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  1. Starlight feathertouch focuser with SIPS coma corecorrector . New and unused in box with adaptor for flat mount.mounts available from starlight instruments for most popular big dobs. Save £££s on new price(£900) £550 Inc insured and registered postage Payment by bank transfer only.unit is with my scope builder so posted only, no collection. NOW SOLD
  2. Just saw your orion optics review-have a look back a few years and you will see what I think of orion optics customer service ;)

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    2. crashtestdummy


      Pretty sure you have already seen it faulksy, it was a few years back when they recoated my mirror.they have actually changed their wording for recoating on their site now but despite anything, it's the way they speak to their customers that is the problem. 

    3. estwing


       told you mike...i saw this change crash on the website...still got a few issues with my coating...

    4. crashtestdummy


      Yeah I looked a while back to see how much it would cost to do my 22" when finished and noticed they had changed it.I would literally only use orion optics if I had no other choice and then I would thing again and again.

  3. I'm many things in life but stupid isn't one of those.I also don't believe in coincidence so don't insult my intelligence, it was way too obvious ;)

  4. Altair astro 80mm Maxi-Finder Finder Scope Package complete with 1.25" straight through focuser upgrade for guiding.brand new and unused aside for testing Rrp £240 £140 posted
  5. Final price drops 20mm £225 posted 14mm £160 posted No further offers
  6. Photos added and a price drop to £600.this is as new so save £300+ on the UK price
  7. I have something similar that im about to advertise if you are interested drop me a pm. Altair astronomical 80mm finder guide with right angle and straight through focusers and rings in box unused beyond a trial viewing.
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