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  1. I have recently completed my power box with 24Ahr lead acid battery, fused power distribution board, dew heater controls and Bluetooth interface to control my mount from SkySafari. I am pleased with how it worked out. The bluetooth module has a R232 cable to connect to the handset then I can bluetooth SkySafari on my android device to control the mount. For what ever reason the mount star alignment does not always work while my android device is connected by bluetooth but I have a procedure that works. 1) Turn on the mount then connect SkySafari by bluetooth. Connecting causes the mo
  2. I got the cross hairs off by gentling heating the eyepiece which softened the cement sufficiently . I bought the eyepiece as a bundle with an AVX SCT8 about a year ago and it had the fungus since then, I just did not realize what it was. Thankfully it has not spread to anything else. I always leave my cases open for a day after every session to dry so maybe that helped. Also the optics on the eyepiece in question look to be fine. It is just the flat glass with the crosshair that has the fungus on the internal surface. The glass flat looks to me like uncoated glass, maybe that prevented
  3. Yes it is the 20mm 70 degree. The second picture is looking from the bottom of the eyepiece with the aluminum donut that holds the illuminator removed (like you suggest). It gives good access to the exposed surface of the cross hair glass but the fungus looks to be on the internal side of the glass. The top picture is looking through the eyepiece, can anyone confirm that this is what fungus can looks like?
  4. I have an Orion 20mm crosshair eyepiece with what looks like fungus on the underside of the crosshair glass. Does anyone know how to soften the cement to remove the glass and what cement to use to fix it back on after cleaning? In the attached photo the cement can be seen as the black lines on the edge of the glass. Excess cement on the metal body scrapped off easily but did not soft when rubbed with isopropanol. The cross hair glass is only cemented at two points. I may just leave it be .
  5. Did you have any luck with the measurement. I currently have a SN10 that I wish to keep hold of but maybe I can help with reference measurements, having said that I am new to astronomy so might not be much help. I got mine just under a year ago and have seen two others on eBay since.
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