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  1. Hi selling my bc&f binoviewers in excellent condition comes with 2x12mm eyepieces and case looking for £70 regards John.
  2. Hi selling my pentax pcf wp ii binoculars in excellent condition comes with a case and covers looking for £90 regards John.
  3. Hi Steve how long is the scope? And does it reach zenith . John
  4. It's my tv76 on a vixen porta 2 mount on a photographic tripod ,all break down to nothing. It's also doubles as my daytime scope..
  5. Hi jules, I was thinking it would be ok when I use the tv76 , thanks for the info Mike , Alan I use a 10" riser made by astro macanic.
  6. How did you bend the arm ?
  7. Now sold , mods please remove ad.
  8. well mine is a eq1 counterweight bar i cut it to length, i think its 18mm but i am not at home now so cant say for sure , a lot cheaper than buying the ayo one john. j
  9. hi alan the riser is 10" and is just the right size and holds the 120 with no problems. john.
  10. hi alan i too had a sky tee 2 mount and got rid for the same reasons as derek , there good solid mounts if your prepared to fettle around with them . i ended up with a ayo aok mount which you can move around with your little finger..
  11. price revised now £300 ***
  12. now ***reduced £350*** Here's a link Also on ab&s
  13. hi all thinking of selling my televue panoramic mount with ash tripod in excellent condition and comes with a set of eyepiece holders looking for offers around £450 any questions please ask john. ps cant upload photos just yet will do later on
  14. Pm sent