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  1. mackiedlm


    Just wanted to put out there that FLO must be one of the very best online suppliers - not just in Astro but overall. In the last 2-3 months I have been asking for advice and assistance, purchased a good few items and had to return some (not for any FLO caused issue). The team there have been incredibly responsive, helpful and simply a pleasure to deal with. If only other online suppliers were half as good. Well done folks - you are just brilliant! David Mackie
  2. At last a couple of clear nights so tried the California nebula - first time imaging this. The HA was done on the second light and the seeing/clarity was much worse than the first night so I dont think its as good as it could be Only my second attempt at HaRGB and still learning Anyway EOS 1100d (Ha Mod) Super Takumar 200mm f4 Skywatcher Star Adventurer RGB 61 X 180s ISO 1600 Ha (astronomik 12nm clip in) 50 X 210s ISO 1600 Around 40 darks, flats and dark flats for each session Stacked in APP processed in Photoshop Suggestions for improvement greatly appreciated
  3. Thats an excellent image, well done
  4. These are really nice. I've been playing with Starnet++ too but can't really make my mind up about it. I love your Melotte 15 thing. Your right it's easy to forget the sizes and distances involved when you are staring at the computer screen for hours
  5. Thanks for that Bob. Yes I'm really delighted with this one. I have a 135mm pentacon which is good though a bit of CA which can be a pain and a 50mm f1.8 Petacon which is really good. I use Astro Pixel Processor for my stacking and it has a sigma clip option which I use most of the time. As it was first light with this lens and the individual frames were looking quite good I opted to be brutal on rejections this time, really wanted to give the lens it's best shot. I actually have a second EOS 1100D which is Ha modded. And I'm thinking to get more frames of this image with that and also my Ha filter and see what we can get from that. Thanks again David
  6. I think you are right. It was more obvious at some steps in the processing and I think I may have ago with Scort Rosens LLRGB and see if I can pull it out.
  7. Christmas eve brought my first clear night in almost a month so, despite the family's protestations I was out trying out a new (to me but manufactured mid 70's) 200mm lens (€25 off e-bay so why not!) I'm really pleased with the lens though more time on target and less rejects for satellite and other trails would have helped. Anyway, 20X5s 30X60s 40X90s all ISO800 Canon 1100D (un modded) Super Takumar 200mm f/4 vintage lens (stopped down to 5.6 with rings) Staradventurer mount Comments or suggestions for improvement? (I know about the dust bunny right of top centre - it landed on the lens between imaging and flats the next morning - tried to take it out in Photoshop but it was making it worse!) As I say, lots of rejects for satellites but this one was particularly galling; Happy new year to you all!
  8. my M31, taken with a vintage 135mm lens. I'm not sure whats causing the stars on the right to be so red - lens or filter probably Canon 1100D Ha mod Pentacon 135mm at F/4 StarAdventurer mount 20 X 180s Iso800 + 52 X 180s iso 1600 Astronomik CLS filter APP/ Photoshop
  9. This is a reprocess of an image I already posted. This time using Scot Rosens DSLR LLRGB process (my first effort with that) to try to pull out the faint nebulosity. I think I've probably over done it a bit but i think it is still amazing to see how much can be pulled out of even mediocre data. EOS1100D (unmodded), Skywatcer Star Adventurer mount Vintage Pentacon 135mm lens 30x 90s @ISO800, 21X 90s ISO1600, 30X 120s ISO800 (total 2hrs 15mins) Around 30 flats, darks, dark flats and 80 bias for each set of lights This is the first version for comparison I will probably go back to it again so any suggestions for improvement would be appreciated.
  10. So, I've gone back to this and tried again, this time combining the channels in Astro pixel processor. I think its an improvement but would appreciate hearing other thoughts.
  11. This is my first every attempt at HaRGB with my DSLR. There are clearly some issues; focus is not perfect on the HA frames I think - although in BYEOS they were showing ok even zoomed in hard. And there seems to be a bit of coma further out - not sure if thats just the lens or something else? I've not done a brilliant job in processing and its quite noisy/grainy when zoomed in hard and I think I've blown out some of the brighter areas - I'll see what I can do on round 2. It also needs a good bit more integration time. Any suggestions for improvement in capture or processing would be greatly appreciated BUT - this was my first ever effort at this and I'm not ashamed of it! So; Canon EOS 1100D, Pentacon 135mm @ f4 StarAdventurer mount RGB 29 X 180s ISO 1600 (with Optolong CLS) Ha 29 x 180z ISO 1600 (Astronomik 12nm Ha) Stacked and initial processing in Astro pixel Processor, Final processing and combining of HA/RGB in Photoshop Thanks for looking and any advice you can give David.
  12. I decided to have one of my Canon EOS 1100d's modified so contacted Juan at Cheapastrophotography. He was extremely responsive and helpful and the camera was gone barely a week - including shipping from and back to the West of Ireland. Excellent job, at a very reasonable price. Highly recommended.
  13. mackiedlm


    Yesterdy lunchtime I Ordered an Astronomik 12nM Ha Clip in filter for EOS APS-C. I needed it quickly so contacted Martin for assistance. It was sent by DHL express (additional charge but not excessive) and is sitting on my desk - in Galway in the West of Ireland- barely 25 hours after placing the order. If only all online supplier were this helpful and efficient. David.
  14. My first try at this target. I used 3 different exposures and 2 different ISO's to try to get structure in the nebulosity but didn't quite manage it. Maybe I need wider difference in long/short exposures? Or maybe i need more FL to show that structure? Or ......? Anyway: EOS1100D (unmodded), Skywatcer Star Adventurer mount Vintage Pentacon 135mm lens 30x 90s @ISO800, 21X 90s ISO1600, 30X 120s ISO800 (total 2hrs 15mins) Around 30 flats, darks, dark flats and 80 bias for each set of lights Stacked and initial post processing in APP, final tweaks in Photoshop Comments and suggestions for improvement please.
  15. This, (obviously I guess) is the Sadr region in widefield. Really just trying to get used to my modded canon. I've also started playing with Astro Pixel Processor (APP) and while its taking a bit to learn I am finding it very useful. This is my first go at this image and I think I can do better so will probably try again So; Eos 1100d (Ha Mod) Optolong UHC filter on Star Adventurer Vintage Pentacon f2.8 135mm at f4 51 x 120s, 30 or so each of darks, flats and bias. Processed in APP with some final tweaks in photoshop C&C appreciated
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