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  1. I'm looking for an ash tripod originally sold by Company 7 in the US as: Model # AM-WT-5000 (in Green finish) Only this model, or similar genuine Vixen, e.g. old SP version, colour not important, please; boss optional, though my Al150 boss should fit (?), legs only would also be good. I already have a suitable Berlebach, not looking for one of these. I'll pay a fair price and cover any reasonable shipping costs (shipped to the UK) for a good example. Many thanks, Richard This ad, or similar, also on ABS and AM/CN in the US.
  2. Like it says, tatty is fine as long as they're heavy and have SW etc. 'standard' hole size
  3. Here are a couple:
  4. Hi Stuart, I have a 'Starwave' Losmandy clamp, I'll post it to you for £35? Sitting in a drawer currently... Richard
  5. My mistake - that's the one I was thinking of
  6. ...another though - there's a bundle on ebay, including an ADM/Losmandy saddle. I'm interested in the ADM Vixen-style dovetail plate but the chap won't split. Could be a solutiopn for both of us?
  7. Hi, I have a 'Starwave' saddle sitting in a drawer - any use? Don't have a proper pic to hand but it looks like the one attached. I'll post some 'proper' pics if it's of interest? Cheers, Richard
  8. Thanks - I'd hoped that I could do just this, but the shaft's firmly attached to a knurled collar that engages with the draw-tube, a closed ball race, and a planetary ball race basket at one end. More complicated than I thought, but doable. FT flatly refuse to sell just the replacement part, though, and insist that I send it for repair, because it's too difficult for me, even though I've told them I've engineering training. It seems there's no option. Agreed! I want to replace the collar, but FT keep ignoring the question... It's only cosmetic anyway. I can't believe how difficult this is being made by the manufacturer, I'd have thought twice about buying the scope had I known.
  9. Hi all, Have just bought a scope with a Feather Touch 3545 in need of some attention. The pinion shaft is bent, about 3/4" from the non-reduction end, and the fixed knob turns eccentrically. I've contacted FT, who won't provide a replacement, but instead want me to send the thing to the US for repair, when I'm perfectly capable of simply replacing the bent shaft. The rest of the shaft runs true, with no distortion that I can either see or feel, so in a sense it's a cosmetic issue. A second problem, purely cosmetic, is that the collar on the end of the draw-tube has had a bash at some point. I've asked twice about a replacement but my questions have been ignored. Is there anyone in the UK who could help with this, without the need to go through FT, who haven't been able to help?
  10. The SP is lovely. They are so nice to use, especially with clutches if you need to stop motors or GOTO 'getting in the way'. I've re-acquired a GP, a GPDX and SS2k over the last six months or so, along with quite a few spare parts, for the reasons in posts above - I actually sold the DX on buying an iOptron, but missed it and bought it back. Lovely smooth motions, without any tuning etc., can turn the drive shafts without the knobs quite easily. I'm guessing that both will easily be getting on for 20, and yet will see me out! Same with my old G11.
  11. Richard


    Hi all, Looking for a TSA120 OTA in good optical order. Only need the bare OTA don't need a finder, or clamshell, but anything considered all the same. Many thanks, Richard
  12. At full price unfortunately... Hoping to find a used one, but maybe a bit too soon! Looking for something for end Aug, might have to bite the bullet and buy new... Cheers, Richard
  13. Looking for one of these, since they're new-ish probably won't have had time to get tatty but as long as it's in good working order then OK if it is! With original packing for head if poss (for travel).
  14. Richard


    Looking for the older fluorite model. I have a 130mm TMB triplet apo if a trade of some sort interests? Happy to buy outright though. This ad also on ABS.
  15. In excellent optical and cosmetic condition. Includes 2x Tele Vue corrector and straight-through connector for use if Barlow, corrector etc not needed. I'm including a pair of mint, boxed Parks 45th Anniversary Kellners. 27mm prisms allow use of maximum field of view 1.25" eyepieces without vignetting. High resolution pictures available on request. These are also advertised on ABS.
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