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  1. Until the "Sequel" of course
  2. As I've said before, once this lockdown is over, we will find a way to see each other at one of these meets, as we're quite close and happy to let you try any of the eyepieces I have and hopefully vice-versa Likewise, with the exception of the Delos 14, my main set is XWs and I will be adding the 5mm and 3.5mm sometime very soon. I am even keeping the XW14 too, because (if you ignore the small amount of field curvature) it performs superbly for DSOs in the dob, and dare I say it... just a teensy bit more light gathering than the Delos
  3. It’s all fine... as I said, I have no doubt it could be done simpler, cheaper with some time and effort, but I’m happy to just buy something now that works reasonably reliably. It’s not even lack of technical expertise, I built my first computer from a kit in 1982... still have it in fact. Learnt to code on that, self published my first game at the age of 17 and have spent the last 37 years writing various software and apps for the simulation and navigation market (if you have a TomTom, you're now running some of my 3D code ). But for stargazing or any other hobby, whilst I will mess ab
  4. You’ll love it in the dob... mine works brilliantly in my 10” Bresser
  5. I have the BCO 6mm, lovely eyepiece. Would have had these if I didn’t already have enough at those focal lengths
  6. Unbelievably, we had a clear night last night, the moon was out and nicely positioned/phase for testing my new (and now permanent) lunar observing rig I've been dabbling with a pair of WO binoviewers for the last 10 months and using various pairs of eyepieces... Naglers, Panoptics and Meade Plossls. All of these have worked well, but the biggest source of frustration has been swapping eyepiece pairs when wanting to change the magnification. Sometimes I like to just pan across the lunar surface at a relatively lowish magnification and then when spotting something of interest, move to a hi
  7. I think it's just simple laziness for me... I spent ages in my youth messing with electrical circuits and building PCs (before they were PCs), so nowadays I just like to buy the kit and get on with
  8. That's very nice indeed, thanks for the heads up Reminded me that I forgot to post when this arrived last week, bought from @Skipper Billy (thank you )... a Telrad fitted with DewControl heater module and dew shield... just need this cloud to go away and give it a go sometime
  9. Mine did too, must be a ZWO packaging thing
  10. They are significantly bigger than the ES 82s. Taller and wider. I think they are CNC aluminium They also have the usual textured grip too.
  11. Agree with that... I read lots of excellent reports about Morpheus. I will say that (for me) the Morpheus 14mm didn't quite fare so well, when put up against the Delos 14, mostly due to field curvature and a bit of colour... but then the Pentax XW 14 wasn't much better (again field curvature). At 14mm, it does seem like the Delos is the right choice. The Morpheus 17.5mm is excellent Again these are my own findings and others may have different experiences of course
  12. Although I haven't had a chance to try the ES 4.7mm 82 I bought recently, it does seem very well built but compact at the same time. The Morpheus are good too, I'm keeping the 17.5mm as it's such a lovely comfortable view and (kind of) slots in between the XW20 and Delos 14. I have considered a Delos 17mm, but as the Morpheus is so good, there seems no point changing for (possibly) little gain. I think Morpheus would make a good seconds set and I'm sure others here (with more of them) will chime in and agree
  13. Indeed... Fortunately I bought the Bresser 10" dob a month or so before getting these, so I'm holding off thoughts of bigger scopes for a good while yet
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