  10. Quality seems to be the consensus, and I couldn't agree more. 10 years ago I found myself filing the dovetail mount on a finder bracket so it would fit. Found myself thinking "Hang on, I've just spent £700 on this...." Can't think of any other product where this would happen. (OO Europe 10" by the way)
  11. Sorry for drifting off topic....the picture just caught my eye
  12. OOoo I'm so jealous. It looks so small though. How did they ever get 3 of 'em in there?
  13. Jahmason what's that yellow thing you are sitting next to in your picture - a Mercury capsule?.
  14. Really bright? Jupiter most likely
  15. Slightly off-topic, but where do you think we would be by now if space programmes had carried on in the Apollo tradition rather than mucking about in low-earth orbit with sky-lab, shuttle etc.?
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