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  1. Redone to try to reduce the saturation (as suggested by @ollypenrice and @Allinthehead - thanks folks) and also to bring out the dust more. SW Evostar 80ED, EOS700Da, NEQ6 58 X 240s ISO800 Full res image here C&C Welcome as always. Original version is here
  2. Hate that! I lost 5 hours from a 7 hour run on the Pelican to a dew heater not turned on a few weeks back!
  3. Hi there - thanks for that. Weather wise its awful again -two clear night last week and then closed in for the foreseeable - wall to wall rain for the last 48 hours. Pandemic wise not much better - we are going int a full lockdown again from midnight tonight but just like last time there seems to be no real exit strategy. Much the same for both up in the north I believe. Take care, David
  4. Combining my 6 hours of Ha (astronomik 12nm clip in) posted a few weeks ago with a short 3 hours of RGB captured last week. 82 LX200 GPS, EOS1100D Its a bit pink I guess! C&C very welcome.
  5. Thanks Olly. I increased the saturation selectively in the dust right at the very end and that was a mistake. I really need to work on subtlety but I've never been much good at that.
  6. Thanks for that. I think you are right, overcooked! I'm just learning Pixinsight and I need to tone various processes down a bit. I'll give it another go at the weekend.
  7. I worked hard to bring out the dust on this and I am not sure it really works that well - maybe looks a bit overprocessed? Comments and suggestions for how to make it better please. SW Evostar 80ED, EOS700Da, NEQ6 58 X 240s ISO800 ( should have been more but mist!)
  8. mackiedlm


    This is my first attempt to do HDR in PixInsight 60 X120s ISO800 45 x 240s ISO800 Skywatcher Evostar 80ED, EOS700Da, NEQ6 C & C very welcome
  9. Yes thats the one. There is a new one, the l-extreme which has narrower bandpass and is getting great reviews. But I have seen it mentioned that it may not work as well on DSLR (what I use). But you should ask around.
  10. Personally I can't rate APP enough. It does a great job of stacking, it allows a high degree of flexibility for calibration frames, and the gradient removal and colour calibration are superb if you are taking them in to PS. I'm new to pixinsight but have tried it for pre processing but I think i will continue stacking with APP
  11. Thanks Alan. Yes I know what you mean. I've not had mine that long and while I like the images I've done with it so far I've felt they were a bit, I don't know, uninspiring? But being able to take images with LP and even some moon made it worthwhile. And this adds another dimension to it altogether.
  12. In App yes. I don't know if you can split channels in DSS. But in PS I'm not sure what the best way would be. I'd probably do a first stretch to see what I had, crop, then pull the individual channel data at that point. But I've not done it so...?
  13. Read to the bottom because you can do it without PI. So initial splitting of the channels was in APP using the "extract Ha and Oiii" algorithms. Further processing was indeed in PI following this BUT.. I'm pretty sure you could do it in Photoshop if you know your way around it. Copy out the R & B channels, work them separately using levels and curves. For recombine if you have carbonis actions that would work but if you are good with PS I expect you'd do it manually. Watch the video, and I'm sure you will be able to translate it to your own application. Good luck and do post your result.
  14. Continuing to play with this different way of processing L-Enhance data. This heart is from data captured a few weeks ago. EOS700Da, SW 80ED, NEQ6 100 X 180s ISO1600 L-Enhance Filter I really cant make up my mind about this - it feels strange producing this type of image from a DSLR - but I do like the colours in the images. Mostly! Interested to hear your thoughts.
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