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  1. bilbo

    ZWO ASI385MC

    Hi Peter Might be better off putting this in the wanted section Steve
  2. Still appears to be missing price, How much do you want for it. Steve
  3. Hi All For those who enjoy watching or snapping the ISS, and have some clear skies, You can see it tonight (15th), 16th, 17th, 4 times on each night. Have fun Steve
  4. Hi Andrew Think this should be in the wanted section, but while we're here I'm digging through and clearing up years of excess kit, definitely have a t2 to 2", eos t mount and possibly The 48mm x 0.75 also. I'll send you a pm a little later Steve
  5. 8" SCT All In One Temperature Controlled Dew Heater & Digital Controller £39 inc post This came to with an OTA I bought and is not needed as I already have all the dew kit I need. The dew shield part has been cut back and I see no reason why the remaining portion can't be removed I've tested it with a commercial grade IR thermometer and its nice all the way round. To control it you simply press the set button and select the temperature you want, When it reaches temperature it switches off and back on after a drop of two degrees. £80 from 365 astronomy £39 delivered Standard 2.1mm plug
  6. There are no Rolls Royces or Porsches. You're observing a single very tight wavelength, so for the most part everything gets reduced to a Vauxhall Corsa performance. Just like a formula one race in the rain. its a great equalizer, I have some "cheap" WA ep's that look identical to the Lunt models, They all work great, The Baader zooms also seem to work well as should everything really, Main differences will be in the coatings on the ep's which could reduce transmission at Ha wavelengths and dim the image. Just play about, try everything you have, have fun in the sun Steve
  7. Hi Roger First Unless you've bought a scope with straight through blocking filter, don't even think about using that flip mirror, you'll destroy your camera or eyes instantly, You must use the blocking filter supplied if it is the standard diagonal type. Not greatest time to go solar, As we're at solar minimum the surface of the sun is blank for the most part. Proms spring up though and there have been some nice ones. Check http://halpha.nso.edu/ This will show the sun in Ha from various scopes around the world updated every minute. Look for the images with the little green boxes in the corner. These show the time lapsed in minutes since they were taken and any proms, spot, etc will show up and let you know whether or not its worth setting up. Even a blank sun can be worth the effort as a focussing exercise. Before you start playing with the camera, you need to learn how to use the scope visually to get the best out of it. Use an eyepiece that gives a full disc, I like my meade 26 or 19 panoptic, Concentrate on the edge and bring into focus as sharp as you can. If your lucky and there are both proms and surface detail, (check website) adjusting the tuner will either bring the proms or surface detail into sharper focus. readjust the focus to sharpen further. Play around with proms and surface adjusting focus and tuning as needed. You'll soon get the hang of it, One other thing worth noting is that solar scopes have "sweet spots" where feature show up better. Focusing on a prom, Use your hand control to move it around in the field of view, you will find that it will fade away to nothing or sharpen and brighten. Once you've got this part out of the way the camera should be pretty straight forward for you. All the best Steve
  8. Celestron Evolution, All day long. Steve
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