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  1. Can anyone help to point me in the direction of an idiots guide to guiding. I havent used my set up for over 5 years now and just getting back into it. Ihave a zwo guide camera, an ST-4 cable, PHD2. Just need some advice on ST-4 or ASCOM/EQMOD and how to set things up. TiA Rob
  2. Any ideas why I get lots of noise in a certain area of my image of M51? Bottom right hand side of M51 in this image.
  3. Thanks for the advice, Is there a specific type of Barlow I should look for? It's just I know that in some instances it's difficult to reach focus when imaging with newtonians. Rob
  4. Does anyone have any idea what barlow lens would be suitable for planetary imaging with a SW130 PDS?
  5. Fantastic image Viv, I have been itching to use my 130PDS and got to use it in anger for the first time a few nights ago. Not as good as your image but I thought I would post mine up and hope to get some advice on how to improve. This thread is great for us newbies to get an idea on how to take such great images. SW 130PDS HEQ5 Pro Canon 40D (Light pollution filter) DSS Gimp 30 x 30" @ ISO 800 30 x 25" @ ISO 800 30 x 25" @ ISO 1600 10 x Darks 10 x Bias
  6. Thanks Peter, been using a small red light to shine down the polar scope for the time being. Given my poor DIY skills it might end up being the permanent solution. Rob
  7. Hi Steve, I am going to try and update the firmware in my handset because there isn't even the option to increase/decrease the polar scope LED (within utility function). What I can't get my head around is why there would be an LED built within the mount that you couldn't control i.e. without having a later version of firmware? Rob
  8. I have had a read around and some forums seem to suggest the LED in the old HEQ5's used to be too bright and I am guessing this is why there is now an option to dim? I obviously could be wrong on this. Would they have installed an LED prior to this being an option to use via the synscan handset i.e. do I need a later version/update? Could it be that what I am looking at isn't actually the LED and my HEQ5 Pro doesn't have an illuminated polar scope? It looks like two small wires and attached to a small round piece of plastic in the center of the polar scope column. What else could it be?
  9. I cant seem to find where to turn the polar scope illumination on/off. Looking at the online manual it says under point 8.10 that it should be within the utility function menu, however there doesn't seem to be any option to switch polar scope LED on/off. I'm guessing this is because i'm running an older version than the manual I have however I am sure I can see the LED when I look down the polar scope which tells me there must be a way of switching it on somehow? From my V3 handset I am running the following; H.C. Firmware ver. 03.28 Motor Controller ver. 01.06.01 H.C. Hard
  10. As far as I'am aware they hardly ever need collimating, which is obviously one of the big advantages of refractors. There are guides on how to collimate them if needed but I'am sure people on here with far more knowledge than me can advise you. Can highly recommend the book 'Making every photon count', has everything you need to know and more. R
  11. I agree, either the 130 PDS or 80ED is the way to go. I recently bought the 130 PDS and put it on a second hand HEQ5 Pro. I was worried about collimation but once I'd had a read online and got all the necessary bits it became fairly straight forward and I do it now as part of my routine (or when i'am bored of the clouds and want to do something with the scope). Astrobaby's guide to collimation was a god send; http://www.astro-baby.com/collimation/astro%20babys%20collimation%20guide.htm
  12. Just taken first image with my new 130pds. Love this scope. Thanks to everyone for all the help and advice on this forum. R moon mosaic 1.bmp
  13. All I can say is try Autostakkert!2. Has stacked my avi's first time with no hassle. Some good youtube videos on how to use it. Rob
  14. I'm using v6 on Win 10 64 bit. I just cant understand why it has worked on many planetary avi's in the past but is now very temperamental. Might try AS!2. R
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