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  1. Here’s my take on a very heavy duty alt az mount.
  2. Hello. The 40mm is sold but I’m happy to listen to offers on the rest.
  3. All 1.25” fitting. 6.4mm Japan SOLD Thank you. 9.7mm Taiwan SOLD Thank you 26mm Taiwan £20 40mm Japan SOLD. Thank you. All come with bolt cases and prices include UK postage and packing. payment by bank transfer or cleared cheque, sorry no PayPal. Pickup welcome, I’m in Durham. cheers, Tom.
  4. Hi, I’ve got a pair of 32mm Televue Plossls for sale on here, down to page 3/4 now.
  5. I have for sale two 32mm Televue Plossl eyepieces. Both come with end caps, boxes, paperwork and TV sticker. Both are in A1 condition and have been used as a binoviewing pair. Would prefer to sell as a pair but will split if there is interest on them both. £85 each. £160 the pair. payment by bank transfer or cleared cheque please and price includes UK postage. Tom
  6. I have one 8mm Televue Plossl Left. Comes with box and endcaps and is in A1 condition £55 Price includes UK postage. Payment by bank transfer or cleared cheque please.
  7. This is a fantastic finder with correct image which makes finding objects so much easier. It has a crosshair eyepiece with reticule illuminator but this can be exchanged for any 1.25 “ eyepiece making it very versatile. It has a rotating back so you can position the eyepiece for your comfort. in very good condition and the optics are superb. £120 Payment by bank transfer or cleared cheque. Pickup welcome, I’m based in County Durham
  8. 2” fitting visual version of the Baader Herschel wedge. Comes complete with 2” solar continuum filter and 2” ND filter, aluminium case, and original box. This is in new condition having never been used. Payment by bank transfer or cleared cheque. Pickup welcome, I’m based in County Durham. £290 cheers, Tom
  9. If you’re still looking, I’ve got a Stellervue F60M on UK Astro buy /sell at the moment.
  10. Hi Pingster, yes its still for sale. Muggleswick is north of Durham near Consett. I'll PM you.
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