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  1. Where abouts are you? It may be cheaper to post than pick up I am in leeds regards John.
  2. I would take the mini dob . John
  3. Show us your Frac

    my head is in a spin my feet wont touch the ground ... oh back to work John.
  4. berleback uni mount different use

    Hi piero its the 18 ,and ayo is a beauty..
  5. 1st pic is my std telescope set up with handle ( if the cup didn't fit the mount would be useless) 2nd pic is my binocular set up 3rd pic .... come on flo.. this needs a skywatcher gti mount still waiting 🤔
  6. 150p f/8 Skywatcher Dob

    Ahhh... why do live so far away..☹
  7. there's always the possibility of changing the eq5 legs to ali ones making it even lighter for grab n go.. got you thinking again eh....
  8. thats the amount it comes above the level , which is enough to hold a eq5 extension so should be good for the ercole.
  9. Hi Alan the ayo was not dumped , I was just trying the ercole out ,which is a light weight set up . The ayo sits on the vixen tripod with the bottom flange taken off perfectly, its like it was made for it.. it also very happy set on my uni tripod 😁.
  10. Is this one any better https://www.firstlightoptics.com/alt-azimuth/berlebach-38-photo-adapter-for-heq5.html
  11. See updated pics with photo adapter.
  12. Hi Chris yes it does, its a m10 I think the same ones as skywatcher eq3/5 etc.. whats the diameter of the ercole I see it as a flange on it , it may well fit into the recess on the vixen .the central column on the tripod as the bolt attached to it
  13. this is the vixen tripod with my 150p on it it takes a second to for the vibrations to stop when you knocked it but is capable of holding it. i am thinking of using the tripod with the skywatcher gti mount .
  14. this is a vixen app-tl130 tripod it holds the scopes and is rock solid , and it folds down to nothing and lightweight its my grab n go set up .the uni mount is not grab n go .
  15. textured formica sheet

    Thanks for the replies, I may have to find a smaller piece somewhere a bit pricey for a full sheet.