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  1. Hi All After having to dump my big obsy plans, I decided I would head down the EAA route. Last night I put some of it together for its first run through. Never used any of this kit or software before. Everything worked pretty much perfectly from the start but sky conditions were not great and I had to point the scope north into the worst of the light pollution. I had a "dabble" with sharpcap and saved an image. Today I decided to take a closer look and after playing around with basic brightness/contrast managed I noticed what looked like vignetting and some odd tadpole shaped stars
  2. Hi Andrew It should solve as long as the image your'e trying to solve was taken with that 1003mm newt and the 2.9 micron camera and no other optics in the train. You may still be missing indexes though, I've been playing around a bit, I put in a test image of 55 CYG. According to the log file this was solved with index 4204-15 (FOV 8-11 mins) the actual field of view is almost 1 x 0.5 Degs. For such a small image you may need to download those whopper index's Also try aborting the solve after varying amounts of time. I've found that ASPS seems to get carried away or is trying to
  3. Partial eclipse visible from the UK on Jun 10th Duration Over 2 Hours, Max around 11.20 am with the sun nice & high Further North you are the greater the eclipse London 19%, NE 27% Edinburg 31% Don't forget your brolly
  4. It does look interesting, but a bit gimmicky for me. still not convinced about pressure tuning long term reliability. You can get spare '0' rings for the tuner but what about the sealed chamber containing the etalon. If the seal in there gives up, the scopes duff. (Why I bought a tilt tuned LS60) If I had the cash spare, I'd go for an etalon & filter kit which can be fited onto any scope. options are then endless. I loved my little LS35, The LS60 was a dissapointment when I got it , but that turned out to be down to the fact that lunt swapped out the 1mm AR coated IR Cut Glass
  5. Hi Andrew Just in the process of setting up my outfit for EAA and as it happens ASPS and Sharpcap are two of my choices. I've just went the same route as you throwing an "old" image into ASPS. Seems the key is the FL and pixel size (not scale). These have to be correct for the actual image to be solved. If not it'll sit there all day. These should be entered into Plate Solver Settings which is in the Settings tab Steve
  6. Yes thats correct. As long as there's enough back focus on the C6 to compensate for the addition of the focuser. I have the 8" & 9.25" so can't give you a concrete answer. I don't know why they make the crayfords so big, you only need a few mm travel. Whereabouts are you, I'm in NE also cheers Steve PS Pic below is an Esatto motorised focuser (67mm length) on a C8 SCT. but when used on th edge hd it becomes a fine tuner for the focal reducer, (which is your original setup) link to blog https://www.primalucelab.com/astronomy/blog/esatto-focuser-for-schmidt-cassegr
  7. Hi Simon Lots of good points, The layout is objective, collimating lens, etalon, refocusing lens. Blocking filter is on camera side of diagonal. Attached a cutaway. You have triggered an OOPs in my head though, The blocking filter that came with this had an issue, (long story and long fix which I need to write up). While it was away I had two other B600's one slightly enlarged. The bug in my head now is did I use the slightly enlarged one while I checked out the rest of the scope. The mono image posted was part of the blocking filter tests I submitted to lunt so I'm 100% confident
  8. That's just a dealer spin to get you to fork out (a lot) more cash, Lunt are a little more honest, on this occasion they say "it'll give you a little more wiggle room" I've used the scope on all sorts of mounts. As long as you have a reasonably decent one and take a little care to make sure you level the tripod, It should remain in the frame with little intervention. I've had it stay put for hours on an evolution alt az mount to such an extent that I can actually "shrink" the sensor area down using the ROI. In reality 10 sec's is enough to dump down 500 images. Not really into imag
  9. Hi Magnus They're all pretty much designed for full disc viewing and imaging, I had an LS35, Great little scope and now have the LS60. Both will do full disc. Just Make sure the blocking filter is the B600 (6mm). You'll gain nothing from buying one with a larger filter aside from a being able to get more "black" on a larger sensor. I use mine on an evolution mount, Align on the Sun, barely have to touch it. Steve Found a pic from last year on LS60, pretty blank sun, but its using the sensors full resolution. 1280 x 1024, 6.78mm x 5.4mmm.
  10. Adapter Sold, Just, Sorry Simon Steve
  11. More bits from the twilight zone cupboard SOLD New Pier Adapter NEQ6/AZEQ6 etc Uses AZ Pin From Tripod Or Just Pop A Bolt In £30 New Unopened Tenda 8 Port Gigabit Network Switch & PSU £10 post £3.00 Steve
  12. The focuser should be first, attached directly to the scope. The distance between the reducer and the camera needs to be constant. In your current setup adjusting the crayford will alter the distance between the focal reducer and the camera. This will alter the focal ratio up or down eg could change from 0.63 to 0.6 or 0.66 you would then need to use the scopes focuser to compensate and a vicious circle begins. Steve
  13. Here's an old pic from a test i did year's ago with a 3.3 reducer, setup is the same for any. Focuser / reducer / spacers / Camera
  14. Try and power as much of your equipment as independently as possible, IE seperate batteries for mount, scope, camera's, laptop and Dew control. As most of the kit is linked together by USB serial ethernet etc. One failure has the potential to take out everything when they are sharing the same power source. Any inverters should be pure sine wave and from a reputable company. Victron or Sterling being among the best. I have a couple of 7Ah power tanks, A tracer lithium battery pack & The Evo mount has its own internal battery. Charging everything can be a bit of chew, Just have th
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