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  1. OPT was within driving distance from me. Ever since Weatherwax sold the business the new operating model (phone/internet orders only, no showroom) has not produced satisfactory results for me on the occasions I've tried them. YMMV.
  2. Recently, Vixen had a blowout sale on their 16x50 porros for $20 each, so I bought a case of 10 for Christmas stocking stuffers: Do they count? .
  3. I store/transport my two SCTs in these: https://casesandcovers.com/product/celestron-padded-telescope-bag-for-11-optical-tubes/ Good luck.
  4. The reason why I, too, chose this model for my 4-inch class refractor.
  5. I've bought five new Takahashi scopes over the last 20 years, and so far, only the most recent (FOA-60, May 2019) came with a sticker. I hope this is a new development or else I've been getting gypped all along! And I haven't decided just where to stick it, yet (actually, I'd quite forgotten about it, till now).
  6. Old tool box (75th Anniversary Cornwell): New tool box (Husky 23-drawer, 56-inch wide): Now, everything in one place, finally (and it barely fit the allotted space).
  7. Half-price is always a good thing, although I can't remember how much I paid for mine when bought some years ago, but unless it's gone out of print this atlas is now a high-end item, it seems.
  8. For starters from Canada I would try the Cloudy Nights classified section: https://www.cloudynights.com/classifieds/ Of course, Stargazers Lounge has their own.
  9. No Berlebach for the baby? Your set incomplete, then.
  10. A used scope will extend your buying power, naturally. Just be cautious. Good luck.
  11. I use a standard music stand for this purpose, very similar to this item.
  12. Funny, I just had delivered two of these on Thursday, for attachment to my photography backpack as a means of carrying water bottles while hiking.
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