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  1. Nakedgun


    The counterweights have been added to make it usable for a wider variety of scopes that I have around here, my FC-100DC does not require them.
  2. Nakedgun


    If I'm not mistaken, that is their Sky Patrol mount, suitable for lightweight models such as the FS-60.
  3. Nakedgun


    Mike, I've had this mount for a number of years, now, and seem to remember buying it from the U.S. Takahashi importer "Land, Sea & Sky". The counterweight and eyepiece tray were additions of mine. Another view:
  4. Nakedgun


    This mount atop a Manfrotto 3051 seems a perfect match for the FC-100DC, and smaller scopes can be used without issue. My 120ED doublet was too much for vibration-free views.
  5. Nakedgun


    Is there any (non-Asian) outfit currently producing them? Been quite a spell since the days before the refractor boom when they figured prominently in the discussions. I have a very nice (TEC) 150mm but would like to now have the same quality 200 or 225mm. Nothing like a missed opportunity!
  6. The short-throw focuser on the DC can make finding the right combination a trying experience. Diagonals from different manufacturers will not all have the same focal length, nor will all barlows. I found this shorty barlow to be helpful. To use a "regular" length barlow I have to change extension combos. An observing associate with a variety of ep/barlow/diagonal choices can save some time and aggravation.
  7. Nakedgun

    '19 Lunar eclipse

    Shot through moving hazy clouds:
  8. Nakedgun

    What did the postman bring?

    Delivered day after New Year's and I haven't had the opportunity to properly star test it, though Friday night I had a look through increasing cloudiness and saw nothing amiss. At f/7.5 it is at the length-limit for the pictured mount. Damping time, with pads, was just acceptable. I sold off near half of my scopes a few years ago leaving me with a 4-inch as my largest refractor. Sold the G-11 also so when I recently had a hankerin' for more aperture* it had to be compatible with the GM-8, CG-5 and Vixen Porta. Suited up, the SW120 tips the scale at about 14 lbs and with their end-of-year price cut my decision was made. I am hoping this will prove a satisfying acquisition negating any more monetary outlays. *The five and six-inch refractors I previously had were cumbersome and just didn't get used enough to keep around anymore.
  9. Nakedgun

    This morning's old Moon

    Near 2% illumination. Pentax K-5IIs, DFA 150-450 @ 450, f/5.6
  10. The predicted seeing was to be no better than fair but I set up my Tasco 60mm f/12 anyway, and it turned out to be rather more like good, instead. I observed Venus, Jupiter, the Moon, Saturn and Mars, and was pleased with all except Mars. At this aperture there was simply no markings to be seen after the dust storms during this apparition. Still, a well-spent hour or so, in my estimation. The Towa-made Tasco was a "road find" during my time with the state road department.
  11. Nakedgun

    29 OCT 16 Venus

    Actually, I should have typed "01 OCT 16" as that was when the shot was taken. After earlier posting images of the "old" Moon shot 29 SEP 16 I guess that date was imprinted in my psyche.
  12. Nakedgun

    29 OCT 16 Venus

    90 minutes after sundown.
  13. Nakedgun

    01 OCT 16 Young Moon

    Near 27 hours old, the 1% illuminated crescent could not be seen in the viewfinder nor even with magnified live view. First shot look center 1/3 from top. Next shot look slightly above clouds just right of center.
  14. Nakedgun

    29 SEP 16 Old Moon

    Thank you, Alan. It had been mostly cloudy all week until Thursday morning. Sometimes, one gets lucky.
  15. Nakedgun

    29 SEP 16 Old Moon

    About 35 1/2 hours before New, Mercury hovering above:

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