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  1. I have an FC76DCU and FS60CB, Q module, for trade (plus +/- cash), if of interest, otherwise happy to buy outright. Cosmetics not too important, but excellent optics please No longer need the portability of these scopes, looking for a little more aperture. The 76 is the split-tube model, super-portable and light-weight, I’ve travelled with this as carry-on luggage with a light-weight tripod. See review at: http://scopeviews.co.uk/TakFC-76.htm
  2. Richard


    There’s one of these on Astrobuysell UK Richard
  3. Cosmetics not too important
  4. Excellent condition optically and cosmetically, apart from one 'dull' patch on the paint, less than 1cm across, where it looks as if it has been polished a little too enthusiastically. No bare metal or ding. Takahashi rings and top plate included, these hold the optical tube very securely and give good orthogonality. High-res images on request if seriously interested in this scope. I've bought a larger imaging scope and use this occasionally as a wide, flat field visual scope, where it gives great results, but it is primarily an astrograph, with an integral field flattener. More here
  5. Both used with an AZ GTi, which I no longer have. The screen has a slight mark/discolouration on the outside, bottom left. It doesn’t affect use or hinder viewing. Tried to capture in the image, not obvious but it’s there. The cable is the Lynx Astro ‘Premium’ version, it’s longer than the standard one which does make it easier to use, sometimes got ‘tangled’ in the standard versions. Image shows standard and Lynx versions. Handset £85, cable £23, £105 for both. Prices include UK P+P. Also listed on ABS.
  6. I have lost the lateral adjustment unit and base for a Starbeam, think I left it attached to a spare clamshell that’s no longer in my possession... Either the base, to attach to a TV clamshell, TV or home-made, and/or the lateral adjustment unit would be of interest. Thanks, Richard
  7. These were supplied with Takahashi Sky 90s, and maybe other Tak scopes? Thanks, Richard
  8. Looking for an older 'Tak green' model, bare OTA, with the standard focuser, ideally, since I have all of the ancillaries. Anything considered though, since I guess there aren't too many of these 'knocking around!' Many thanks, Richard
  9. I bought about 10 years ago from BC+F and have only used it to test that it actually works. It’s in its original box, with power ‘brick’ and leads as supplied. Intended to start imaging but new job at time meant that this didn't happen. It was designed specially for the smaller, fast refractors, which were becoming popular at the time, with a small pixel size. Originally tried it with XP, I tried it again recently using Windows 10, my laptop talked to the camera, and all seemed well, but I didn’t image anything ‘astronomical’. More info here: https://manualmachine.com/starlightxpress
  10. As per title, I left these attached to a spare clamshell, which I then sold...
  11. Excellent condition mechanically and cosmetically. No controller, but runs on standard Moonlite / Robofocus protocols via standard hubs. Has a 4" female thread flange fitted, this can be replaced easily with standard flange for your scope. £285, postage at cost. Open to p/x offers, nothing particular in mind, this is just sitting in a cupboard...
  12. Hi Steve, Is this still up for grabs? Would like to buy if so. Regards, Richard
  13. Don't need a focuser or clamshell, just the fluorite doublet, ideally with a dew-shield and / or bare tube. If you have upgraded your FS60C, using an FC76 module, the objective may be surplus to requirements? Richard
  14. Looking for either or both of these, cosmetic marks on the barrel fine as long as the glass is clean/unmarked. Also posted on UKABS
  15. I'm looking for an ash tripod originally sold by Company 7 in the US as: Model # AM-WT-5000 (in Green finish) Only this model, or similar genuine Vixen, e.g. old SP version, colour not important, please; boss optional, though my Al150 boss should fit (?), legs only would also be good. I already have a suitable Berlebach, not looking for one of these. I'll pay a fair price and cover any reasonable shipping costs (shipped to the UK) for a good example. Many thanks, Richard This ad, or similar, also on ABS and AM/CN in the US.
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