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  1. As to the OP question... I have DeLites (13 and 18.2mm) and a newly acquired XW 40mm, all of which are superb eyepieces. I do agree that the view through the XW feels more "relaxed" and I also love the eyecup design and comfort, but as my focal lengths are so wildly varied, it would be unfair to compare them directly on performance, so the other comments above are likely a bit more helpful on a direct comparison
  2. Having ordered a fair number of items (high and low value, from scopes to bolts) over the last 6 months from @FLO, I've always found their stock and delivery lead time indications to be spot on, delivery times very quick, plus response to customer support queries is excellent too. I did order one item (iOptron Tri Pier) from Rother Valley Optics, back in March, as FLO indicated it was out of stock and had a long lead time. Rother Valley Optics were also very helpful, told me they had one in stock (a demonstrator unit, with a small discount too) and dispatched it very quickly. I think it's fair to say they are both solid and reliable suppliers Gary
  3. Now that looks like a nice little scope, interested to hear how it performs... very occasionally I miss the little Mak 102 I had when I started out all those long months ago at Christmas, but it's gone to a good home
  4. I have the same filter (ordered from FLO back in March), has exactly the same "Astronomik" and "UHC0010066070" (which is also printed on the case as a serial number). No sign of anything saying "Profil"
  5. Love this, it's my favourite sky chart. I got mine just before Christmas, but noticed that it went out of stock earlier this year and (as you say), very difficult to find anywhere
  6. Nice mod John, makes all the difference having some reference like that, especially for a lightweight tripod, I’ve reset the legs a few times whilst using mine
  7. Replied and sale pending on the PanaView 38mm
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